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30 Methods of Bewitchment

30 Methods of Bewitchment
[1] Wooden Nickle. Only works on people who accept coin for goods and services. You must get them to accept a fake coin made of wood and paint, either mixed in with other coins or individually. As long as they have the coin, they are under your spell. They can only get rid of the coin by getting someone else to accept it for trade- the coin always returns if burnt or thrown away.

[2] Elf-Touched. Only works on those who have never met an Elf before, and you must be an Elf or at least Half-Elf. The first time they see you their breath is taken away, a mix of fear and delight, and you must touch them. This spell continues until they are snapped out of it by someone who has killed an Elf, or by someone who is an Elf of an older age.

[3] Razor Stones. The person must cut their feet on your stones, which you then keep. Sometimes, Witches steal their shoes and set up these rocks outside their home to go get them again, other times they are tricked into doing it for a performance. The spell lasts until they have their feet burned on hot coals or get some perfectly fit shoes. The new shoes must be able to last them the rest of their life- the magic untangles if such fine cobblery touches their soles.

[4] The Book of Names. This spell requires a conjured spirit or demon, or the illusion of such, offering the victim to sign their name in the book. If the victim does so, they are promised wealth, power, or eternal life in exchange for their soul. Witches can trick people into signing their name under their control instead of a demon, or demons sometimes loan the names of local or prominent individuals to Witches since they'll collect both souls when they die anyway. As long as you have this person's signature in the book of names they cannot be uncursed, only a powerful Priest can restore the person's soul or slaying the Witch can free them from the Book.

[5] Biting the Cord. This spell only works on babies; the Witch must bite off the umbilical cord from the baby to mother when it is born. Upon that baby's 17th Birthday, they can become entranced at the Witch's will, which lasts as long as the Witch wants. This spell is broken if the mother or anyone present at the birth tells the child that their cord was bitten by the Witch, or if the person has a child of their own.

[6] Envy. The Witch must make the person envious of them. Either through expensive clothes, a beautiful wife or husband, or some other method of creating jealously targeted at the person. Then, the Witch must make eye contact to drill the thoughts into their brain. After doing this three times, the person becomes bewitched. This method of bewitchment creates a feeling of jealousy, defeat, and anger instead of love or fascination, but the mechanical effects are the same.

[7] Sickness. The Witch must intentionally get someone sick, either by transferring a sickness they have, infecting a blanket or potion with sickness and getting the person sick through it, or by some other method that doesn't involve a magic curse. This method of Bewitchment works by the Witch tending to and caring for the person who has magically fallen ill. The fake treatments and sugar pills of the Witch don't help cure the sickness, only making it worse or making the person more bedridden. The person cannot be snapped out of it unless actually cured, or if someone proves the witch was the one who made them sick. In this situation, the Witch's magic will fade and the person will get better instantly, realizing they had been poisoned by the evil witch.

[8] The Magic Well. The Witch must force or trick someone into going down a well, and once they are down there the magic kicks in. The person relies on the Witch to bring them all food or clothing, and starts to respect and even love the Witch for it; Stockholm syndrome meaning they won't even try to escape the well. This power ends the moment the person is dragged up from the well.

[9] The Pet. This method only works for Witches who can turn into animals. If you can turn into an animal, such as a black cat or sheep, you can corrupt the mind of the owner of that animal by making them slowly obsess over and care for it. This spell only works on loners and those who do not have attachments to people as strongly as their animals, and only works as long as the victim doesn't know the Witch is actually their beloved pet.

[10] The Witch makes magic dolls, fashioned after their victims. By taking a lock of their hair, scraps of their clothes, and fashioning them into a doll and writing their name on it they can magically bind the person's will to them, Bewitching them until the doll is destroyed.

[11] The Magic Candles. This requires using the person's body parts of oils from their skin to make candles, and then burning those candles. The Bewitchment is more powerful then normal, but only works while the candle is being burned and only lasts a few hours in total time before the candle is melted away to nothing.

