Monday, November 2, 2020

[Class] Seed Samurai

Seed Samurai
HD- d10
Max AC- 15 / Minimum Hit-Points- 5

The Seed Samurais are protectors of nature. But not all nature, not of wild or chaotic places and especially not rare or primal beasts. No, they protect the lawful, correct, defanged and moral type of nature that humans have imposed. They protect the health of the crop and of the land, from both human and spiritual pollution. To them, grains of rice are like their serfs that serve to keep the land safe. They are known as being more humble then most Samurai, despite humility being a virtue they are all supposed to have.

You can wear any armor and are trained with several weapons; the sword, the spear, the spiked club, the bow as well as the hand-cannon. You can fight indoors and on horseback. You carry multiple swords, the shortest one of which is used for the exclusive ritual of severing stems or branches from plants, or slicing open fruit. If this sword ever draws blood, you are dishonored and are told to regain your honor by willingly being buried alive underneath an orchard.

As a warrior of the warrior caste, you are trained in martial combat. You get +1 To Hit and Damage at 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 9th level.

At 2nd level, you can the at-will ability to Purify Food & Drink as the Cleric/Druid spell. This only applies to the products of plants and animals, and pure spring or mineral water or plant-based beverages- you cannot purify meat this way.
Your magical powers grow with your level. At 3rd level, you gain access to a single 1st level Druid or Ranger spell, tied to nature. You can perform this spell through a ceremony, which requires a place of sereneness and a turn to complete. You can use this spell once per day. At 8th level, gain a second spell.

The Seed Samurai is a warrior and a sage at the same time. You have the arts of healing equal to a Sage of 1/3rd your level. You can substitute feeding someone a single grain of rice for any standard medical supply by the time you reach 6th level, but only once per day.

At 10th level, you become a Seed Shogun. The Seed Shogun gains more respect then the Samurai, but more responsibility. You will be granted a fortress towards the interior of the Kingdom in a peaceful farming village, no where near the dangerous and exciting borderlands. While not quite as glamorous as a Fighters fort, you have the incredibly important job of keeping the land fed and protecting the interior from more insidious threats, such as bandits, spies, corrupted animals, pestilence demons, and militant yokai born from farm equipment. This fortress has few men of fighting ability and would be ill-prepared to deal with a serious invasion or military force, but has a constant stream of high quality food and income.

Additionally, you gain the power to be reborn if you die on fertile soil. Your spirit becomes a seed buried in the ground. This power only works once, and will fail if your enemy anticipates this and salts the Earth after defeating you. It takes until the next spring where you will emerge from a cherry-blossom tree that grows to adulthood and blooms with incredible speed and vigor.

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