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50 Unfathomable God Appearances & Forms

[1] Select a random animal. The Elder God appears as a seemingly endless series of back ends of that animal, connected together like a massive centipede, going up a spiral staircase that extends deep into the sea and going up beyond the stars.

[2] The God appears as a vertically stacked cube and cylinder, always projected on a flat surface. The cube and cylinder constantly rotate in random angles and pivots despite being a flat picture, giving a too-real sensation of the 3rd dimension, and anyone who touches that surface “falls in” behind it, never to be seen again.

[3] The God doesn't appear directly, but instead appears on the afterimages in your mind, as though you just stared at its magnificent light. Each afterimages changes after you blink, and all hint at some kind of massive hidden complexity behind the abstract blurry forms you can “see”.

[4] Massive hairy beetle. The beetle is invisible. You “see” it in negative space, based on the dust that swirls around it, snow that crunches under it, and fog that refuses to touch it.

[5] When this God manifests, tiny spheres of material are gouged out of nearby nonliving physical matter, usually stone, wood planks for houses, corpses, etc. These tiny spheres gather in the thousands and arrange themselves in a large “field” of debris, with each sphere floating nearby and around others, and some larger orbs ignite themselves into boiling balls, while other larger orbs seem to “draw” other orbs downwards in position in the otherwise flat field of orbs. This is a model of the universe and space-time, to which no fantasy character could or would understand.

[6] This God only appears at dawn or dusk, or in imagination which manifests at dawn or dusk. The entire ground shifts to a 45 degree angle towards the sun, and up from it rolls a massive gray translucent orb, with a black mist within. The black mist only allows a pinhole of light from the setting or rising sun towards you, and speaks with the inevitability of the coming winter.

If you anger this God while it manifests like this, it will tilt the Earth further to a full 90 Angle to force you to fall into the horizon.

[7] There is a man strapped in a large operating chair. The doctor has split his skull open to deal with a problem in his head. The man's brain is bright red and swollen to about double its normal size. The folds on his brain are extremely complicated and fine, some of which make up symbols of words or even draw geometric spiraling patterns. The God is in this brain, or takes over a brain, to manifest and speak.

[8] There is a man in a market. He has a massive pile of gold coins and jewels, and is on his knees. He pathetically clutches out the heels of nearby merchants and townsfolk; offering all of his treasure for a single grain of rice to feed his starving daughter. Everyone is laughing at him, or passes by quickly and ignores him. The God speaks through a toothy mouth inscribed on a coin, with no other features or details.

[9] There is a man who is dead. You killed him. The God can speak through any dead man, but you need to pull out the corpse's organs first, put in a neat little pile on the body's chest, making room for the voice from behind him.

[10] Long haired creature from the a far away desolate place. It has a face like a flat-faced cat, with two glowing glows, curled horns, and hair that flows without letting you glimpse the legs. It's tail is chitinous and stumpy. Every minute, the eyes glow brighter and conjure tiny versions of the creature as big as mealworms on whatever surfaces the light illuminates, the creatures flee for cover as soon as they are spawned.

[11] This God appears or projects in a room. The room looks like a normal room of a low ranking noble; with a bed, a few luxury items, makeup, books, and perhaps a child's toy. But everything in the room on closer inspection is made of hair; tightly woven and colored to match whatever object it is copying.

After leaving the room or the projection ends; you will find your hair styled differently, tied into a knot, or brushed and cleaned. You also seem to have lost a few hairs or a small clipping, which the God keeps for its own collection.

[12] While the God manifests, the colors of all objects begin to “grow” and extend beyond the surface of the object. Each color goes in a different direction, and while the growths are not physical they can still block your vision. Black terminates inward, while ever other color has a direction, with similar colors having similar directions. When the god speaks, the colors fluctuate wildly, and only when it leaves do they return to their objects fully and simply stay where they are supposed to.

[13] The God appears as a small bright floating orb, and as it speaks its shape changes to mimic the shape of whatever it is mentioning. It moves very much as a train of thought, and if inbetween topics the form will be some kind of thoughtless chimera between the two subjects.

[14] Massive sea cucumber like beast, expels forth a castle and knights from its vent, made and tethered to its fleshy form. Among them is a high priest of the beast, which is just a physical manifestation of the God itself, that lives in the bowels of eternity.

[15] In it's presence, all verbal communication ceases. Instead, the surface level thoughts and emotions of all present manifest as a swirling mist with images, sounds, lights, and other sensations within each. The thoughts of each person and how they view the being make up what it is, a bubbling mass that changes as the viewer interprets it. It always has a aura of power around it however, and the mass is backlit by a glowing light.

