Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Bloodthirsty Gladiator Generator

Bloodthirsty Gladiator Generator
This generator can be used to create arena champions, leaders of unscrupulous mercenaries, or an especially untrustworthy and violent Fighter-Hireling. Roll once for each category.

Age & Appearance – 1d8
[1] Way too young for this. Early teenager. Still in gangly awkward phase, still a killer.
[2] Young Adult. Clean cut, handsome, nice chin. Something about their eyes creeps you out.
[3] Adult. Long beard, looks unkempt. Gait of a wild animal.
[4] Indeterminate Age. Sunken in eyes, clearly scarred by this. Surprisingly thin for a gladiator.
[5] Impressive, herculean physique with a perfect tan.
[6] Graying at the edges. Clearly losing their speed, but makes up for it in skill and experience.
[7] Old timer. Wrinkled and spotted, has a thousand scars. Clearly looking to die to a worthy foe.
[8] It's a woman! She's middle aged; can pass as a man with bound breasts and cut hair.

Armor & Gear – 1d6
[1] Well fit, full body armor. Darkly painted. Clearly they have a rich sponser.
[2] Scavenged, piece by piece taken from enemies and arena fights. Bits fly off when you hit.
[3] Leather, tanned from human skin- Skull on helmet. Intimidation tactic.
[4] Simple black cloth clothes, silk tied around waist. Defends self with pure skill and speed.
[5] Titillating armor. Has the suggestion of armor while being revealing. Mostly for entertainment.
[6] Fights naked as much as possible. It “wouldn't be fair” otherwise.

Weapon & Fighting Style – 1d10
[1] Fencer's Sword. Reliable and practical. Has some amount of honor, at least in the ring.
[2] Shield + One Handed Weapons. Carries in a hammer, axe, and blade on belt just in case.
[3] Underarm Blade. 50% chance for using two at once. Sweeping motions draw blood; hit and run.
[4] Double Tipped Spear. Twirls with great speed, each end has a different use.
[5] Iron Cudgel. Hammered into the rough shape of a panting dog; its tongue breaks bones.
[6] Great Sword or Great Axe. Both hands swing it across the arena with reckless blows.
[7] Bow with one arrow. The arrow is attached with an unbreakable chain; prevents firing into crowd.
[8] Javelin with net. Classic gladiator setup; nets and stabs.
[9] Battlestaff. Uses a magic staff with a silver cap. Deals cold or lightning damage on a hit.
[10] Unusual. May use exotic weapons or special mystic martial arts.

Cheating Method – 1d10
[1] Drug opponent before match. Slow acting poisons or seizure-causing salts.
[2] Crowd favorite. Spared every time, sometimes a tomato is thrown into your eye.
[3] Spies give details on opponents weapons, armor, fighting style and stance.
[4] Bribed the arena coordinators. Lions released on your side of the field, “accidentally”.
[5] Their friend or lover in the stands; uses a pocket mirror to shine sunlight into your eyes.
[6] Unfair advantages to tweak gambling odds. Opponents worked, gets more sleep, better food.
[7] Just fights really dirty. Sand in the eyes, groin attacks, pulls down pants and doesn't relent.
[8] Backup weapon. Knife hidden in boot or helmet. Will fake surrender before going in.
[9] Prays to their dark god before each bout. It grants them power, but if they ever betray their deity it will cause one of their arms to explode into maggots and end their career pretty quick.
[10] Their armor is magnetically opposed to the opponent's weapon. Lodestones tied to your blades when you aren't looking; magnetism wears off after the match.

Their Favorite Part of Killing People – 1d12
[1] The warm spray of blood all over their body.
[2] Watching the light fade from your eyes.
[3] The horrified gasp of the audience. Each kill has to outdo the last.
[4] The boredom of it all. No difference to beheading a chicken for dinner. Finds mirth in fragility.
[5] Giving back to nature, and knowing they'll soon be next.
[6] Likes to play with dead bodies. This is just the fastest way to get a new toy.
[7] They don't like the killing as much as causing all that pain in such a short time.
[8] They don't like the killing as much as telling everyone they did.
[9] They don't like the killing as much as getting paid to do it.
[10] They don't like the killing as much as being the best at it.
[11] They don't really like killing very much at all. Seriously regrets life choices, or their birth.
[12] They imagine each foe as one of their slave masters, abusive parents, or old war mates. Often sees and hears things that aren't there; calls you by names you've never heard.

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  1. Nice! I especially like "Their Favorite Part of Killing People" and #12 (OK, and #1, #3 and #4)