Sunday, November 18, 2018

Ironlore- Clan Dogma Tables

What is this clan's “coming of age” tradition? - 1d10
[1] Skin two ferrets. Alive. It is to prepare them for a lifetime of killing traitors and thieves.
[2] Get the shit kicked out of you by two boys at least a head taller then you.
[3] Build a house. Doesn't have to be for you.
[4] Trek to the site of an ancient battlefield and pay your respects to our clan's forgotten warriors.
[5] Be married to a woman who finishes her rites of womanhood; Before or after, doesn't matter.
[6] Take some drugs and go on a spirit quest. They bring back something tangible and very strange.
[7] Go kill a scary monster in the woods. Most boys just bring back a human bone and pass it off.
[8] Capture a member of an enemy clan for ransoming. Take a lock of their hair and burn it with salt from the blue mine; that way they cannot use Witchcraft on you for revenge later.
[9] Catch & release the elusive magic fish in the lake. The fish is intelligent and very old, and enjoys seeing each generation come out to catch it. If you don't throw it back it will just fly away.
[10] Long, complex, bureaucratic. Mostly involve rituals invoking the Gods and ancestors at different locations and different times of day in specific ritual garb. Takes years to finish.

What age do boys perform or begin this tradition? - 1d4
[1] 12
[2] When their voice deepens
[3] After their Father dies
[4] Whenever.

What is this clan's taboo? - 1d10
[1] Never build your house's highest point over the point of the tallest tree.
[2] The trotters of a pig must not be eaten by children, lest they grow them and waddle into the pen.
[3] Never tell another man's secrets while standing on his own ground.
[4] Never eat the meat of an animal who has seen you. It's spirit will hunt you down in revenge.
[5] Never wear red, and never affix red tassels, beads, or leather to weapons.
[6] Never store arrows pointed to the north.
[7] Never speak poorly of an elemental force. Ie: The forge's fires were too cold.
[8] Animals are always referred to as brothers and sisters.
[9] Women must keep their hair braided or covered when outside. The wind will choke you in envy.
[10] Fist fights are not allowed among men unless both are drunk and naked. This way, no division of class or a cool head will give an unfair advantage.

What is this clan's sacred place? - 1d10
[1] Within the belly of the crux-tree. Many trees fused, an ancient leviathan of the forest.
[2] In the long abandoned mine of the ancient empire; the last ore still gleams untouched.
[3] The center of town, a circle marked by stones and flowers.
[4] The hilltop, where corpses of our warriors are given a sky burial.
[5] An elephant graveyard, which we share with them. Obviously, taking any ivory is very forbidden.
[6] An old shack atop a floating island, hidden among a few hilltops. The shack itself is not special.
[7] The Emerald pond. Not algae; water is clear and bright green. Drink it only if you're starving.
[8] Within the smoking tepee. Mobile; they set it up for festivals and marriages.
[9] The mound in the salt flat. A shallow cave lets you crawl inside, humbling you. Marks on the walls tell the stories of old clans, who you don't care about anymore.
[10] Seemingly empty forest meadow. Still holds the subtle voice of the ancient fair folk which once met our clan and taught us their secret ways to mend cloth and create wine.

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