[16] It's inside a gourd or large fruit, but the gourd is spinning. On the inside of it, is another spinning gourd and so on and so on. Every few seconds the gourds rotate into alignment, allowing the rough cut hole of each to peer all the way into the center, which is millions of layers deeper then it should be, like at the heart of everything, a deep pink light spills out from within the labyrinth, a hidden depth in all things.

[17] The God appears as two beings, round stunted blue creatures with long hands and short legs. They have lidless eyes that stare wetly, and the space between them is filled with dark lines. Their image is blurry and unstable, as though this mere illusion is a close approximation of their form, but not what they actually look like. They can project their appearances anywhere in the world at the same time, but are physically on opposite ends of the universe, and the projected images can never cross paths or touch. If the two physical forms of this thing ever touched, it's full power would be able to enter this universe and rend it apart.

[18] Entities appear in a ring that floats out an angle, towards the listener, away and up, and then back down again to the closest projection. They spin slowly, and the entity appears as a naked woman who begins as a baby on the farthest point, ages to a fully figured adult, then becomes a crone and becomes dust before the dust reforms as a baby again. Each copy of the entity is in one stage and changing as they rotate, meaning as soon as the adult one speaks it moves along and becomes old, while the younger one comes close to speak again before continuing the cycle. If anyone in the party has magical vision or clerical spell, they can tell the woman is actually being born, grows, ages, and dies as normal, and every few seconds this entity releases a wave of energy from both the death equivalent to necromantic abilities that requires the death of a being to be used.

[19] The entity appears as a black sinuous mass floating in the air, roughly diamond in shape, it's ending tendrils gently twisting and untwisting from top to bottom again. Nearby, all dead things blossom open like flowers on their appendages; the skin on hands and feet rip open to reveal flesh, then sinew, then bone, then the bones split open to reveal marrow, and then the marrow splits to reveal some new substances going in a random order; a glass crystal, a leafy parasite, a skin like paper, black granite, and then the black sinuous material the mass is made of, which will connect via long strands towards the unraveler entity to join it in endless twisting.

[20] The entity appears a bipedal shimmering light, with no other features appearing beyond a suggestion of wings and a tail. Within a 10ft radius of the being, no movement is possible. Dust motes stop in midair, the tips of weapons cannot be moved, and people are unable to move, speak, or do anything at all. Their perception of time is the same, they just cannot move even a single atom. Everytime it flies through the air on its magic wings, it causes a great split through the clouds and skies, and brings great storms from its disruption and thunderclaps when it lands.

[21] An aggressive collection of hand-shaped leaves cover this area, blown by a strong and focused wind. The leaves grasp and fondle everything in reach, and hold down living creatures with a tight grip, as though keeping them from trodding on even a single one.

As the wind blowns onwards, the leaves fly away along with it, the wind itself perhaps being the entity's manifestation into our world, or merely a herald of something greater. Sometimes, the leaves pick up a small object in their hands and take it.

[22] This God appears as a wind up doll, small and insignificant, that you are supposed to carry with you as you trod it's domain. It's domain is a huge storehouse, filled with hundreds of shelves of gleaming treasures and oddities. Everything here is polished and cleaned without a speck of dust- winding up the doll will let it give you a message that sounds prerecorded about the oddity, but always tailored towards your party in such a way to evoke jealousy or envy.

The shelves have golden walkways suspended between them, as the actual floor of the place is covered totally with the bones of slaves, which can occasionally be seen swimming among those bones, worked without food or break until they are undead, and then worked as undead until the joints between their bones rot and burn away from overuse and fall useless to the floor.

[23] Chorus of songs drawn in and out of this vibrating thing; each sound adding to its bulk as though an unliving frequency pulsates within. This Elder God is of such a magnitude in weight that you almost feel the ground itself sinking towards the unliving statue of red marble. All the sounds and songs it gives off feel like they're sinking.

It's name is spoken in a sing-song voice, and you cannot pronounce without singing the name yourself, and losing your voice for 1d4 hours as it takes it away. If you touch the statue, a pulse goes through you and makes you weigh an uncountable burdening heaviness; you instantly sink into the earth and die hundreds of feet below the surface.

[24] The sky within a sky. Out to the ends of the horizon, you see another horizon beyond that, with strange colors and clouds and a twin pair of setting suns. It is only night once every twenty thousand years there, and only at that time does this God leave its nest to prowl that world. It has learned that our world has night for half the time, and it is very interested in coming over to gain freedom.

[25] There is a splitting and rumbling of thunder as a humongous beast appears, larger then anything you've ever seen. It is as tall as a mountain, and has an almost spherical head with pointy fangs jutting from the bottom, a neck that looks impossible thin and flexible, with a black hunched over body with joints closer to a man. Around its neck is a bit of blood red leather, and a bit of it extends upwards into the sky. This is not the God, this is it's pet.

