Tuesday, September 25, 2018

[Class] The Chosen

The Chosen
HD- d8
AC- Base 10, Max 14

You were chosen. The Gods spread their mark in the world through mortals; like it or not, you are one of them. In some cultures, only the most devout are chosen, in others it is treated like the plague- the chosen are viewed with a mix of fear and religious awe. Sometimes, the chosen is asked to accept the gift, but sometimes it is thrust upon them. Regardless of how or why; you are a special agent of the divine now. You're a bit like the Cleric class.

You gain faith dice. At first level, you have 1 faith die, which is rolled as a d6. Every level after, you gain another faith die. At first level, you can use 1 Faith die in a turn or at a time maximum. Faith dice can be used to heal and revive allies, or to rebuke enemies of the faith. It can also be used to cast miracles once you become higher level.

You can channel the powers of the divine to rebuke the enemies of the Faith. For most good aligned Gods of light or life, this will be the undead, demons, or other unnatural creatures. Chosen of the Goddess of the moon may turn lycanthropes, Chosen of the God of war may turn dishonorable warriors, such as bandits. Gods of Death may also turn undead, or could turn the living with a higher requirement to kill them outright with a Smite, etc.

When rebuking, you can turn and cause panic in a number of HD worth of enemies equal to your roll. If your rebuke roll is double the current hp of the selected target(s), they are instantly smited and destroyed instead.

Faith dice are also used to heal. The rolled number restores that much health to target character, or split among multiple targets if you aren't in combat. To revive a dead ally; you must heal all of their entire negative HP to at least 1 HP in a single roll, you only get one chance. Each combat round they spend dead decreases their health further by -1

At 3rd, 6th, and 10th level you can throw an additional Faith die at once or during a single combat round. This also applies to any "one time" roll, such as to perform a difficult miracle.

At 4th, and 8th level you get +1 to hit with all weapons.

At 5th level; you can now start prayer for miracles. Miracles are special magical actions related to your religion and God. If you were chosen by the God of the harvest, then your miracle may be to multiply a ration of food a number of times equal to a die result. If you were chosen by a God of light, then your miracle may be roll result = how many rounds you can conjure supernatural light in a cavern. Regardless of your God, you can only cast one miracle per adventure.

At 10th level, you are now a High Priest and have an even more powerful connection to the divine. You may gain a supernatural symbol of your holiness, such as glowing eyes. You can now cast Miracles as often as you wish, as long as you have Faith die for it, and treat your Faith die as d8s when rolled.

Additionally; you become a beacon of faith in a cold world. You may open an abbey, cathedral, or secret cult headquarters depending on what fits your faith and character the best. You will see passion similar to yours in the eyes of 1d4 youths; and the gods may grant them the powers of a first level chosen. You are also joined by 2d6 faithful of decent social standing who can tithe significantly or attribute other useful talents. Each season, you are petitioned by 2d12 sick and weak people who beg you to heal them. Along with all these, a throng of many normal and lay followers.

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