Friday, September 6, 2019


Stats- As Kraken, 3x tentacles, no spells, no beak attack
Morale- N/A (Fights until death)

The Krakrakraken is a terror of the seas. As a conjoined body of three kraken tentacles with no brains or eyes, the Krakrakraken simply floats through the water. It is born with all of the energy it will have for its life, and is born when many kraken eggs are deposited in the body of a whale or leviathan, join together, and absorb the energies from the carcass and each other to create this terrifying beast.

Due to the fact it has no eyes or really brain, the Krakrakraken is a creature of raw instinct that will only attack things it feels, and will not retreat for any reason. It does feel pain from its tentacles being severed and will attack anything that it can feel hurting it, but is too stupid to count and realize how many limbs its missing. Also, the Krakrakraken very rarely targets ships since it doesn't see them; it attacks the first things it touches until destroyed and free floats until it finds anohter. The technologically advanced cities of the Merpeople are the most common things it gets entangled with and battles, as regular Krakens are too smart to go near the lights of those undersea metropolises. Merpeople have built special structures to deal with the Krakrakraken such as lightning rod towers and huge bubble-channel machines that fling thousands of tiny poison darts at anything dumb enough to break open their basalt rock towers. 

While a public safety hazard, the underwater people will hold a huge feast whenever one is slain; transporting grilled tentacles to every part of their city for all people to eat and celebrate. This creature also has 3 times the normal ink of a regular Kraken, though they lack the means to excrete it, meaning any Wizard who gets their hand on its carcass will be very pleased with the amount of magical ink they can produce from it. That alone makes hunting these beasts worth it to some undersea explorers.

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