[26] This God is a yellowish pale figure, with 18 arms atop a stick thin frame, with 18 eyes along its otherwise featureless pointed, wedge shaped head. Every moment it breathes a cloud of mist beneath its hands, and a scene appears copying a moment from before rendered in clay. The PCs will almost certainly see copies of themselves among them.

The God nervously fumbles with the figures and terrain, moving each by fractions of an inch and barely changing postures and pulling weapons just out of the reach of foes and opening backpack folds and so on, as though changing the past retroactively for some subtle manipulations towards the future.

[27] While it speaks to you, this entity casually reaches into the sky to pull out stars, swallowing them whole with a satisfied slurp.

[28] You will only ever see it in a hallway. It appears like a calcified Minotaur, constantly crumbling with each step. It's head and horns shift between different horrified expressions, and occasionally its body changes to something totally different as the old one crumbles away. It has never reached the end of this cosmic hallway, and if allowed to, it will willingly trap you in the hallway as well.

[29] It wishes to be known as a healer, and has white wings that outstretch to comfort and hold close the suffering ones of the world. It performs surgery with a crooked clawed finger, and while it does heal, it never does so without alterations and leaving behind parasites and foreign objects in the wounds it binds.

[30] There is a pair of scaly, thorned legs. The point where they meet is topped with an iron spike, similar to a juicer, with 19 slopes down the side. This spike is adorned with a severed human head, which speaks as the envoy of the God itself, but the heads are disposable and quickly lose all their liquids, shriveling and becoming the useless gray deflated sacs littering the floor.

[31] Massive, wriggling pile of snakes at the bottom of a pit or lake. They crawl on top of each other, but a giant bump or hill forms from beneath them, the God itself, also very serpentine. It's mass hints at something truly gargantuan.

[32] Generate a Statue. The God appears not as a statue, but as a glowing aura of light with random effects, symbols, glows, pulses, and spectral beings and creatures appearing around the statue, trying to find the perfect combination. Every few minutes, it destroys a statue in anger before moving on to the next one, trying to make a masterpiece.

[33] Glass window of an unusual pentagon like shape. Tapping on the glass causes a heavily distorted humanoid face to appear in the window, a random but equally terrifying expression each time it appears. The face is an eldritch being taking a peak into our realm, trying its best to create a facsimile of something we'd recognize.

[34] Everything in the room feels heavy and pressed downwards, including yourself. Fabrics cling low as though soaked with moisture, moths cannot fly, and simply stretch out on the ground hoping for reprieve. The God itself is a fat and repulsive thing, its faces hidden under the rolls of its fat it must lift with anemic fingers. The majority of its weight isn't in this dimension, it's above, pressing down on everything nearby, using our world as a seat.

[35] It is a battlefield. Millions of lives lost, endlessly fighting in a pointless war. The weapons are alien and horrible; cruel executions and torturous deaths await those killed by the weapons, and prisoners of war have even worse horrors to endure before they will also be slain. The mangled bodies on the ground cry out for help and family as they suffer and drown in the sea of blood. The God pulls a lever, and a tiny red grain of sand falls out. They sit on a pile of sand. They demand more, as they pull the lever again, and a new war begins.

[36] It looks like a corpse, dead for a long time. From each hole and long bloodied wound, a multitude of arms reach out to feel around it's body, crab like claws extending impossibly far from the creature's mouth to snip off these arms who get too rebellious and reach outside of a blue circle, drawn around the god in chalk. Each severed arm becomes as a mist, which makes your breath heavy, as though you're infected with something but no symptoms come.

[37] This god appears as an aura, the same that appears around the soul of a living creature. The aura is roughly ovoid in shape, but invisible to the naked eye. If slain through magic or a magic weapon, the aura fades and dies with the exact same wave of deathly energy as killing a person would. The God can immediately replace the aura; it has unlimited souls and feels no remorse or pain as they are destroyed.

[38] Every inch of this thing is covered in different colored paints. Some of the paint drips from the ceiling, some is splashed on it from buckets and jars nearby, others from seemingly endless paintbrushes the god holds in their graspers. Every time a new layer of paint is applied to part of the thing, it changes its shape. When one arm is dunked in blue paint, it becomes as an elephant's trunk. When a red drop of paint drips on a “shoulder” from the ceiling, a spike grows there, as though just revealing another feature of the creature that was invisible without that paint. It's true form is impossible to determine as each color changes its physical nature as though just painting over what was already there.

[39] The God exists in another realm, through an ice coated window. Even with the constant flow of ice, the window feels hot and heat is billowing out. Hundreds of miles away, you can see a burning star melting from the intense heat of being nearby the God.