[12] Eye Drops. The Witch entrances a person by dripping special eye drops into their eyes, either when their sleeping or when restrained. They “see” the world as the Witch wishes, thus Bewitching them. As an additional effect, this power means the Witch can appear invisible to the person with the drops in their eyes at will. This spell ends if the person is blindfolded and relies on their other senses, or if their eyes are washed out with holy or magic spring water.

[13] The Ritual. This spell requires a powerful magical ritual, but can be done to even the most wily and resistant of foes. The person must be tied down and have their body eviscerated; their intestines are pulled out by magic tongs and replaced with slithering garden snakes. The person is then sown up and the Witch gains power over them. The only way to fix them is to have them swallow alive a snake more powerful and dangerous then the ones they were injected with (it eats them in their guts; takes a few days of painful stomach cramps), or by slaying the Witch.

[14] The Foul Gift. The Witch must not be suspected by the person who receives the gift, nor must they know the Witch has magical powers. The gift must always be a living or once living thing; such as a small pet or a vase of beautiful flowers. Over time, the person becomes more and more bewitched until fully entranced by the Witch as the gift rots and spoils. To them, the pet bird is just as pretty and sings the same, and the flowers are still fresh, but to anyone who enters their home and sees the gift it is rotten and putrid. To break the curse one can prove that the gift is spoiled, or prove that other gifts given by the Witch have also spoiled and been proven as fakes.

[15] The Hidden Idol. This spell only works if the Witch has secretly altered or helped build a house or castle. Within, the Witch must hide a Pagan idol to their forest gods- hidden in a secret room or within a loose brick in the fireplace. The people living in the home can be bewitched by the spellcaster, but the spell ends if the secret is found.

[16] Cursed Quest. This spell involves the Witch intentionally sending someone to get an item that is not useful, or is cursed to begin with. Once the person finds the item such as in a dungeon or monster lair and touches it, they get a save vs magic to realize they had been duped. If they fail the save, they claim the item and become Bewitched, no longer remembering that they had to return the item but simply keep it and obey the Witch's normal powers of Bewitchment. If the item was already cursed and known to the Witch before, then the person may also suffer the effects of the item's curse in addition to be ensorcelled. Once the item is removed or a Remove Curse spell is cast on them, they'll also be freed from the Witch's spell.

[17] The Plot of Land. This spell requires a severed finger from the victim, which cannot be too far decayed. While the victim has lost a finger, they can still be enamored by the Witch if she buries it in her herb garden and cares for it as a newgrown sprout. Each day it must be watered, parasites picked off, compost and fertilizer used, and so on. The finger remains sticking out of the ground in the garden, visible to anyone who is looked around for it. The person whose finger is removed in this way is bound to the Witch until the garden is destroyed or the finger uprooted. It is also said that certain powerful resurrection spells are used along with this method; those Bewitched for long enough may kill themselves in service to the Witch, and the Witch can pull on this finger to raise out the full body of the person, who comes back to life as a garden-grown servitor. It is also said this being is mostly as the original but even more deeply controlled; and will now die if the Witch is killed, but it is the only way to free them from their fate.

[18] Witch Bath. Once again, the Witch must be faking their profession as a bath maid or nurse healer. The victim must willingly lay in the bath and be cleaned by the Witch, and she will sing soothing songs even as she dumps the ice cold water on them over and over. By the time the bath is over, the victim will be chilly and clean and ensorcelled by the Witch, but always have a shiver from the cold magical bath. The way to break them free of this spell is to warm them up by a fire, even by force.

[19] Dark Nightmare. This more direct method of Bewitching someone requires a powerful dark magic spell to be cast on them multiple times so they have terrible nightmares that night. The nightmares feel as though they are being tortured, chased, and humiliated for days across the span of a single night. Each night, the victim gets a saving throw vs magic to resist. Once they failed 3 nights total of saving throws, they are ensorcelled. Those targeted by this spell can put up dream catchers, sleep with loved ones, take sedatives, and seek the aide of spirit and dream healers to avoid being taken over by the Witch even if they don't know the source of the Nightmares.

