Thursday, November 29, 2018

Alien Invasion Generator

How is the invasion carried out? - 1d6
[1] All at once. Massive invasion, no warning.
[2] Slowly, beginning with small exploration vessels and building up.
[3] Subversive. World leaders mind controlled or replaced, military deescalated before arrival.
[4] Eclectic. Aliens prepped invasion by seeding planet with small bits of their life or culture.
[5] Formally. Alien vessels came with ambassadors, gave casus belli.
[6] Great catastrophe. City destroyed, massive natural disaster, etc. Invasion coming soon.

How did the aliens know about us? - 1d6
[1] SETI radio signals. Led them right to us.
[2] They came before, and their first ambassadors were slaughtered. Ancient aliens.
[3] Life on Earth is from a comet that came from a planet they genocided. Came to finish the job.
[4] They seeded Earth with life, or uplifted the human species for this exact purpose.
[5] They just kind of stumbled onto us; warfleet was busy doing something else.
[6] Correctly guessing our planet had intelligent life based on the sun and time span.

Aliens look like? (Leader Caste) - 1d12
[1] Lovecraftian. Weird bulbous fleshy shapes, tentacles, totally inhuman.
[2] Little Green Men. 50% chance to actually be robotic bodies for the fungus-like species within.
[3] Huge buff reptilian bipeds. They look like the type of species that invades everyone.
[4] Insectoids. Different evolved castes to perform specialized roles.
[5] Huge birds. Talons are very flexible; but have traditional wings.
[6] Robotic species. Walkers and drones have a roughly tripod shape, hinting at biological origins.
[7] Kangaroo looking things. Head is obviously artificial- enlarged to support large brain.
[8] Abstract. Made up of swirling mists, colors, shapes, made of light, bubbles, etc.
[9] Jellyfish like creatures that float. Grow membranes on invaded surfaces, stunning stingers.
[10] Tall humanoid shapes; solid colors with glowing eyes and no detail. Naked, don't seem to carry tools or move very fast but somehow still terrifying.
[11] Aquatic muscle-like species. Somehow have advanced technology, individuals “grow” in clusters that make up the base unit of their society.
[12] Look like popculture demons. Red skin, horns, spade tails. Probably have a bunch of pentagrams on their technology too. Religious panic. Aliens designed this look a few generations ago for the invasion, so they're a little out of date to strike true fear into most people.

Aliens technological basis? - 1d10
[1] Total biotech. Everything is a living tissue, specialized for their space-fairing roles.
[2] Machine-Biology. Machines that act as organisms. Practical applied concepts.
[3] Clunky. Large plastic and metal boxes, heavy keyboards and levers. Gaudy colors.
[4] Sleek. Touchscreens, holograms, smooth surfaces. Very clean.
[5] Aura. Glowing areas and waves of light, interacted by touch or psychic controls.
[6] Crystal. Crystals in ports, computers are crystal chips arranged in rows.
[7] Direct brain control. Aliens have sockets in their heads to plug in to control ships.
[8] Anachronistic. Medieval or early industrial revolution looking technology. Makes up for it in advanced materials and pragmatism. Didn't develop new designs, just kept making originals better.
[9] Brutalist architecture combined with touch and glowing displays and AI that lives on the “surfaces” that the aliens control. Insignias and buttons engraved on it.
[10] Advanced modular tech. Rooms and items appear as solid gray blocks or pits filled with texture-less beads, but form into advanced structures on command, sliding out parts and reforming.

Alien Signature Weapon? - 1d6
[1] Heat ray. Burns through anything. Laser beam.
[2] Deadly nanites. Swarms of bots that enter targets and cause total organ failure and death.
[3] Death south. Horrible high or low pitched noise. Kills you if you hear it too long.
[4] Killing Gas. Released from on high, targets only a few species. Colorful.
[5] Kinetic weapons- rods from god. These aliens are boring.
[6] Forcefields. Bounce your bullets back, or just cut you in half with invisible force.
[7] Bare hands. Aliens like to kill us with natural weapons and fight face to face. Either very stupid, or absolutely terrifying killing machines. We need power armor to fight them.
[8] Mutated earth life. Animals, plants, and fungus. They like to create killing machines that also destroy Earth's own ecosystems- Invasive species designed to kill mankind.

Optional weird alien quirk? - 1d8
[1] Constant vocalization. Little clicks, hisses, electronic humming sound, etc.
[2] Arrange things by color. Dead humans arranged by color of clothes, buttons are color coded, etc.
[3] Rather gentle with most Earth life besides humans. Dogs are just stunned, humans vaporized.
[4] Bud constantly. Live young are expected to fend for themselves. Don't care if humans kill them.
[5] Give off thunderous alien war-cry after achieving a goal. Almost sing-song.
[6] Plaster everything in art. Insignias, flags, clan tattoos, whatever they are they are over everything.
[7] Have small, cute fluffy pets. Don't seem to interface with technology or sniff out humans- just companion animals. If one of them gets killed the aliens go apeshit.
[8] Once every day at the same time, all activity ceases and they return to ship at a specific sound or signal. Alien mass or communal feeding time.

How do they Oppress humans? - 1d6
[1] Traditional slave drivers. Prisons, ball and chain, hard labor, plasma whips, etc.
[2] Horrific executions for captured soldiers, torture for fun, cruel experiments.
[3] Mind control devices, pheromones, implants, etc.
[4] Children are teleported away, out of their parents arms. Don't know if killed or brainwashed.
[5] Eugenic programs and forced modifications. Tracking chips, ear tags, humans are experiments. People can roam but any weapon or fortress being built is just blasted down.
[6] Dystopia. Control people through bureaucracy. Calm rebellions through bread and circuses. Give false gifts of virtual-reality entertainment to keep people sedated and ignorant.

Why are they invading us? - 1d8
[1] It's a planet that can sustain life. That's value in and of itself. Humans unimportant.
[2] Might makes right. Subjugate and destroy all threats before they can threaten us.
[3] We have a common ancestor. Humans were the favorite. This is revenge.
[4] Total nonsensical. Their logic and reasoning is beyond anything we can understand.
[5] Integration. Want our DNA, or forcibly “advance” humans to join intergalactic community.
[6] Accident. We look like their demons, human probe acted aggressively or accidentally rammed a colony and killed one of their own, our radio signals sound like threats to them, etc.
[7] Sex. Humans to become alien sex slaves, male and female. Possibly many earth animals too. Gross, but you'll be too drugged up and controlled to have a say.
[8] Food. Humans taste good to aliens, babies are a delicacy- Farmed and sold to intergalactic markets. Could be cooked, drained of fluids, eaten whole, etc. Aliens may keep it a secret.

What is Humanity's last hope? - 1d10
[1] There isn't one.
[2] The Underground resistance movement after the aliens occupy our planet.
[3] Gifted human, destined to be a hero. May have special powers, or may just be really lucky.
[4] Another, benevolent, group of aliens. Feed information, may grant technology to fight back.
[5] Secret vault of ancient technology. Atlantis rises.
[6] The world supply of nuclear weapons. Blow them to hell.
[7] Empathy. Aliens never experienced it, seem bewildered by kindness. Could be shown love.
[8] Hidden bunkers and vaults, aliens can't find it through lead. Wait until this blows over.
[9] Secret multinational organization. Best and brightest. X-Com.
[10] Mother Nature. Storms pick up, animals attack alien invaders, lighting shoots upwards. Could be coincidental or something overtly supernatural is going on. Planetary consciousness?

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