Saturday, September 14, 2019

10 Dimensional Businesses

Dimensional Businesses – 1d10
[1] Time Dilation Banking. Place a deposit in any dimension that has a faster time cycle then our own. Wait a few years, in the alternate world, it could be centuries. Collect the interest. Low work investment, but there is a 3 in 4 chance that a powerful empire has seized the account for their own ends and legally declared the person who opened it dead many years ago.

[2] Doppleganger trope. Hire a bunch of alternate universe copies of yourself to act as a 'one man' stage play, or to trick people into thinking you can teleport or as a magic act. Each person is a very minor single deviation from you, so you but with a cowboy hat and you but with a facial scar can probably get along. However your evil deviation is really close to your original self, so there's a 1 in 6 chance you hired a sneaky, evil clone of yourself.

[3] Smuggling. Some universes are heavily restricted in what they are allowed to have by their ruling authorities, if it be from within the universe itself, the laws of physics there, or a multi-universal empire flexing its iron fist. You can make a massive amount of money smuggling minor, almost cheap goods like fresh foods or small animals as pets to hellscape dimensions. Some universes may pay handsomely for certain good just for the condition of that dimension; a water-world paying a great bounty for even a jar of worthless dirt, for example.

[4] Enrichment. Some dimensions have higher qualities of food and water, some even have passive 'improvement' physical laws, spitting in the face of entropy, to anything brought within- people healing and swords sharpening. Building a vacation resort to a dimension with magical healing air and high quality sunlight that cures impurities in the skin is extremely lucrative to any beings native to a more mundane reality.

[5] Transportation. Using dimensional slipgates to transport goods is extremely effective. If you can cross through a portal, take ten steps, then go through another portal and end up miles away in your original dimension you can save hundreds of hours of travel and get goods around before spoilage or banditry can stop you. Be wary of lubricious interdimensional tariffs.

[6] Tourism & Game. In some dimensions, no intelligent races were created or arose. As such, the entire landscape may be utterly natural and pure. Incredible vistas for sightseers, hikers, and other outdoorsy types. Hunters who wish to poach game from virgin worlds will line up for this opportunity; especially for dimensions with otherworldly or massive animals. Even ahistorical Earths could be highly valued for this; without homo sapiens sapiens killing all the megafauna you could be the first person in your home town to bag a giant sloth.

[7] Plunder. The most popular and easy way to raiding a new dimension of its wealth; raiding it. Conquerors come in, take everything of value, and ride back out; hopefully leaving a trail of destruction in their wake and leaving as few damned, hopeless souls trapped in a foreign world. Of course, there are inherent risks and each dimension sacked is a big risk. While many of your dimensions you explore may end up as being filled with weak, soft bodied pacifists with tons of gold; it won't be long until you enter a realm where the bottom of the food chain is a dragon.

[8] Practice. Many dimensions are filled with suitable materials or even whole tools; useful for training both those who are craftsmen as well as artist. The confused natives will look upon your otherworldly techniques with piqued interest, as you pluck the unused strings that make up the plants and jungles of the violin-forests. Slightly more malicious explorers may make several attempts to commit a major crime, like a heist, in similar dimensions to their own before making the real attempt.

[9] Perjury. As with the dopplegangers- many dimensions are nearly exact copies of your home dimension. If you were to steal valuable documents from a sister dimension and pass them off as legitimate in your own; there would be very few ways to tell. Even with advanced magic or techniques; the documents would be made at the same time, from the correct materials, and even have the exact handwriting by the exact same person.

[10] Exotic Materials. While fraught with dangers, going into alternate realities will allow you to bring back exotic materials, magic items, exotic animals, and all sorts of other things that you simply can't have anywhere else. If you're the only person in this reality who has an item with a color not made from any other combinations of colors you basically set your own price tag.

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