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8 Ridiculously Powerful Hirelings

You already have your own tables and funnels to create new characters and fresh hirelings. You've already seen NPCs to be placed as mid level hirelings and companions. Now have some extremely high level, high powered Hirelings for parties going on ridiculous high fantasy adventures. These Hirelings can also be used for replacement PCs for high level play or even as rivals.

The level of these characters are not listed. Instead, make them the maximum or name level of their appropriate class, or one beneath if they still have training to do.

8 Ridiculously Powerful Hirelings
[1] Ragas – Fighter
Stats- +4 Str, +1 Con, +2 Wis

Ragas is a hulking, beefy man from the far North-Eastern mountains. His armor is fur lined and he carries two copper cylinders which contain many flat stone discs. The discs are engraved with lead-filled carvings depicted scenes from the past and future. The cylinders are so heavy that trying to steal one will probably crush your foot or break your back; despite how easily he slings them over his shoulders. He can use the cylinders as a 1d8+2 improvised weapon, but would only do so on a last resort as damaging the discs would be a horrendous taboo in his culture.

Ragas has gained and mastered several magical items. First is his armor, which has red-pink scales of an unknown metal along his chest and upper arms. This armor grants +6 AC and can be activated with a whispered magic incantation meaning “Togetherness'. The activated armor creates a pink aura that sucks up magic shields, curses, and auras and gets bigger each time- after absorbing two or three it can now absorb magic at the range of a spear, then after four or five it can strike at the range of a whip or thrown weapon, etc. The aura lasts 4 combat rounds- and can absorb enemy auras to make them easier to strike with his magnetic sword.

Ragas's sword is magical too; a 1d10+2 falchion. It has four silver daggers stuck to it at all time, each dealing 1d4+1 damage, and can be flung off at the same time he makes a melee attack at a distant target, as the falchion has control over magnetism. For this reason, the sword can repel enemy arrows and weapons; making a -2 to hit but knocking all the knives off if this is activated.

Finally, his traveling supplies include a small bag of platinum coins worth a total of 12,000c and three potions of healing in emergencies.

[2] Also – Fighter
Stats- -1 Str, +3 Dex, -1 Con, +2 Cha

Also is a young daughter of a poor farmer who was beset by strange dreams up until she turned 15, and finally learned of her true nature. Also has lived before; reincarnated from a fierce and powerful warrior into the form now. She has two names; the name of the man she once was, and ALSO the name her peasant parents have given her, and as such she has taken the moniker of Also. While young and stuck in a small, underdeveloped, and weak body, she has an incredible amount of chi energy and massive untapped potential. She believes that her old self reincarnated to move into a newer, cosmically superior form, and is unsure if becoming a woman in this life was intentional or an accident; regardless she knows her untapped potential.

Also can fight well, despite being somewhat weak. She can use her feet and knees in devastating, back-breaking grapples and shin-splintering kicks; her feet deal 1d6+1 damage on successful hits or grapples, and she can run across water and other lightweight surfaces without breaking them if moving at a fast speed. She can also levitate for a few seconds if she takes a full combat round to breath in deeply; using this move to avoid attacks or spells on the ground or to jump up very high. Also has an incredible well of life energy inside of her; every exploration turn spent in meditation restores 1d6 hit points. There is no limit to this ability, as long as she is in good health.

Also's dreams and experiences from her past life are also making her more powerful. Every season, she has a 1 in 3 chance to remember a powerful combat trick or become physically tougher. Whenever this happens, roll on the following table. If you roll any category twice, roll again until she's learned everything she can from her first incarnation.

Also's Memory Table – 1d6
  1. Gain +2 To-Hit
  2. Gain +1 Damage with all weapons
  3. Gain +1 Max and Base AC
  4. Gain +3 Maximum Hit-Points
  5. Learn a Martial Arts Style; Gains advantage against opposing styles.
  6. Learn the location of her first life's secret stash; specifically prepared for his reincarnation. Contains thousands of gold and a powerful magic axe. The first time she rolls this, she learns that it exists, and the second time, she learns its exact location.

As Also was born in poverty and has little experience in this life, she has no magic items or wealth.

