Sunday, November 29, 2020

Sword of Truth Generator

What kind of Sword is it?
- 1d6
[1] Falcata
[2] Seax
[3] Katana
[4] Boardsword/Arming Sword
[5] Claymore
[6] Rapier

What is its Appearance? - 1d8
[1] Ancient, rusted or greened from decay. Just as powerful.
[2] Decorated with gold leaf, engravings, runes are fancifully carved. Jewel pommel.
[3] Brutish, simple and rough. Runes are carved with straight and hard precision.
[4] Finely crafted, though unadorned. Seemingly untouchable by dirt or grime. Silvery.
[5] It appears broken- the blade missing halfway up. It is restored just when it is needed most.
[6] Humble, simple. Looks like it could be a farmer's weapon.
[7] Made from a fantastic material; bright red iron or a creature's bone worked into a sword's shape.
[8] Glows even in daylight, wisps of power are drawn to it. It is a truly intimidating blade.

What do the Ancient Runes read along the Blade? - 1d12
[1] God Willing
[2] I Serve but the Good
[3] Render Unto
[4] The Riddle
[5] Tyrant's End
[6] Unerring
[7] I Shall
[8] Pursuit of Happiness
[9] The Wielder of this Blade shall be named King
[10] Hope for the Hopeless
[11] (There is no runes, instead the blade is polished to be a mirror. You see what you want to see.)
[12] Lion's Breath

What's its Special Power? - 1d8
[1] Can reverse time by 10 minutes, but just once.
[2] You can look into it and see whatever place you need to be the most.
[3] If you stab it into a corrupted thing it doesn't destroy it instead purifies it.
[4] You can throw it and it comes back to you.
[5] Everyone has heard of it and respects you just for having it.
[6] You can detach the blade and inside the handle is a holy object that's really important.
[7] Can hide the user's appearance, makes them look like an old beggar or something humble.
[8] Let's the holder fly.

Besides being really powerful, how do you KNOW it's the Sword of Truth? - 1d6
[1] Because it tingles to warn you when monsters approach.
[2] Because it can't hurt anyone innocent.
[3] Because bad people look away from it.
[4] Because it appears whenever you need it most.
[5] Because anyone struck by it admits to their sins and cannot keep their lies.
[6] Because when you swing it it shoots out a holy light beam.

What do you have to do to earn the right to carry the Sword? - 1d8
[1] It is so far away, so isolated, and so guarded by evil that simply retrieving it is enough.
[2] Solve the ancient riddle.
[3] You can take the blade freely, but an illusion will tempt you from the righteous path.
[4] Only those pure of heart can find it.
[5] Only those of the royal bloodline can take the sword.
[6] The blade is found rusted and worthless; is cleaned by unicorn's tears. That's the hard part.
[7] Kill the demon that lives in the sword, which is actually an angel that tests you.
[8] When you first take the blade, your inner demons materialize in a shadowy form. You must defeat the shadow, or else you will lose the blade and not get it back.

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