Tuesday, November 27, 2018

20 Magic Camera Powers (besides catching ghosts)

[1] Take a shot of a crystal. It is bigger in the photograph, and grows bigger in real life to match it as soon as it is not being watched.

[2] Once you take a picture of someone, they don't react to you in any way, unless you physically attack them, for the rest of the day. If you took a picture of a guard, you could walk right past them and they wouldn't notice you at all, you could even push them out of the way and they would just think the place was haunted, as long as you don't cause them any serious injury. Officials are starting to become aware of this camera and are making sure to keep their peace keepers and guards separated by thin sheets of paper or wood at compromising angles, making it less likely for thieves to get multiple targets in a single snap.

[3] Take a picture of a page, a note, graffiti, etc. The writing is translated into the language of the manufacturer of the camera in the photograph; retaining as much of the voice of the author and style as possible.

[4] Take a picture of anyone in armor, a robot, or some other strongpoint. The developed photograph has a colored spot on the weak points.

[5] Take a picture of anything. After the photograph is developed, the first person to see the picture will be so shocked and absolutely terrified of the subject that they will develop a phobia of whatever the subject of the picture was.

[6] Take a picture of something magnetic. The object reverse polarity over the next 1d4 days.

[7] Take a picture of an animal. Anyone who sees the developed picture besides the photographer will think it's adorable and not be scared of it, even if it's dangerous or wild.

[8] Evil cursed camera; take a picture, and in the developed photograph you'll appear somewhere in the frame. You're trapped inside the picture. The only way to be freed is someone takes a picture of that picture with the same camera.

[9] Take a picture of someone. In the developed photograph, it shows them with a ridiculous, huge, multi-colored, and accessorized hairstyle. This is the “hair of their true self”. They wouldn't be caught dead actually trying to do that; but if you make a wig that tries to copy that hairstyle you can wear it and act as a magical proxy or clone of that person as far as the cosmic order is concerned.

[10] Take a picture of a wall. The camera develops photos that reveal what is on the other side. Blocked by lead, magic, or walls over a foot thick.

[11] This camera can see the invisible; photos taken of invisible objects and beings are revealed in the developed photographs. It takes a long ass time to develop them though.

[12] Take a picture of coins or dollar bills. In the photograph, they appear as a much higher denomination. You could trick someone into thinking you have a lot of money.

[13] Take a picture. The 'flash' of the camera lingers for 1d6 minutes, all objects hit by the flash glow as though they were still being hit by it, and people get red eyes that were hit in the face and can see in the dark until it expires.

[14] Take a picture. The camera has an attached vial that is filled with “imaging liquid”. This liquid can be poured into a pool of water and the images that are contained within slowly fade in and out of the water's reflection, with each image getting an equal amount of time appearing and at random intervals. Once two or more images are mixed together by mixing the water, there is no way to separate this “album”. If you drink some of this water you have some really weird dream.

[15] Take a picture of the sky. You see giant hands, tentacles, and magical strings controlling everything in the world. Sanity check.

[16] Take a picture of someone performing a skilled task. Anyone who views the developed photograph gains a rudimentary grasp of the task or skill required for it.

[17] Take a picture of something green. “Green” does not exist in the developed photograph; all Green objects are combinations of blue and yellow dots or stripes. If you take a picture of any green plants or vegetables, you will see runic symbols in their leaves and foliage of these colors that act as the ritual symbols for these plants in magical research and spells.

[18] Take a picture of yourself in a mirror. Your reflection is contained within the developed picture and you have no reflection in normal life. This will confuse many people into thinking you are a vampire. This lasts until the photograph of your reflection is destroyed.

[19] Take a picture of a closed door or window. If you develop the photograph, blow it up to a big enough size, and embed it with plenty of magical crystals and paint it with magical ink, the door-picture could be entered as a portal to enter the closed door exactly once, with no easy return.

[20] Roll again. The camera can do whatever you rolled and catch ghosts.

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