[3] Mauil Iz – Rogue/Fighter
Stats- +2 Dex, +2 Int, +3 Cha

This is the funniest guy you will ever met. Mauil, who also goes by Iz, has an incredible life story, which he enthusiastically tells whenever prompted. He was once a nobody, who pretended to be a knight and sneak into a princesses birthday party. All he wanted was to taste the Queen's dove pie recipe (still the best meal he ever had), and this single event catapulted his life in a crazy adventure. Whenever Iz speaks, your character must make a save or bust out laughing, which will make you lose spell concentration or reveal your position if you're sneaking. This ability is always on but he can reign it in if subtly is required for the situation.

Mauil has an AC of 40, but only wears leather armor. This is because of his mutational insect plates on his forearms and lower legs, hidden under his clothes with special holes just for them. These plates reveal long silver antennae in combat, and these metal antennae deflect and parry blows. Each time an attack would hit his normal AC, reduce it by the difference between the successful attack and his buffed mutational AC. These antennae get tired quickly, and after a few close calls his AC will be reduced to a more realistic and manageable level. Mauil's other physical oddity is his magic eye, a strange jewel dug up from some underground lost world. This eye is white, and glows in the dark, and lets him see in darkness. As long as he doesn't move; this eye can project an image on a wall similar to a shadow puppet show, with Iz able to control the shadows to trick people.

Finally, Mauil also carried around a few trinkets and magical pieces of gear. He carried a Red Switch Ring, which can be rotated mechanically to different runic settings allowing distant communication to other people with a Red Switch Ring. Currently, he has his code set to contact a wealthy merchant lord in a far away empire; who can send an entire ship full of mercenaries at a moment's notice and owes Iz a big favor. He also carries a flask of magic sword oil, which lets the sword “slip past” any armor and sliding through steel, automatically striking an enemy for one attack but causing the weapon to get stuck. Finally, his last weapon is a burning dagger, which deals 1d4 damage +1 fire damage. The dagger is always red hot to the touch and has to be put inside a special cooling sheathe.

[4] Seven Sam aka “Master of Medallions” - Rogue
Stats- +1 Str, +1 Dex, +1 Con, +1 Int

Sam was a nobody orphan. He only ever had a first name given to him, and as such his moniker is based off of his travels. He is a master of disguise and wears reversible clothing, occasional flashes of fake mud or a wig inside his hood is all you see of his second visage. Sam's main claim to fame was his infamous cons and scams in various cities, which eventually lead him to finding and stealing seven magical medallions. He has grown in power with these medallions over the years and has mastered them. Every medallion has a once a day power; but Sam can use any medallions a number of times equal to his level per day, meaning he can use one medallion multiple times and more total uses if his name level is higher then seven.

Most of the magic medallions Sam has are randomly determined, but each has a once a day ability. He wears all of them at the same time, all the medallions are fitted to one silver glint chain which prevents them from clinking in stealth. Sam is also extremely stealthy to boot, granting him a total of +4 stealth. Additionally, one of his medallions will be a Medallion of Greater Shadow-Dancing. This powerful magic item grants +2 to spell saves vs any spell or wand with “Shadow” or “Darkness” in its name, and additionally can be used to control shadows. Holding it aloft and concentrating, the user can make shadows rip from the walls and earth, dance, and obey their commands. All summoned shadows have 1 hit point, becoming 1 HD if the creature or object they are from is especially large or infused with darkness OR if the shadow is a player character's copy. The shadows can also attack with bites and punches, but only deal 1d2 damage on a successful hit. Shadows from inanimate objects only barely move; long shadows at dusk swoop to stab like spears, human shadows dance and sign and point, etc. Shadows are quite weak but any given casting can create 2d8 of them from inanimate objects in a room, plus one for each individual party member or person in the area. Shadows can mimic the moves of their original objects and beings. This item cannot be used in places of absolute brightness or total darkness, as no shadows will form. In places with weak shadows and at noon, the shadows will be weaker and the shadows will be stronger in dim but not extinguished light.

Finally, Sam has connections in cities and has set up several orphanages with urchins who spy and report back to him. He has created at least two false personas that the PCs may learn were actually him; these personas were once noticeable but background NPCs.

