Sunday, June 17, 2018

Dirt Simple Size Modifiers

All creatures have a size category. The size category influences how good you are stealth, your ration consumed per day, combat charging bonuses, and bonus Hit Points. Bigger creatures are stronger, but less stealthy and require more resources. Smaller creatures are sneakier, but less powerful. The bonus HP gained by size applies to player characters and NPCs generated as hirelings or playable monsters, not monsters that already use HD.

On the first round of combat a creature may choose to Charge. Charging into combat lets you add your charge bonus to your AC AND to-hit until you either miss an attack OR are hit. This can be positive or negative based on your character's size, as smaller characters are likely to dash themselves on a charge. Mounted creatures get to add their mounts size to their charge bonus. If you do not charge, you have to enter combat by stealth or fire at range until the melee is upon you. Some weapons, like spears, can ignore an enemy's AC bonus when charging, making them better against charging foes.

Size 1- Gnomes, Housecats, Kobolds, Goblins
+2 to stealth rolls, -1 to charge bonus, -2 to starting HP. 1 meal needed daily.

Size 2- Halflings, Hobgoblins, Dogs & Goats
+1 to stealth rolls, not change to charge bonus, -1 to starting HP. 2 meals needed daily.

Size 3- Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Boars, Wolves
no change to stealth rolls, +1 to charge bonus, no change to starting HP. 3 meals needed daily.

Size 4- Dragonborn, Gnolls, “Giant” Insects, Bears
-1 to stealth rolls, +2 to charge bonus, +1 to starting HP. 4 meals needed daily.

Size 5- Half-Giants, Draft Horses, Trolls & Ogres
-2 to stealth rolls, +3 to charge bonus, +2 to starting HP. 5 meals needed daily.

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