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Dark Lord Generator

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Dark Lord Generator
Armor & Color - 1d6
[1] Red cape, with black plate armor.
[2] Yellow robes, flowing, no lesser metals touch his skin.
[3] Green cloak, concealing twisting hazel and bone.
[4] Blue tabard, a fake smile, splints of steel.
[5] Orange turban, scalemail built for riding and ruling.
[6] Purple Ascot, air of nobility, brigandine spotted with stains.

Dark Motif – 1d10
[1] Skulls.
[2] Swords.
[3] All Seeing Eye
[4] Hands, especially severed.
[5] Scenes of Hell; great masses thrown into pits of fire, demonic gargoyles
[6] Spiders or Snakes.
[7] Three interlocking chains.
[8] Hippogriff, Manticore, or Sphinx.
[9] Wolf or Boar.
[10] Tiger or Goat.

Quirk of Appearance - 1d8
[1] Soulless Eyes
[2] Unusual skin tone; not native to this land.
[3] Horns, tail, pig snout, or other inhuman trait.
[4] Gaunt and skeletal. No loss of might.
[5] Symmetrical scars, hauntingly beautiful.
[6] Piercings everywhere, walking art.
[7] Disfigurement. Missing 1d2 limbs, barely alive, and yet filled with unnatural vigor.
[8] Obese.

Method of Movement - 1d6
[1] Levitation, or flies on black wings.
[2] Carried on a Palanquin, by slaves.
[3] On a throne on the back of a huge beast
[4] On a great extending staff, floating disc, flying carpet, pestle, or other magical device.
[5] Horseback, on a black stallion that snorts fire.
[6] On foot, like any great conqueror should be.

Method of Killing - 1d10
[1] Great mace, each swing sends multiple men flying.
[2] Unholy life-stealing sword.
[3] Dark Sorcery; dark mists that choke, skeletal hands reaching from the nether.
[4] Arrows of death, with a great white bow which penetrates steel.
[5] Inhuman Strength. Fingers pierce helmets and brains, kicks rupture bodies from groin to neck.
[6] Elemental Magic. Great gouts of fire or spears of ice.
[7] Transforms himself into a great stomping beast, a massive snake, or a hoard of rats.
[8] Martial skill and an enchanted spear. Charges into enemy armies without fear.
[9] Great flails or burning whip.
[10] Doesn't fight and carries no weapons, except for a hidden poison blade.

His Right Hand - 1d10
[1] Great Skeletal Dragon
[2] Succubus, bound by twisted love instead of demonic contract
[3] Giant, clad in impenetrable magic armor.
[4] Huge Dire Wolf, sword in mouth optional
[5] Sexy Medusa
[6] Grim Reaper, with a giant flaming scythe. May or may not be THE grim reaper.
[7] Servile goblin, abused by his master. Will betray him for revenge at the last moment.
[8] A particularly bloodthirsty mercenary; with no moral compass.
[9] Angel; bound with black chains and stabbed with many devil swords. The blinding helmet of reverse alignment could be knocked off to free her.
[10] Honorable black knight. Still has a soul, but will not betray their master.

The Dark Army - 1d10
[1] Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, and the usual monstrous rabble.
[2] Barbarian tribes, united under a lie.
[3] Undead- Skeletons and Zombies, mindless hoards.
[4] Cultists and slave warriors- blood rituals bind and enslave the unwilling into service.
[5] Demons of every shade and rank. Infighting is only stopped through superior force.
[6] Dark Elves, corrupted and beautiful.
[7] Beastmen from the woods and swamps, wanting to take the fertile land for themselves.
[8] Army of Clockwork machines, or mass produced golems.
[9] Mercenaries, serfs, freed prisoners. Lowborns promised land and title.
[10] Insectoid people, bred and produced in great hives, the queen held hostage.

Plot for Power - 1d8
[1] Ancient Magic Ritual. Requires mass sacrifice to achieve an incredible spell.
[2] Ascension. Usurp a God, or steal one's essence to become one himself.
[3] Military. Divide and conquer, his army is more powerful then any other.
[4] Political. Spies and diplomats lower the defenses of the free people, his army at the gates.
[5] Arcane Knowledge. Searches lands for magic tomes, learning unspeakable secrets.
[6] Summoning. Call forth the Old Gods, either to serve or because they pull the strings.
[7] Obelisks. Building monuments to their evil, they can see through each, they will know all.
[8] Glory. They will be the most known and feared named in history. The reward is eternal.

The One Hope - 1d10
[1] Chosen One, who will rise to greatness.
[2] Being shown love and compassion.
[3] Being slain in their sleep or with poison.
[4] Their own hubris and overconfidence. Challenge them to a duel and be a greater warrior.
[5] Time. They are getting older and slower, one day all things die.
[6] Their heart is locked in a box, buried at sea. Find it and stab it, end their reign.
[7] They are already destined to die; at the foot of a mountain. Make the prophecy come true.
[8] The Gods, if they would act.
[9] The People, if they would set aside their differences.
[10] The Magic Sword, if only it could be found.

EDIT: Somebody made an online generator for this post. Thanks!

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