[5] Elarois of Moonglade – Rogue/Elf
Stats- +3 Dex, +2 Wis

She's an elf, barely in her adulthood at 120 years of age. Beyond being beautiful and skilled, she is in tune with nature and her natural origins. As with most Elves, she has trained with the bow since birth and is an incredible marksmen. Normal targets don't even phase her any more; she does not need to roll to hit with a bow against any terrestrial creature she can see within a short distance; except for those in cover, totally enclosed in armor, or with several powerful enchantments or shields. For targets she cannot automatically hit, or if attempting a complex trick shot, she still gets a +6 to hit. Along with this, Elarois has learned a second arrow-art. She can shoot arrows backwards, feathers first. Doing this means the arrows deal no damage on a hit, but cause a save or the target will fall asleep as per the Sleep spell. If she rolled a n 18 or better on her attack dice roll for her attack, target gets no save as the elf has become so good at her craft; she strikes them right in the eyes filling them with sleep.

Elarois's connection to nature manifests more clearly whenever she gets hurt. Whenever she is injured, her body begins to regenerate more quickly then normal. This is especially noticeable for lost limbs or torn out chunks of flesh; the growth is plant. Her wounds close up with supple bark and thin grass fibers. Lost limbs have gnarled branches in their place, which can begin to hold weapons or use items in only a single hour of regrowth. These wooden limbs and parts slowly shed and become normal flesh. If Elarois is killed in any way that doesn't involve fire, her body will root into the ground at the spot she is buried and begin to grow into a tree. After 2d6 decades, she will reemerge from this tree with a new, fully formed body.

Finally, the Elf wears a pair of elf shoes that give her silent footsteps, along with a glint quiver that prevents her from hitting her allies by shooting into melee. She also has a magic apple which can act as a week's rations and heals 2d10 hit points from eating it alone. It never rots and is kept in her satchel in case of emergencies.

[6] Priunt the Beast-Tamer – Rogue/Magician
Stats- +2 Str, +2 Con, +2 Cha

This human outdoorsman is well skilled both with his bow, whip, spell, and animals alike.

Every day, Priunt can grow a tail. This is an old mutation, and set in stone for him, thus meaning it is not cured by friendly spells that restore mutations. The type of tail he grows is random, and provides a specific effect. All he has to do to grow the tail is perform some morning meditations and breathing exercises. Each morning, he can repeat these exercises to get a new one, or just wake up as normal to keep his current tail. If he fails a roll vs mutation, he just grows a bonus tail that falls off at the end of the day. If his tails are chopped off take 1 damage and he can grow new ones tomorrow.

Priunt's Random Tail Table – 1d6
  1. Whip-like Tail. Long, flesh colored tail. Creepy, but increases Dex modifier by +1
  2. Fluffy cat Tail. Luxurious, gains a +1 to reaction checks to any race with tails.
  3. Armored Tail. Similar to a lobster tail, but long with an insectoid sheen. +1 AC
  4. Lump Tail. Fleshy bulb stores fat. Can go an extra day without food, +1 Con modifier.
  5. Horse Tail. Increases run speed by +5ft or increases carry capacity by +1 units.
  6. Lamprey Tail. Gray tail with a mouth on the end, grants a 1d2 damage attack.

Additionally, Priunt is a skilled beast-tamer. He has trained and commands several animals, from whelp wyverns, griffins for flying mounts, great lions, swortosies and other turtle beasts, dinosaurs, and many more. He either has a useful, unqiue monster with him at all times OR 1d6 very well trained hunting dogs. The dogs use stats as dogs or wolves but have +2 to hit and AC from combat training.

Finally, Priunt possesses a magic whip. The whip has the power to deal no damage to a target, if the victim of the strike is afraid and is cowed by the crack of the whip. This black leather magic item was used by evil dark elves and slavers, but has been turned against animals. The whip deals 1d6 damage normally, and counts as magic. He also has a single earring he wears on his left ear, which had a small hanging blue crystalline gemstone. In dark places, it lights up, and specifically wards against supernatural and hungry darkness- whoever wears the earring cannot disappear into shadow.

[7] Gress of Hollowland – Magician
Stats- +1 Con, +2 Wis, +1 Cha

Gress is a highborn magic-user. Beyond being given a noble title and keeping with him two camp follower servants, he also has to his name several rare and expensive magic books and arcane implements. His first servant is named Writ and his only job is to polish Gress's magic staff. It is silver with a red topper, and crackles with red and purple lightning bolts. Griss can invoke this staff at any time to deal 1d6+1 shock damage at range, but using this power requires him to make a save vs spells or else he loses the lowest level spell slot/prepared spell he has for that day. Any other magic user can use this staff too, but doing so will always make them lose the lowest level spell slot/prepared spell they have as they don't have the same experience in avoiding the draining effects of the magic staff.

