Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Sunrise Amulet & Diadem of Second Chances

Sunrise Amulet – Magic Amulet
Ego- 1

Amulet of magic invoking the powers and purity of sunlight. It has a very weak ego, and its Ego requirements can be fit by a first level Cleric or another character of 2nd level. Those who try to use the amulet without meeting these requirements, or those creatures of the night (like vampires, werewolves, shadow beings, etc.) can still use the amulet, but it burns their skin like the sun and deals 1 damage per day being worn.

The main power of the sunrise amulet is to, once per adventure, create an illusionary sunrise over a level edge or surface. For example, over the lip of a table or the foot of a bed. The sunrise is clearly fake, but creates a huge amount of light akin to a sunrise would and can blind foes. Additionally, it causes a morale check among vampires or other creatures of the night. Clerics who use this amulet in conjunction with turn undead get +1d6 to their roll of total HD turned, as the terrifying light rebukes the undead creatures.

Finally; anyone wearing the amulet who casts a magic spells to create light can expend it's use charge to increase the duration of the light spell by +1 exploration turn.

Diadem of Second Chances
Ego- None/2

This silvery crown glows with a pale white energy. It has a weak ego, but its secondary ability requires a character to be second level to use it. The secondary ability of the Diadem is a feeling of peace and safety when being worn, and grants +1 to morale and to saving throws versus fear.

The main power of the Diadem and its legendary characteristic is that, when first placed on the head after a great disaster, its user can turn back time. Time reverts for 1d6+1 exploration turns, with only the wearer remembering the past. The same events play out in different ways, as random chance and free will step in, but this allows the user to literally change the future by preventing the past mistakes. Dead friends are revived, resources unspent, things go back to how they were.

Anyone can theoretically use the diadem, and it simply fades from existence after being used, making it a short lived artifact. It is said the diadem forms from the would-have wishes and desire to change the past that builds up every a few centuries in the minds of all mortal creatures; slowly coalescing into the penultimate artifact of time manipulation. If a TPK occurs, the last party member killed may with their dying breath place the diadem on their head to activate its powers, twisting fate.

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