Saturday, June 9, 2018

Hearthstone C'Thun as Tabletop Encounter

Before you read this, please note that I know almost nothing about Warcraft lore. Be warned.
One of the ancient Void Lords, also called the Old Gods. C'Thun wishes to plunge all of Azeroth, indeed, all of reality into despair and an unending nightmare. He was once sealed away by the Titans, but now struggled against his bonds, and his cult hastens his return to the world.

C'Thun (6+X HD, +4 to-hit and AC, 2d6 tentacle attack, can summon 1d6 more tentacles per turn, casts powerful spells, releases incredible power when first encountered)

C'Thun appears as a monsterous eye atop a great pillar of flesh and writhing mass. He is incredibly powerful; one of the strongest beings to ever exist on Azeroth (and outside it). When first encountered, C'Thun deals Xd6 damage to all who oppose him through the powers of the void, where X is the number of his total HD, split up however he chooses.

C'Thun does not exist at the beginning of play. Instead, he is slowly gaining power through his cult. As his cults fulfills their objectives, they increase his power. The X modifier of his HD is equal to the amount of strength gathered by his cult; each sacrifice, mission, and dark ritual completed. Each mission the players stop will make C'Thun less powerful for the inevitable confrontation; but failure increases his HD by yet another die.

C'Thun Cult Mission Random Table – Roll 1d8
[1] Kidnap and sacrifice a princess or priestess to C'Thun
[2] Steal mana crystals from an Archmage
[3] Blood cult recruiting new members to mutilate themselves for C'Thun
[4] Poison and corrupt a Moonwell
[5] Brainwash several Gnome and Goblin engineers to forge mystical machines
[6] Pervert the teachings of a Church of Light to worship C'Thun instead
[7] C'Thun whisperers spread chaos and panic among factions and peoples of Azeroth
[8] Steal a dragon egg

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