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12 Hair Mutations

Humanoid characters roll once on the table to see what hair is mutated. Beings with fur have their fur changed, but in the same location. Some locations may be swapped; lion men would treat facial hair as a mane instead.

Hair Location Table – 1d8
[1-3] Head Hair/Regular Hair
[4-5] Facial Hair
[6-7] Back or Chest
[8] Pubic Hair

12 Hair Mutations – 1d12
[1] Lime green connective “discs” start to grow between “segments” in your hair. The segments are a universal length of about 3 inches each, and each strand of hair has the little discs. Makes it look like you have very small beads in your hair. Whenever an enemy grapples you, there is a 1 in 4 chance that they grab your hair and it tears away to the closest section, those letting you wriggle out.

[2] Muscles in your body rearrange; your hair in this area is becoming partially prehensile. You lose -1d4 points of Strength, but your hair at this area can wrap around things. The strands can intentionally tangle around small objects or untangle, can grip things like a very weak grasping limb, and wave or wiggle on command. This hair cannot make attacks but can be used to hold up your body weight for up to 1 turn if the hair here is thick enough. If this hair is cut, it bleeds but doesn't deal any damage- it's a minor, regrowable limb now.

[3] Parasitic Hair. The hair in this area becomes partially prehensile as in [2], but only for the purposes of sucking blood. It can make an attack roll each round it is close enough to strike a target, and on a hit deals 1 damage and heals its owner by 1 hit point from the drained blood. This only works on living targets. Obviously, you will have to grow this hair out very long to make any use of this as a weapon, and if it gets cut you will have to wait for it to regrow to use it again. You also begin to have a taste for the blood of living creatures, and must feed every few days through this hair. You are partially vampiric and your skin will sizzle if you touch a holy symbol. You lose the power to turn undead if you could.

[4] Hair here turns into snakes. Snakes bite and on a failed save deal 1d4 poison damage per round until cured. Owner is not immune to poison, but snakes aren't aggressive towards their host.

[5] Stonehair. The hair here turns partially into stone. It can still fall and be brushed naturally, but is rocky gray and “plinks” together when you move. Gain +1 AC, but -1 to Stealth. If you let this hair grow out longer, you gain more AC and lose more Stealth the bigger it gets. It's also extremely hard to cut, you'll need to hammer and chisel your hair with a mason instead of a barber.

[6] Peaceful hair. Your hair in this part of your body starts to always flow gently, as though under water, even when you're on land. You must make a save or else it turns blond. Also, this hair gives you +1 to saves vs fear and if you could be 'turned' before, you now treat yourself as +1 level or HD higher to defend against the turning roll. However, every time you commit a sin these hairs turn inwards and spear your flesh, dealing 1 damage per each of the seven deadly sins involved in your sinful life.

[7] Your hair puffs up and turns white, becoming like sheep wool. It's cool to the touch, and insulates against the cold. You gain 1 resistance to cold damage unless this hair is on your back or chest, in which case you get 2 if you let it grow out large enough. Any time you are harmed by a fire attack or spell you must make a save or the wool burns off. Additionally; if your wool is cute it turns into puffy white fog, and if enough is clipped you can fill a room with the fog to give enough time to escape or cover from missiles. If you already had wool, then this mutation instead just gives you the cloudy fog wool ability all over.

[8] The hair on this place of your body falls out, and your skin here turns a bit dry and chalky brown. This patch of skin grows a small field of terrible little gray barnacles on your skin, which open to filter feed in water whenever you swim or take a bath. You get +1 AC while having the barnacles and can hold your breath for three times as long; the barnacles are delivering oxygen to your blood stream while using you as an anchor. The barnacles can starve to death over a few days without being allowed to eat (not going into water), and once they die they simply fall out and the area goes back to how it was.

[9] Elemental energies diffuse through your hair. This part of your body gains an unnatural, colorful magical glow. The light glows from the base of the follicle to the tip in short, steady pulses. Beyond giving you a strange look, when your hair is cut it can release an elemental energy, directed only by the motion of the cut and position of your head or body. With some practice, you can snip a small clump of hair to fire off a tiny flame-blast, or shave an entire section to create a chilling vortex. Deals between 1d2 to 1d8 damage based on the amount of hair removed at one moment. The element of your hair is random, but always the same once decided; roll 1d4- Fire, Cold, Lightning, Acid. You are not immune to your own discharges; if your hair is cut by an attack or ripped out it has a 1 in 3 chance to splash 1d4 of its damage onto you.

[10] Your hair grows incredibly thick here. It grows much faster then normal, and is much harder to manage and keep clean. Every season, you can find up to 1d3-1 eggs hidden in your tangled hair, tied up by the strands. The eggs are from a strange type of creature called a Hairling, which looks like a walking mustache. These creatures view you as their mother, but aren't very useful or bright. At least in their juvenile form.

[11] This hair on your body doesn't change at first. Instead, it happens slowly as new hair grows in to these follicles. Your hair here grows into semi-metallic strands, and grows much slower then normal hair. Smart characters will harvest this metal hair for use in armor and weapon smithing, as such small and flexible alloys can be used for many applications. The metal doesn't come from nothing however; it's the accumulated waste metal and trace elements found in their body. Their hair grows much faster and with a hint of the type of metal they consume if the mutant eats or drinks a specific type of metal or alloy. This does not grant any kind of immunity or protection to actaully ingesting metals and uncommon materials; save vs death modified by constution. On a failed save, eating metals like this causes death, or 1d20 damage and permanent hit point loss, whichever you like more.

[12] Astral Hair. Your hair turns invisible, and intangible in the physical realm. It can only be seen on certain moon-lit nights, but otherwise doesn't exist. In the astral realm, your hair is long and flowing like a chain, and can be used to grapple beings or objects. It continually grows regardless of your physical body, thus eventually becoming a massive scarf or rope of otherworldly astral material which can make attacks or act as a soul tether to prevent becoming lost there.

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