Gress is also well spoken, well connected, and his second follower is well suited to that task. Her name is Naidene and she is a first level Rogue. She has been well trained by a secret court of shadows, and has an additional die in damage whenever she backstabs. She is instructed to protect Gress with her life and kill his enemies- either with her own hand or through assassin guild contacts. Gress is only vaguely aware of her secret, and doesn't ask her to assassinate people, but doesn't much mind when his mage-guild rivals end up dying or disappearing.

Along with the above social advantages, Gress gains +1 morale to any retainers he is put in control of and any camp followers will be very well behaved and useful, even willing to fight in small battles against weak opponents (only goblins or kobolds; they will still flee to orcs) due to his noble grace.

Finally; Gress is above all else an accomplished magician. He has an extra three first level spell slots for a MU of his level, and a single extra second level spell slot per day for his casting. As long as he carries at least two spellbooks and at least four scrolls there is a 1 in 6 chance he has a counterspell he can use against any enemy magic that isn't god-level in strength.

[8] Right Hand of June – Magician
Stats- +4 Str, +4 Con, +3 Int, -2 Wis

The Righ Hand of June is an enchanted being. They look like an androgynous, artifical human with honey-colored skin and stone-like fists. They have a sloped forehead etched with an arcane symbol, which matches the personal sigil of a famous archmage from a hundred years prior. This being is neither man nor woman, and rarely speaks. They have an incredible arcane might, along with skill in both spellcraft and combat, and their enchanted stone fists make them stronger then any normal humanoid being. The strength in their body is tied to their magic, however, and if hit with a counterspell or magic-draining effect they will also lost a number of their strength modifier equal to the spell levels lost. This can go into the negatives; and if the negative Strength reaches -3 or lower then the Right Hand of June cannot lift their stone arms at all. Add the being's Strength modifier to its melee attack damage if you haven't already.

The Right Hand can also crush potions. By crushing a potion in one of their stone hands, they gain a magical energy aura that flows along the cracks in their stone palm. This empowers their next spell with the rough effects of that potion or poison. For example, if they crush a healing potion and then cast a shielding spell on someone, then whenever that shield was struck the person would heal a single hit point per attack deflected. Or June could crush a poison vial of paralysis and cast magic missile, which has a secondary save to avoid being paralyzed and so on. On an unarmed melee kill, the Right Hand can also do the same thing to the naturally occurring monster juices or spell-like effects the monster has, absorbing into their arm and cast with their next spell. Using both arms means that June could have two effects stored or manipulated at the same time.

This being also carries with it a sack of golden coins, many years out of mint but worth far more to collectors, as well as an amulet that creates the sound of a windchime whenever ambient or naturally occurring magic is near. This makes it trivially easy for the Right Hand to find naturally occurring mana nodes or crystsals; and in fact it claims that it was separated from its creator and master by taking a stroll in the woods to find mana crystals, before getting lost and returning many centuries later in what felt like a single afternoon. Now, the being simply wishes for a purpose and a use for its great power and strength.


  1. You are very prolific in turning out excellent ideas! I like how the NPCs could turn into high-level rivals for the PCs. Priunt's tails are particularly inspiring - I wish there was a d100 list of potential tails and tail combos, though. I would like it, too, if the situation weren't "he CAN grow a tail" with morning meditations, but "he grows at least one new random tail EVERY time he wakes up" and "the tail or tails shrivel up and fall off every time he lies down to sleep". The huge d100 list could be populated with powers that might be beneficial, powers that may not be useful in his current situation, powers that are just uselessly weird, and definite curse-type effects. Some of the d100 could be multi-tail situations: augmenting, strengthening, or cancelling out particular powers of a particular tail pair or trio. Maybe Priunt would have to figure out the nature and use of each tail over the course of its first appearance. Going to sleep one night hoping for the familiar appeared-20-times-before lamprey tail that he is adept in using, instead he wakes up to see a never-seen-before purple-spotted reptilian tail - roaring: "What fresh Hells? What does THIS even DO?!?" Maybe if he doesn't get at least 3 hours of decent sleep, the tail he wakes up with is tiny, malformed, has weakened functions, and is 50% likely to shrivel up and fall off prematurely each time he uses it.

    1. Honestly that sounds like a cool random table. Thanks for the idea!