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Monster Family- Goblins & Trolls

From left to right- Human for scale, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Troll, Hobtroll
Behind- Gobloaf

Goblin (1 -1 HD, 1d4-1 improvised weapons)
Morale- 6
Numbers- 1d8+1 Scouts & Sentries, 2d20 in a Camp, 2d100 in a Gobtown

Goblins. Short and stunted creatures with a robust gut ecology and little else. Most are green, but different variations exist among separate social groups of goblinkind. Goblins are incredibly stupid, violent, and short sighted beings that are only threatening to adults in groups. Goblins generate their hit points as 1 HD minus 1 hit point, and as such it is perfectly reasonable to find 0 HP goblins. These goblins are the especially weak and sickly ones, and will instantly die when hit with an attack. They are so weak that even attacks that normally cannot kill instead kill them; a satchel hitting their head with enough force can pop it open like a spoiled fruit. You can also kill 0 Hit Point goblins through things like pointing an expanded wand at them, which can emit enough tiny ambient magic to be lethal to such pathetic creatures. Goblins almost always use shitty, second hand improvised weapons. Due to both how bad these weapons are and the lack of physical strength goblins have, they only deal 1d4-1 damage, and thus deal no damage on a hit when they roll a 1.

Out of all the types of “people” in a fantasy world, most will agree they are the least “people” out of all of them. They breed like rats and fill up their environment to carrying capacity in a handful of generations, seeking to consume or be consumed by anything they find. Oddly, Goblins can seemingly eat anything from filth to flesh to plant matter, and yet their small tribes and groups can easily become obsessed with a single source of food to the point of starvation- a patch of lichen on a cavern wall, or the droppings of a specific beast they follow. Goblins also fear the sun and take shelter in caves and underground places despite it causing them no harm- in many ways, it seems Goblins are a cursed parody of ultra-specific cave dwelling creatures.

Beyond living in small tribes, following and worshipping anything more powerful then them, goblins are known for being one of the most commonly 'domesticated' types of monsters. Many cities contain goblin ghettos and warrens, where they work the least popular jobs, or goblins are commonly sold into slavery. Do to fantasy morality not necessarily being equivalent to real world morality; it may also be both righteous and better for everyone to keep goblins on a short leash. Unable to harm themselves or anyone else, their energy is put to good use in service.

Hobgoblin (2 -1 HD, +2 AC from Armor, 1d6 Weapons)
Morale- 8 to 10
Numbers- 1d6 Gang, 2d6 Raiding Party, 1d10+2 in Camp, 1d50 in Gobtown

These creatures are nearly human sized in height, though tend to be thin and wiry. They have dark green skin, long noses, and are less mentally retarded then goblins by a wide margin. Almost everywhere they exist, Hobgoblins bully and lead the small tribes and bands of lesser goblins into larger groups, with the Hobs as the obvious upper class. While still violent and very hardy, they prefer actual food to filth and will force lesser goblins under their command to eat scum while they eat the table scraps. The picture of goblin nobility. In gobtowns; the massive urban centers where goblinoids live together, Hobgoblins make a significant portion of the “upper class”.

Hobgoblins show their trollish ancestry much more then their little brothers, the standard goblin. Hobgoblins are known to regrow eyes and severed limbs after several years, though these always grow back a bit stunted and weaker then what they were born with. Hobgoblins are also a bit less communal then regular goblins, scheming against each other and backstabbing each other with impunity. It should be noted that regular goblins are too stupid to coordinate massive coups; it's usually the Hobgoblins coordinating the effort and pitting the lesser goblins against each other.

When it comes to inhabited dungeons and adventurers, Hobgoblins are better off in a fight then goblins, but still somewhat cowardly. They are not as strong as the average human soldier, but are much stronger then a standard goblin. They are usually found with primitive or scavenged weapons and wearing leather or cloth armor.

Troll (4-8 HD, +4 AC, +4 to hit, two attacks at 1d6+1 claws, regeneration, weakness to fire and acid)
Morale- 12 to 14
Numbers- 1d4 Gang, 1d8+1 Family, 1d6 in Gobtown

Trolls. The classic threat when wandering the world- they seem to thrive everywhere and can eat basically anything, though they prefer to eat anyone instead. Trolls are large humanoids with bright green skin, long gangly limbs, and sunken eyes that see in darkness. They attack with both arms; their claws and murderous strength lets them deal 1d6+1 damage from their attacks.

