Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Weird d10 Spell Generator

Roll 1d10 for each category. The level of the spell is either determined by the referee or roughly approximated by an average of all the rolled results on the tables - 2; the power and complexity of each element is roughly ascending- unless it's so useless you can just make it a cantrip.

Spellcasting Requirements / Component
[1] Nothing.
[2] Your feet must be on the ground; cannot cast while flying or on a horse.
[3] Can only be cast with an animal fetish. Paw of a rabbit, raven's feather, shark tooth, etc.
[4] Wearing anything red.
[5] Common spell consumed component; pinch of sand from an hourglass, a lemon, etc.
[6] Hot wax from a green candle. Candle must have been lit for at least 1 exploration turn.
[7] Requires a battlemage staff; topped with a silver cap on at least one end.
[8] Significant spell component consumed on casting. Can't easily buy this, or requires a quest.
[9] Can only be cast on a specific day of the year. If you pretend like it's that day hard enough, it can still work. Carry a false calendar and use incorrect greetings- repeat actions you did that day.
[10] Cannot be cast by mortals. You will need divine heritage, or find a way to be reborn into a greater body. You can ignore this restriction once with a high value diamond; consumed on casting.

Spell Action / Target
[1] The spell is always cast directly on the caster.
[2] Creates a puffball flower. Releases pollen in 1d4 rounds, or if used as an improvised weapon that deals at least 3 points of damage to burst open. Whatever breathes the pollen is affected.
[3] Requires drawing a line in the sand or with chalk. Whatever walks over that line is the target.
[4] Fires a glowing beam from the hand/spell focus. Beam can be reflected by mirrors.
[5] Seeking magical projectile. Requires a magical to-hit roll, d20 + Int + spell level vs AC.
[6] Requires touch. You also count as “touching” if in the same body of water.
[7] It's a strange glyph. It is activated when it is “read”, and as such can't work on the illiterate. If the spell only works on certain objects; then it activates when somebody reads the glyph scribed on an object with the target being that object instead.
[8] Caster breathes forth a large cloud of dark-red smoke. Spell cast on anything that stays in the smoke for more then a single round.
[9] Whoever or whatever the caster points at. You can point at yourself, if you want.
[10] The target's name is spoken aloud. Requires a true name, but will strike anywhere in the world.

Spell Effect
[1] Conjures a ribbon several feet in length on the target, wrapped up around the body or around the object. The ribbon can be used to carry things like liquids, fires, or magical essences as though they were simple physical objects. The ribbon offers no protection to those actually carrying the objects; but could be used to do things like forcibly move a formless ooze, a ghost, or a pile of sand, etc. Creatures wrapped up in this ribbon do not have their movements impeded, but cannot easily break out of the ribbon without countering the spell. The ribbon lasts for up to one turn.

[2] The target feels a rough agitation all over their body or the surface of the object. After two rounds, they will be stung by thousands of astral bees. They take 1d4 poison damage. While your physical body is barely effected, your astral body swells up to 4 times its size if you're allergic to astral bees; everyone who has ever had a dream is allergic. In practice, this means that your astral body is painfully bloated and sensitive; you will be unable to enter portals, for example, until the swelling subsides in 2d6 days.

[3] The object has its gears and parts rusted shut, but also repaired at the same time. Swarms of tiny red termites crawl all over the piece of machinery; stopping its motion but also fixing cracks and tears, replacing pullies, and crushing their own tiny bodies between gears to lubricate them. After two turns, the object can move again and is repaired to full work order. This has no effect if the target of the spell is not a machine or automaton; but if a person is targeted with a mechanical prosthetic then this spell targets all of their prostheses instead.

[4] Conjures 2d6 bright red furry bats. The tiny bats appear as a swarm around the target, and find the nearest solid object or space to land on. If they stay on a solid object for more then a single instant, they squeak in terror and burst into flame. The fires deal 1 damage, but each has a chance of lightning something on fire equal to flammability. The bats move randomly, simply created in a mass confusion and totally oblivious to their fiery demise the moment they stay flapping. The bats are more likely to nest in corners, higher up, or on people who aren't moving or swatting at them.

[5] The target's face is projected off their body. The face is transported either to the caster or to the other end of the spell. Their voice becomes booming and they can see, smell, and speak to everyone within a 30 ft radius as though face to face. Hitting this face deals no damage to the target, but poking their eye blinds them, holding their lip shut makes them unable to speak in their real body, etc. This spell lasts for up to 3 days, and the first time this is cast on someone the nausea they feel from “being” in two places at once can be overwhelming.

[6] The target has 90% of their injuries healed, which are bound up by bright yellow bandages and little white strings. Restore their health to 90% of the total amount. The remaining 10% of injuiries quickly festers, causing a save or contract a common disease. This 10% also cannot be healed by magic; the target cannot heal any more hit points until they have enough downtime rest to recover all their normal hit points naturally. If this spell is countered; the bandages pop open causing the damage to return.

[7] The target becomes slush. Their body is partially physical and partially liquid, gaining massive protection against all attacks and spells. They take -3 damage from all sources, totally ignoring damage that is reduced to 0 or less, and do not lose concentration on spells if hit by soemthing that doesn't do damage. However, their body is only loosely held together, thus meaning limbs and parts can be easily pulled or chopped off. As long as these parts are returned before the spell ends, no permanent limb loss occurs, but damage is still taken to hit points. Finally, the connective force of the target's body isn't stronger then gravity, so standing on a metal grating will cause you to fall through; you can use this to your advantage like passing through cell bars and so on. Spell lasts 2 exploration turns.

[8] The target of the spell is cursed. Flies gather around their head ominously. They are rotting on the inside, but not the outside. They take 1d6 points of Con damage per day. Drinking medicine or healing potions stops the progression of this curse for that day. This spell continues until the target dies or it is countered in some way.

[9] Creates a simulacrum of the target of the spell. The copy is gray in color and cannot move or react, it is equivalent to a ragdoll. Every 4 points of damage or healing done on the simulacrum will equal 1 point of damage or healing on the real subject, at any distance. The simulacrum lasts for 10 rounds.

[10] The target gains a powerful metamagic field. If the next spell cast on them by someone of a “like” alignment has it reject and bounce off. If it's cast by a “opposite” alignment, then the spell is attracted and any saving throws are automatically failed.

Counterspell / Methods to Reflect or Dispel
[1] Spell cannot be cast if the caster has lost their virginity.
[2] The target of the spell can stand perfectly still to nullify spell; autofail against the inanimate.
[3] Pinch of salt. This is a very common antimagical measure- many will try it first thing if cursed.
[4] As long as you know the spell, you can simply speak the incantation backwards.
[5] Can be countered by the flick of a battlemage's staff. Capped with silver on at least one end.
[6] This spell is demonic in origin. Every casting on it is assigned to a minor bureaucratic imp. Summoning one and bargaining to have it countered is easy; costs a thousand gold or a small favor.
[7] Spell can be reflected by a polished bronze mirror. If the spell could already be reflected by mirrors, instead reflecting it with this causes it to become trapped within; this permanently removes the caster's spell slot for this spell until released.
[8] The spell is countered if cut by a pair of magic silver scissors. Requires a successful attack roll against a living or animate target.
[9] The spell is countered if the target is on or travels to a specific mountain peak. If you live there for a year, you just become permanently immune to the spell instead. If you are a spellcaster, then living on this peak for a year makes it impossible to counter instead.
[10] None. No saving throw. The spell has no counter, beyond divine intervention.

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