Thursday, November 1, 2018

[Class] Old Troll

Art @Eoghankerrigan
Old Troll
HD- d10
AC- Base 8, Max 14. Require large armors.

You are not the kind of troll that lives in dungeons. You're an Old Troll. The new trolls? The greenskins? They're the scum, degenerate bastards of The Red God and his foul troll wife. Old Trolls are much older, much wiser, and much greater then they. You once were united and served The Troll King, but he died and now you all hate each other.

Take whatever you rolled for your Strength and Constitution and add +25 to it. These are your new stat modifiers per these ability scores;
40+ +5
30-39 +4
20-29 +3
Use normal stat modifiers below that point. Your massive strength, health, and resistance to disease and poison are your inherent powers.

You are a troll, and that means you're tough and you regenerate damage. You're not quite as tough as a bastard green troll, but you are tough. You restore 1 health per exploration turn. Spending a single day in the forest picking mushrooms and living under a bridge would naturally restore all your health anyway, so you always recover from downtime with full health. If any of your limbs are severed, you can reattach them by pressing and holding the severed limb with the bloody stump for an hour. If they are severed and not recovered or destroyed by fire or acid, you will regrow them in a period of 1 day for a finger, 1 week for a hand, and 1 month for an arm- any larger chunk requires a full year. The same pattern applies to your toes, feet, and legs. Your soul in is in your heart, and as such your severed head will grow back in a year as long as you can survive stumbling around headless for all that time, stuffing anything into your neck hole and hibernating and waking up VERY hungry.

At levels 4, 8, and 10 you get +1 to hit with all weapons.

When you create a troll, roll on the troll bigotry table twice. The first roll is the type of troll you are, which can be determined by minor differences in nose shape, finger fatness, skin tone, and hair. If you encounter any other type of troll, you despise them, and they will despise you- treat all reaction checks with that kind of troll as a 3 or most hostile result before an automatic attack. Roll again on the bigotry table to determine a type of troll you despise even more of; this type you automatically attack, or treat your reaction roll with this troll subtype as a 2. If you rolled your troll type as your most hated type of troll; then you are an outcast troll and hate all trolls, but may secretly wish to rejoin them.

Trolls are old. You are old. Most trolls are as old as the hills. You remember many people and historical figures; there is a 1 in 6 chance any old figure is someone you've seen, met with, or were “slain” by in the past. You remember faces, and all trolls carry personal items inscribed with the faces of their friends on them, or carve them into trees or stones. Most of the faces you have you've had longer then when you knew that person, and it has become impossible to differentiate between them. The troll who carves his friend's face on a mountain will assume he must have been a pebble back when they slayed goblins in a cave together; he couldn't fit in that dungeon at his current size. Such insane ramblings are common among old trolls.

Upon reaching level 10, you become an Elder Troll and can safely put aside your prejudices for one single time per adventure against other trolls, and they will suspend them for you, just for that once. You've also gained more access to your memories and deep thinking; you can identify famous figures, magic items, old spells, and other ancient things on a 3 to 6 chance. Finally, you recover 1 hit point per combat round, your increased regeneration allowing you to do even more ridiculous things with your body, like using your intestines as ropes or pulling out your teeth to make arrowheads or spear-points.

Troll Bigotry Table – 1d6
[1] Swamp Troll. Mossy hair.
[2] Stone Troll. Gray skin.
[3] Hill Troll. Long and bowed legs.
[4] Cloud Troll. Feathery tail.
[5] Jungle Troll. Animal mane.
[6] Lake Troll. Webbed feet.

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