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[Class] Minotaur Warrior-Slave

Art @ Tunacarp
Minotaur Warrior-Slave
HD- d10
AC- Base 12, Max 16

You are a Minotaur Warrior-Slave. You were born into slavery, much the same way a calf is born owned by a farmer, you too are born as property. However unlike cattle, you can fight for your freedom, and be freed; as long as you offer your first born to your owner. And as such, minotaur slaves are kept both capable of freedom as well as a sensible investment for slave owning families. It not wise to take hope away from something so big and strong and driven.

Most Minotaur slaves end up in gladiator pits or as personal guards, but some are loaned out or allowed to venture to enrich their owner. You begin play at level 1 owned by another party member of at least 5th level, or from a local power such as a lord or archmage. All of the treasure you earn does not belong to you, but you gain experience for returning it the same as other classes do.

As with all minotaur slaves, you have a septum ring-piercing. It begins as made of iron or bone, but is replaced by a silver ring at 5th level and then by gold at 10th level. Once a Minotaur is freed, they may remove the piercing, but many keep it in anyway for comfort, or even replace them with magic rings. Any magic ring power that effects “the hand” the ring is placed on instead applies to your head if you're wearing the septum piercing. Also if your nose ring is grabbed or tied with a rope, you get -2 AC and enemies get +2 to rolls to grapple you, by using it as leverage.

You can seek to free yourself from slavery at any point, such as by killing your master and/or running away. However, doing so will make you an outcast among free and bound minotaur, as only those Minotaurs who earned freedom from toil are respected. This is lifted if your master had especially cruel treatment of you or plotted to keep you indentured forever. Your master may also free you at any point, such as when you deliver them a very valuable piece of treasure or perform some great feat.

Minotaurs are strong. Add +5 to your Strength rolled on character creation. If you're over 20, your modifier to hit and carrying capacity is counted as +3.
Your minimum HP is 8.

At level 3, 6, 9, and 10 you get +1 to hit with all weapons and attacks.

At level 4, 8, and 10 you get +1 damage with all attacks.

At level 5, you get an extra attack by goring your horns per combat round. You can only hit one target with it per round, and you can only attack things that you could feasible reach- you can't use your gore attack on giant rats unless they were truly gargantuan. The horn attack does 1d4 damage without equipment bonuses from horn caps.

At 10th level, you become a Herd-Lord. Your master is obligated to free you from slavery immediately, and you gain the respect and adoration of fellow minotaurs, both in slavery and freed. You are invited to lead and be the lord of a nomadic group of freed minotaurs out on the great plains.  As is traditional; each Minotaur family is endebted to the Herd-Lord and must give you their first born to sell into slavery, even if they were born free. Each minotaur baby or 'family line' you sell into bondage grants you a one time payment of 2000 coins.

You may also borrow 2d6 enslaved minotaurs at any time by pressuring their owners, though you will have to pay back the costs of the lost labor those minotaurs could have provided. You are also free to kill minotaur slave owners as you wish, though this will put a price on your head. Doing this will allow you to invoke a slave rebellion in the city or area where you started the uprising.

Additionally, you gain thick skin and ignore all injury that deals 1 point of damage.

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