Friday, June 22, 2018

20 Things that Quell the Barbarian's Rage

[1] Beautiful, one of a kind potted flower.
[2] Giving a piggy-back ride to a young child.
[3] The smell of freshly baked bread.
[4] Shearing sheep.
[5] Fractal crystal catching the light.
[6] Music from a harp.
[7] The sound of a flowing river.
[8] Puppet & shadow puppet shows.
[9] Listening to the ocean in a seashell.
[10] Resting head against a fluffy pillow.
[11] The spell Sleep. Just calms them down.
[12] Cup of wine.
[13] Braiding a horse's mane.
[14] Origami.
[15] Sharpening & repairing his weapons and equipment.
[16] Epic warrior ballads.
[17] Tiny piglets or other cute animal that isn't a puppy or kitten.
[18] Knitting.
[19] Rosary beads they knead in their hands.
[20] Back-breaking physical labor.

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