Tuesday, November 20, 2018

12 Undead Kingdoms

[1] Within the ever-burning sulphur pits. The nobles have lacquered their bones black, and newcomers with flesh slowly melting off them are mocked until they become fully skeletal.

[2] Within the belly of a gargantuan gravel-worm. It can't digest them, and being eaten by it causes no real issues. The creatures cartilages have been shaped and carved into homes for the elites of the kingdom, where as the commoners muck through the stomachs of the beast to sift for inedible materials to pay their tithes.

[3] On the great white mountain top. No need for clothing or shelter; they simply weigh down their goods under the rocks and stones to keep them from blowing away. Getting shoved off the cliff is a minor punishment for minor crimes; takes days to climb back up again and pick up all your pieces.

[4] Within the less-intense realms of the negative energy plane. Feels great to be down for the undead; they feel more dead then when they were alive! They glow with undeath energies.

[5] Colonizing the realms of hell. Their souls are already gone; very little to fear from the demons and their pitchforks. Imps and lesser demons hate them for stealing work; undead torture damned souls for pennies on the eon.

[6] Underwater kingdoms. Live among abyssal fish, skeleton workers slave under oppressive ocean pressures. Create vortexes of water to suck down ships to get their wood and treasure and new recruits from the dead crewmen. Trained fish and shark watch dogs. Black dolphins slap Cleric holy symbols from their hands with their tails, etc.

[7] The ruins of any human kingdom destroyed by a lingering lethal plague. Most people took up their same professions, healers are still made fun of to this day.

[8] Just underneath a graveyard. Dig up to have new members fall from “the sky”. Sneak to the surface world through a mausoleum.

[9] Rickey wooden city built over black lake of horrible leeches. Falling in just means picking them out of your ribs for a few hours. Leeches get lethargic after drinking congealed zombie or vampire blood; trade them away to unscrupulous MUs and assassians.

[10] Flotilla on the open oceans. Don't have to worry about fresh water, scurvy, or fires since none of them need a fire to cook or get warmed up. Recruit cursed mariners and ancient pirate skeletons on old beaches after they get bored of endless centuries guarding some shitty buried treasure.

[11] In the ancient cursed temple complex. The advanced magitech constructs and guards only target living things, so the place is extremely well defended. The bazaar is open once again after thousands of years of nothing but dust. Old mummies only let out of sarcophagi if they agree to forget about their old titles and to not to cast apocalyptic locust swarm spells.

[12] The eye of the endless hurricane. Even if you weight yourself down so you don't blow away, the storm sucks the air right out of your lungs. The undead don't care, obviously, and join guilds where they chain themselves together. Bribing and stealing members from other guilds is how you assassinate their leaders; they get too light and fly away.

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  1. Request: 1d20 reasons why it sucks to be undead. Because so far, I can only see awesomeness.