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Dirt Simple Spell Components

Dirt Simple Spell Components
There are 10 Forms of spell components (taken from Ars Magica & Freeform Ritual Magic); Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Plants, Animals, Images, Minds, People's Bodies (Separate from animals), and Prime (magic energy/pure arcane power) Components coming from these sources can be cast with relevant spells most correlated with the component- a mummified cat, for example, is used to cast Animal based spells, where as embers from a witch's oven are used to cast Fire spells.

In order for something to be a spell component, it has to be at least one of the following;
  • Unusual / something not natural / Painstakingly made
  • Infused with magic energy / had spells cast upon it / related to Wizardry
  • Culturally significant / is “touched by fate” / Long lost relic
If the component has one quality, it can be used to cast a 1st or 2nd level spell, and is consumed.

If the component has two qualities, it can be used to cast a 1st or 2nd level spell as a spell focus, meaning it is required to cast the spell but is not consumed on casting. It can also be used to cast more powerful spells, but is consumed.

If the component has all three qualities, it can be used as a spell focus for all but the most powerful of spells. Alternatively, depending on how much this can unbalance the game, it can be used as a spell focus for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level spells, and has 1d4 uses as a spell component for greater.

Powerful Spell Components
When you need spell components for casting powerful spells, creating a permanent spell effect or magic item, inventing a new spell, or a complex magical ritual- take the spell effect's level, multiple it by 2 and roll on the component generator twice. This value is named Y. Extremely powerful or complex spells may have to roll more times on the table.

Component Generator - 1d12
[1] Requires an item or collection of items that cost Yx1000 gold.
[2] Spell must be cast or created at a place of power that is Y months of hard travel away.
[3] Requires body part or personal trinket of a creature with Y for HD
[4] Requires a ritual step or painstaking research over another Y seasons.
[5] Must be cast with the aide of a descendant of a bloodline. You know an ancestor Y generations ago and will have to trace the lineage down to the present day.
[6] Requires Y number of special Runes, the knowledge of each is highly guarded.
[7] The caster is aged by Y years, or you can take ½ Y in level drain just after the spell is finished.
[8] Requires Y number of other Mages to finish the spell. They will demand payment, favors, exclusive rights after the first casting, scheme to steal the formula, etc.
[9] Finishing this spell will release a curse that will last Y years and have a random (really bad) effect. It will also require a Cleric or Sage of Y level to even try to manage the symptoms.
[10] Requires special solution of Y different potions of “Greater” potency or better; to create the alchemist slurry to soak the item in / get the caster high on.
[11] Requires the sacrifice of Y virgin young women, or double Y “sacred” animals, such as snow white lambs or virgin rats from the temple of the hidden goddess.
[12] Requires summoning a magical creature of ½ Y in HD to grant guidance or continual bloodletting over the course of a year and a day. Creature is self centered and will always seek means of tricking the caster and escaping captivity.

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