Their most infamous ability is to regenerate. After taking damage; they heal 1d4 hit points per round. Their severed limbs can be pressed back onto the stumps and after a round will be reattached, though this won't necessarily restore all of the lost hit points from the attack. Stumps cauterized with fire or acid cannot be regenerated. Clever trolls will bite or saw off their own limbs when they are alone that have been damaged by fire or corrosion as to fully heal themselves, or have to rely on the more slow and mundane natural healing that allows normal creatures to heal injuries like burns and scorching. Trolls will regenerate from anything, even from being diced up or beheaded, from the largest piece. These monsters are famous for both how dangerous they are, but also for their weakness. It is commonly known that trolls are weak to fire and acid, which stunts their regeneration abilities for that many points of damage.

Trolls, Hobgoblins, and regular Goblins are all the same species of creature. The difference between them is the amount of time they live, the amount of food they have access too, how much magic or power they gain in their life, and the will of the dark gods they worship. Some trolls remember being goblins, some goblins were once trolls, and hobgoblins are the awkward teenage phase between both. It should also be noted that greenskin, monsterous trolls have nothing to do with Old Trolls, who are a race free from the perversion of evil, these trolls are a degenerate offshoot.

Hobtroll (9-12 +1 HD, +6 AC, +6 to hit, three attacks at 1d8+1 claws, greater regeneration, weakness to strong acids and fire)
Morale- 16
Numbers- Solitary OR 1d3 group in razed Gobtown

Hobtrolls are massive trolls. Their skin is an even brighter shade of putrid green, and they have a third arm growing from their chest. As with all trolls, they regenerate and have ravenous appetites. As the pinnacle of the troll bloodline, their psychopathy and mental state has decayed to a point where armor and weapons only exist for them in a temporary state. They will pick up and use weapons they can see, but only have a 2 in 6 chance to take weapons with them or go to a lair with weapons or armor in preparation for a fight. This chance is also used to see if the Hobtroll is smart enough to avoid an obvious trap. Despite this, they are still incredibly dangerous and will try to attack anything they see.

Their powers of regeneration are greater then normal trolls. They heal 2d6 hit points per round, and can heal damage from normal fire and acid attacks. Only the attacks of purified forms of those elements, spells that deal damage of those elements of 4th level or higher, or powerful elements channeling fire or acid can permanently damage them.

Unlike normal trolls, Hobtrolls cannot integrate into any kind of society. They are only found among other goblinoids if they're currently killing them all or eating the remains. Very rarely, Hobtrolls may join together in a loose group only in an act of endless aggression. Their mental state has decayed where they can only speak in very short, single word sentences. They only value treasure in a transparent way, but can retain sizable treasure hoards from when they were smarter, regular trolls due to their sentimental memories of it.

Gobloaf (10 +10 HD, +2 AC, +2 to hit, 6+1d4 tentacle attacks at 1d4+1, mindless, slime body, greater regeneration x2, weakness to strong acids and fire)
Morale- N/A
Numbers- Always 1

The Gobloaf is not a normal member of the troll family. These are mutants. While occasionally made from an especially tough hobgoblin or from a fetid, chopped-off troll limb, most of them come from Hobtrolls who eat several goblins, or a very pregnant goblin female who dies before giving birth to her liter. This creature is a tangle of green flesh, tangled goblin limbs, and slimy tentacles of primordial creation. It looks like an elongated cube with a thin part in the middle, like a massive amoeba stuck in mid fission, and hence has been referred to as a loaf of bread.

The gobloaf is similar to a shoggoth or other ooze-style creature. It doesn't move beyond very slow, glacial travel along its own slimy excretions. It's a totally mindless creature, using its tentacles to pull in anything nearby and try to either smear it against its skin to slowly absorb nutrients or throw it away from its random flailing. It doesn't have eyes or any kind of head or mouth. Every Gobloaf has between 7-10 tentacles, which can attack anything within melee range. As a partially slime creature, the Gobloaf is able to squeeze through loose gratings and physical objects can get stuck in it, but it is more viscous then most slimes or oozes.

The Gobloaf has all the powers of a great greenskin troll and regenerates at twice the speed of one, restoring 2d6 hit points per round. This incredible regenration can only be stopped by powerful magic fire or acid attacks, or anything that can drain enough life from this creature to weaken it. The Gobloaf is an extremely uncommon creature, but its fluid is used to create the Drought of Cancerous Regeneration and its skin can be used to create Evermeld Armour; magic self-repairing magic armor that keeps the Gobloafs healing long after it is dead. The few gobloaf's who form nearby goblin tribes are revered as living gods, thrown the corpses of intruders or dead goblins to keep the beast fed. Some have even been semi-domesticated, allowing for goblins to use them in battle while only rarely will the Gobloaf attack one of their own, hinting at a unnerving intelligence within this amorphous mass.

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