Saturday, November 10, 2018

20 Methods of Asexual Divine Reproduction

Ancient Elf Myth- Infertile Godess overjoyed to find baby deity born from her hair
[1] The Goddesses hair twists and ties itself into knots. Eventually, it formed a baby tangled up in the hair, who had to cut its way free before it was strangled.

[2] This God was busy digging an entire valley into the rocky earth. He wiped the sweat from his brow, and the droplets from his labor formed into a newly formed deity.

[3] The Gods decided that they needed a new God- this one specially formed by committee. They drew straws to see which God or Goddess would be burdened by the creation process.

[4] This Goddess was looking through her jewelry box, and found a particularly shiny stone. She rubbed it, and it split open. It was actually an egg, holding another deity!

[5] This God was writing a play for the heavenly theater- and one of their characters was so well written they came to life. The rest of the play doesn't really work without them.

[6] The divine treasury is on fire! After rescuing most of the valuables; the molten precious metals pooled together and a young godling sprung from the mess.

[7] A few angels have worked their way up the celestial ladder into minor deities and greater spirits of nature; but one proved themselves so much that they earned the right to reincarnate into a high God.

[8] This Goddess had a pet shark who she overfed again and again with her human sacrifices offered to her by her subjects in the mortal realms. The shark got so fat it burst open, and a young godling emerged from the gore and viscera.

[9] Once, one of the divines was constipated for 101 years. You get the rest.

[10] The God was thirsty, so he drank. And yet he was still thirsty, so he swallowed an ocean. Then he was STILL thirsty, so he sat at the edge of the world to gulp down the firmament. Right before he did, he realized there was someone in his throat drinking all of the water before he could; the baby body of a newborn Godling!

[11] This Goddess misplaced her tools one day, while helping create the world. This tool built itself a body, and became one of the Gods.

[12] This God was cut from the foot of another; he was once a blister formed after taking their usual patrols around the edge of infinity. Despite being newborn, knows everywhere like the back of his hand, because he's been there before.

[13] Around the pillars of creation, there was a voice that would echo. The voice got lonely, as only rarely would the Gods come to talk to it, so eventually it gave itself legs so it could come and join them. This became the new Godling.

[14] This Goddess had three breasts. She was uncomfortable, so she had one removed. This was a new Godling, budded from her bosom.

[15] The first magic spell cast by a powerful God wasn't successful. It's effects were bundled up in a little divine child entity, which was now one of the Gods.

[16] Ancient beasts tried to learn and talk as men, even more so then now, and as such they formed a pygmy being from straw and mud. This God-child was taken under the wing of one of the Gods in secret, to raise as a true divine instead of a flawed creation of ambitious beasts.

[17] This God cut off a finger and ate it. A few months later, they gave birth to a new God, the finger became a divine entity inside them.

[18] This Goddess trained her muscles to become stronger. When she got so muscular, the males Gods started to get jealous, and sliced off her muscles in her sleep to make her slim and lady like again. The severed muscles formed into a new and angry little Godling.

[19] This God was supposed to be born as twins, but ate its rival sibling in the womb. Now, many years later, it returns by exiting the God's body as a newborn infant, though it's technically the same age and position in the divine hierarchy as its “sibling”.

[20] An entity once went fishing and needed some bait. It took a hunk of its own flesh to try and catch a fish, but the hunk of skin turned into a being all its own and had to fight off several hungry monsters and hold its breath before anyone knew it was one of the Gods.

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