Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Super Combat Bros d6 Generator

Outfit Coordination1d6
[1] Same outfit, different insignia
[2] Different outfits, same insignia
[3] Different outfits, matching accessory/weapon
[4] Same outfits, radical difference in size
[5] Both wear full body cloaks displaying their designs; exact same height.
[6] Same face, heterochromia; each bro having swapped eyes with the other.

Complimentary Bro Designs – 1d6
[1] Red and Green
[2] Blue and Orange
[3] Yellow and Purple
[4] Black and White
[5] Vertical Stripes and Horizontal Stripes
[6] Xs and Os

Bro Combat Style – 1d6
[1] Heavily armored warrior and supportive caster
[2] Lightly armored warrior and destructive caster
[3] Supportive caster and Destructive caster
[4] Two lightly armored warriors
[5] Heavily armored warrior and archer
[6] Two archers

Bro Special Cooperative Move 1d6
[1] Bro Resilience. Bros must be defeated simultaneously, during the same round. Else the standing Bro will revive the fallen Bro back to 1 hit point.
[2] Super Bro Attack. Battlefield-wide special attack/spell/move that must be charged up for a round. The Bros will loudly announce it and you have one round to brace for impact.
[3] Super Bro Defense. Bros will defend each other and raise their collective AC to 20, plus deflecting projectiles and getting advantage on all magic saving throws. Lasts one round.
[4] Super Bro Slam. Single target move where the Bros perform a powerful combo. If you are hit by it and survive, you take massive damage and are stunned for 1d4 rounds.
[5] Bro Buff. The Bros will buff each other with an extremely powerful temporary boost to all their stats and abilities OR they will combine into one super being. Lasts 3 rounds.
[6] Super Bro Vengeance. When the first bro falls, the other bro is permanently empowered with rage, gaining increased power, speed, and aggression to avenge their fallen bro.

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