Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Chaos Medallion Generator

Within the Wastes of Chaos, the energies of the chaos gods and beings of discord condensate. In these places, the laws of nature are suspended or outright ignored. Beyond giving birth to discordant creatures and strange races who share almost nothing in common with the mortal races of men and elves, the chaos wastes are also known to produce magical items from the aether.

Unlike other forms of natural magic, these items come into the world fully formed. Even moreso, they defy the expected result of condensed mana; a crystal or odd plant? No- instead these artifacts appear manufactured even though they come from nothingness. These are called the Chaos Medallions.

The Chaos Medallions only grant their effects to those who wear them proudly, either on an amulet strung around the neck or fastened to the outside of their armor on their chest. Also, anyone who wears an amulet, chaotic in alignment or not, will garner the interest of the chaos gods. You must roll for a random mutation if you use the amulet for more then a week.

Roll once for each category.

Shape- 1d4
[1] Star. Has an odd number of points. +1 To-Hit
[2] Round. Incredibly smooth, a perfect circle. +1 to AC
[3] Cross. Right angled cross, but not all angles are 90. +1 Initiative
[4] Object. Roughly shaped like a Random Object. Grants a 1st level spell most fitting the object, can be cast once per day. If shaped like a stool, Floating Disc. If an urn, Conjure Water, etc.

Medallion Material- 1d6
[1] Bronze. Channels the warriors of old. Enemy shields explode when you hit them.
[2] Obsidian. Take half damage from Fire.
[3] Green Glass. Gain +2 to saves against magic.
[4] Chalk. Bearer may leave a chalk mark on anything they touch. Anyone who sees it knows it was left by a champion of chaos. Only washes off with holy water.
[5] Pyrite. Grants the wearer and aura of majesty, +3 to reaction checks the first time you meet someone. Every day after that, they find you intolerable, -1 to all reaction checks.
[6] Blue Orestone. Unshaped ore, only found in the rolling hills of the chaos lands. Its effect for the medallion is to grant the user immunity to all polymorph or transformation spells, except those sent by the chaos gods or self inflicted transformations.

Medallion Power- 1d8
[1] Ice Power- Half damage from Frost. Conjure snowstorms if it's cold enough to see your breath.
[2] Blast- Wearer may emit blasts of chaos energy. Never misses. Deals 1d6 damage. Unlimited.
[3] Aggravate- The wearer may make any wound they inflict by a spell or attack an aggravated wound, which never heals unless they allow it. Unlimited uses, one wound per target.
[4] Skeletal Servant- You have a pitch black skeleton that is always right behind you. Does whatever you want, counts as a 2 HD undead creature that cannot be killed or turned.
[5] Stiltwalk- You can stretch out your body into a long, gangly form. Reach high places or travel fast but you keep your same hit dice and strength, just stretched thin. Save when hit or topple.
[6] Mirror Compartment- The Medallion has a clasp and can be opened up like a locket. Inside is a mirror; making someone look in the mirror reverses any spells they have prepared that day.
[7] Chaotic Power- Grants a surge of chaotic power. Wearer gains +1 to ALL rolls for the next hour, and heals 3d6 hit points. Their alignment shifts a step towards Chaotic Neutral, or just Chaotic. If you're already Chaotic, you lose -1d4 Wisdom permanently.
[8] Mercurial Essence- The bearer can touch any object and change it into a closely related object once per day. Sword to axe, shield to plate, gravel to beads, etc. Enchantments are also altered slightly to fit the new object's form. Magic objects remain magic and mundane items remain mundane. Transformation is permanent, unless object is brought under a constructed pyramid.

Medallion Relief- 1d20
[1] Starving wretch of a man cowering under an umbrella. It is raining fruit.
[2] Dog eating dog eating dog eating dog. There's a cat on a throne, laughing.
[3] Inside view of a tiny cabin. Outside window shows fire, the fireplace is snowing.
[4] Magician with his head on backwards, balancing on a vertical sword. The crowd is sleeping.
[5] Bowl of noodles. Snakes hold chopsticks and lick at the broth. The snakes are crying.
[6] On the front of the medallion there is a hole. The back side is flat and solid- there is no hole.
[7] There is a cloud and lightning bolt. The lightning bolt is striking a daisy.
[8] Human baby is being fed from a drinking horn. The one nursing it is a goat.
[9] Dead guy. The wound he died from changes every time you look at it.
[10] Rough drawing of a lute being played by a hand coming in off canvas. Not centered.
[11] Rough drawing of the amulet itself. The drawn amulet bears the image of a stern face.
[12] Upwards pointing arrow.
[13] Side view of a man bent over. He's puking out a spear, which is disappearing off frame.
[14] Heavily ornamented with cross-hatching and straight lines. 50% chance to be a map.
[15] Spilled chalice.
[16] The sun, moon, and some stars resting on a patch of dirt. In the sky is a river.
[17] Extremely detailed relief of a grass field. The perspective is amazing, every grass blade is fully realized in and in correct proportion to each other. Only the wearer can see the dying ladybug.
[18] Fine depiction of a bird with crossed out eyes, which looked stamped in after the creation of the medallion with a rough iron tool. This despite the medallion's invulnerability.
[19] There is a simple geometric symbol, curved around a central blank spot.. Everyone thinks it looks like a silhouette of a different race's head; some see the race they hate, some see their own.
[20] Man proudly holding a freshly crafted sword with hourglass pommel. The same man just behind him with the same sword, raising it to kill himself.

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