[40] There is an empty throne made of suspended lights. Each elegant crevice is stuffed and overflowing with diamonds, and a quiet murmur of angelic singing can be heard in the background. This God knows everything you have ever done, and you feel the pure, bottomless terror realizing that you have been judged unworthy, and nothing you can do can ever change your sentence.

[41] The God takes the form of a taunting and teasing child. It holds a golden cord in its hand, which reaches far into the air. It's connected to the sun. If the God pulls the cord hard enough, the sun will go out forever, condemning everything to a slow and freezing death. The child teases you about it, giving fake tugs to the cord, and laughs at your reaction. This is all just a game to it.

[42] This entity only communicates by tampering with memories. It folds and separates your memories in your head without thought; just to communicate its messages. They stay this way, even after it leaves. Your childhood memories mix with your training days and that mixes with yesterday's breakfast which you cannot forget as though it is one of your oldest and most cherished memories. You take 1d6 Wisdom damage from this; or make a Sanity check.

[43] Cuneiform glyphs within glyphs; a massive runic display of common language text like a huge word search puzzle. Each time you examine it, your eyes are drawn to a new word that fits what the God is thinking of you at that moment, and you can converse with it by learning what is written down. None of the text changes, and it has to be copied by hand to create another manifestation of the God in the form of that same rune; men can go mad and spend decades learning every secret and blessing from that script.

[44] It is frozen in Arctic ice. Every second, you see an eon pass from its perspective. Thawing; moving a single step, freezing again. The passage of time and entire civilizations, races, rising and falling before the ancestor of your ancestor ever walked the world. It fills your head with an endless patience, stretches your mortal and short lived existence out, you see yourself as a single grain of sand in a desert of hundreds of deserts; a blip of nothing among the cosmic eternity of this creature's perception.

[45] It looks like an orb on four spindly legs in its center, moving diagonally. It's body is fuzzy and black, with a green pupil-less eye in the center of its mass, two more eyes are stacked vertically, which shift their dull yellow irises back and forth, scanning every room they enter. If it sees you, you instantly become an exact copy of it, and it will speak to you openly and freely through telepathic signals like an old friend. If you see anyone in this form, they become the new form too.

These orb like forms are a true terror to become; you remember your past self and have hints at your personality and skills, but you have also been assimilated and refuse to take any direct action against it, nor be upset by the change. Your green eye sees visitas of reality you were unable to see as your normal self. You are innately aware that the God being exists in you too, and sees everything you see, and will not let you make any attempt to avoid spying on others to turn them into more spying eyes for itself. Once the God leaves our plane, you all reset to normally, scared for life at the ease and carelessness of the God towards your individuality and identity.

[46] There is a nine sided shape floating here; it is slightly transparent. Each angle shrinks to allow the forward facing 'face' of the shape to grow larger, projecting images on it that spill out onto the room like paint running from a canvas. With each side comes a different illusion; akin to the spells that conjure illusionary terrain, weather, plants and animals and even beings which communicate on their master's behalf. Everything produced by this being is half real, having half HD and effects but still threatening all the same. If the God is challenged in any way or attacked; it splits open like an orange rind and reveals hundreds of more shapes and angles within its frame; each angle shrinking to a pin prick and inflating a new face of the multifaceted shape outwards; a new illusion coats the room as monsters and spells rip from nothing in half existence.

[47] Thorny spikes protrude from the ground, being pushed upward. Each one feels like the tip of something incredibly deep within the Earth, like the very top of a massive slender mountain. The God walks atop these; its skin is as easy to tear as a babe's and its legs are spindly things, resting on the sharpened tips of the spikes without injury. Like a spider, it strides around, occasionally plucking up an item of prey and flicking them down onto the ground spikes like a shrike; impaling them, their blood trickling down to feed whatever exists to push up those shards of ground from deep within the Earth.

[48] Faceless giant peers at you from beyond the sky. It flicks its finger when you notice it, and it spins out of view with a nauseating speed that is wholly impossible for something that size. It doesn't actually seem like it moved; it spun your planet instead.

[49] Four long metallic bars rest in a disorganized pile on the ground. Each second, they raise up a cloud of splotchy gray dust. These things seem so stable and so horrid, nobody wishes to get any closer, as though it is the waste of the universe itself. Any voice it speaks with screeches in your ear, and tells you ways to end all things, as though to end itself in the process is a positive result.

[50] You see a cord, milky white, that stretches across buildings, buildings, and beings frozen in place by some magic. On closer inspection, you notice the cords have colorful spots, which on even closer inspection are irises, shifting slightly in their place to see you. The cord is like a massive lidless eye, with hundreds of visual spots along its length and everywhere it stretches, a rudimentary sensory organ for the God before it enters the world properly, in all its glory.

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