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Garden- 10 Garden Gun Stores

This table only generates Gun-Stores. If you need another appearance and personality for a store owner, roll on the Random Merchant tables for Garden. Roll 1d10 to see which one is in your neighborhood- Each district of Garden only gets one unique gun shop- the rest are rinky dink mom & pop shooteries that are serviceable, but nothing special.

10 Garden Gun Stores
[1] Full-Service Jackets
The owner and two employees wear gray jackets and faded yellow patches. The place is worn down and clearly very old. The gun racks only have a handful of functioning guns, with the rest having their parts gutted or missing their barrels. The owner says you can reserve the guns for a low price, and he'll have them completed shortly (they will not.)

However, this store is quite proficient at repairs. Whenever you repair your weapon at this store, there is a 1 in 8 chance they found the source of one of your gun's flaws and fixed it.

[2] Minecart Armaments Emporium
This store was created to tap in on the market of the (obviously doomed) underground minecart and electric tram network tunnel that was being set up in the service tunnels underneath Garden. While their clientele dried up pretty quick with the project's collapse and slide into obscurity; they still specialize in making snub nosed and short-stock fire arms.

All weapons purchased from this store have half the normal damage and accuracy penalties for their snub-nosed parts, which confer negatives to damage and accuracy in exchange for handling.

[3] Fatal Weaponry Inc.
This burgeoning weapon manufacturing corporation has a very strong presence, and hires their own private armies to fight off gangs nearby their headquarters. They keep the area safe, but are considering taking over local businesses and only paying the workers in corporate dollars; thus making the money useless anywhere else and having a total stranglehold on the surrounding area. They sell overpriced guns but of every variety and with a huge inventory.

Actually trying to get any of your weapons fixed or owned here is also a massive pain in the ass, and always more expensive then you expected with hidden fees, but they have a specialist or department that can work with any weapon with its rare quirks and ammo types. Even your unique one of a kind lightning cannon; somebody here can fix it.

[4] Hunter Firearms and Wildlife Supply
This rugged, outdoorsy shop is located in a very wooded and heavily forested area, just like the Treebranch district. The shop itself is little more then a log cabin hidden by its own grove of trees. The shop is small and decorated with mounted heads of various midnight forest creatures, along with a small shrine of bullet casings for fallen comrades in the back for the owner's old friends. The owner is a kindly and stern old stegosaurus man with a straw hat. He prefers rifles and thinks automatic weapons are for spoiled brats and people who can't shoot.

This seller specializes in rifles. If your gun is bought here, it will have a bonus +1 to hit with all rolls from being so well scoped. Beautiful wood grain finish.

[5] The Post
What was once Garden's first and only post office; this historic squat brick building once ferried mail and packages all over the city in heavily armored conveys back when the gangs were even more ruthless and imperious then they are now. Which they are. The Post has since lost much of this prestige and no longer delivers mail, much to the chagrin of its turtloid owner. The owner is named Chancey and is in fact one of the oldest members of the city, given his species's long lifespans. Using his guidance, the post has still found itself in relevant by collecting and trading weapons with some of the most obscure, out of the way, and otherwise secretive communities based on Chancey's knoweldge of the city.

The weapons once carried by the infamous postmen must be as lightweight and easy to use as possible. All weapons purchased here have their total load reduced by -1, to a minimum of 1.

[6] Military Surplus
This store almost exclusively buys old weapons from military units and veterans that come to Garden. The vast majority of these people are alone; either deserters or separated from their units, getting lost, and ending up in the Garden's alternate dimension, which is probably why no random military detachment from an alien world hasn't conquered the place yet. Like most business that target new arrivals, they tend to under price everything they buy from the arrivals, using their ignorance to their advantage, but they do offer a military discount. Guns from other worlds are broken down into parts to repair Garden's own brand of weapons here, since wholesale military hardware will break down quickly anyway, and can't use Garden's own homebrand of bullets and bombs.

This store specializes in explosives; increase the damage die of any weapon that fires Payloads here by one higher size. If this would exceed a d12, make it a +1 to damage instead. Besides this, regulars and those with special access and can browse the collection part of the store; containing fully functioning weapons from other worlds straight from the manufacturers, well maintained and with their own special ammunition types and parts. These special weapons may have totally different rules then normal Garden weapons, and they do not jam on very high attack rolls- they don't even have flaws! However, these weapons are almost like collectors' items and rely on parts and ammunition that isn't made in Garden; as well as being prohibitively expensive.

[7] Fruit Stand
The store is hidden as a simple, humble fruit stand with many sturdy display shelves and very little actual fruit. Much of the shelves contain plastic fruit, and at least one of the baskets has a little man hiding inside with a gun to make any muggers or thieves eat hot lead. Beyond the penchant for secrecy, the owner of this store likes to keep a low profile and keeps all their lucrative deals on the down low.

The Fruit Stand sells weapons that are stealthy and low in rattling parts and poorly painted chrome. You ignore any penalties to stealth while carrying this weapon. Silencers are half off. Additionally, you can schedule a meeting with the mobile fruit stand- meaning you can make the guns come to your headquarters and have no risk of ferrying them around.

[8] Delilah's Gun Shop
Delilah is an older woman, coming from an alien world whose primary inhabitants are large, powerful jaguar people with 4 arms. She is still quite strong despite her age, and uses a ridiculously large heavy chaingun the last time her shop was robbed. But that was years ago, and she doubts she could lug it out of the office like that again. The store is very cozy and smells of grease.

This store specializes in heavy weapons. Most of the weapons they sell like this should be fitted onto vehicles or buildings as defensive fixtures, but exceptionally strong individuals could actually lift them if they needed to. It's very rare to find heavy duty weapons like this anywhere else in the city except for one offs or special projects by private gunsmiths.

[9] Kingpin Grocery
Once a store exclusively used to sell weapons to thugs and gangsters, it has now slowly become more family friendly and devolved into an actual grocery store. The place even has a friendly greeter, and a little statue of a fat kingpin alien holding a cigar to his mouth and a gun safely holstered on his hip. They still sell guns in the back. The owner of the place, the Kingpin himself, was never much of a gangster and is really a big softy.

Kingpin Grocery doesn't sell anything special, it just gives good deals and discounts. If you buy guns and ammo in bundles, you'll receive an ever larger discounted rate of up to 20% off all your weapons. Also, he'll throw in a free orange.

[10] Dopend's Wholesale
Weapon store owned by a large stick-insectoid man, incredible strength in his spindly arms. Many high shelves filled with uncomfortably packed and unsecured explosives and ammunition. Hasn't been an accident, yet. Gives repeat customers obnoxiously long punchcards- 'Buy 130 ammo belts and the next one is free!'

Dopend is good for one thing beyond his stinginess; volume. He's skimped and saved on bullets and guns over the years and is one of the few places in Garden you can get bullets, shells, or cartridges in bulk without having to steal them from a gang stockpile or making them yourself. You could outfit a small army with these, essentially unlimited supply, but it will cost you dearly.

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