[20] The Charm. This spell requires a ring, amulet, or fanciful charm to be worn by the victim. As long as they keep wearing the charm over the course of one season, their mind slowly becomes warped to serve the Witch. This spell can be broken by stealing the charm from them, but charms gifted from Witches tend to have protective or cursed magic on them that zaps those who try to remove it.

[21] The Black Ivy. Magical ivy and weeds grown around a person's house, which must be planted by the Witch or her familiar. The weeds grow slowly but after a few days if they aren't noticed or warded against they will grow all over the house, budding flowers inside the house and releasing choking spores. As long as the people who live in the house keep breathing the spores and keep living in the ivy they will be corrupted by it, Bewitched by the Sorceress. If they are taken away from the flowers for even a few minutes the fresh air will clear their head and they'll break free of the trance.

[22] Piper's Song. The Witch lures people by the sound of the song. This Bewitchment is temporary, and only lasts for as long as the song does. If the people are lured by the music and become lost in the wilderness or a part of the city they couldn't easily find their way back from, they also gain a -2 to saves vs the Witch's next spell cast upon them.

[23] The Sweetest Ale. This magical method is quite gross, and requires the Witch to consistently pee within the well, pot, or barrels of the target. Over the next few days, the person has to brew and drink ale made with the Witch's pee, and this process is further accelerated by adding in berries or sweeteners grown from bushes that the witch fertilized with their own droppings. Despite the brewing and cooking process destroying all of the sicknesses that could be spread this way, and the feces far removed, the symbolic nature of feeding a being your waste enthralls them to the Witch's will; it places them is a cosmically lower state of being and humiliation. This spell can be countered by forcing the Witch to eat waste of the enthralled beings, which is why it is a common punishment for witchcraft.

[24] Vulture's Circle. This Bewitching method requires the Witch to already have either a functioning broomstick or the ability to fly to begin within. The Witch must spend several days at sundown flying, cackling, or otherwise making themselves noticeable over a victim's house. The victim within will slowly become Bewitched by the Witch, but everyone else who doesn't live there and sees the witch will become suspicious and obviously furious with the display of magic, especially once the victim begins to show signs of being controlled.

[25] Freed From Sin. The Witch must disguise themselves as a priest or nun. During confessional or religious rituals, the Witch pretends to offer religious guidance and spiritual succor, but must slowly corrupt and twist the mind of the person in question. Characters with a high Wisdom (+1 modifier) or who are very well versed in religion may realize that the lessons and advice being given isn't right.

[26] Witch Spit. This method requires the witch to spit in the face of the victim, after the Witch has chewed several herbs and kept them in her mouth for this moment. The victim will not seek retaliation against the spit, and will instead become bound to the Witch. This curse ends if someone else punishes the witch's rude behavior OR if the victim is slapped across the face to 'snap them out of it'.

[27] The Beautiful Dance. The Witch must be wearing an appropriate outfit, such as a veil and jewelry, and has a 1 in 6 chance to entrance anyone watching. This can increase by +1 for having a Dexterity modifier of +1 or better, as well as having a Charisma modifier of +1 or higher. This spell doesn't work if the person watching knows the witch is trying to entice them.

[28] Newly Weds. This requires the Witch to steal the wedding ring from a person, and cast spells and glamours and pretend to be the newly wed bride or husband. Then, the spouse must not be too suspicious; after the first night the married person will become convinced that their spouse is who they are, regardless of any evidence to the contrary, and will become more open to suggestion spells and aggressive if their spouse demands it. The way to break this curse is to steal the wedding ring off the affected person's finger, or rescue the real spouse. In some situations, the real spouse will be dead and replaced by the witch, and returning the remains is enough to break the curse. The person will look over the corpse or skeleton and just 'know'.

[29] The Twisted Machine. In this scenario, the Witch must be a technician or assistant to an inventor or noble who owns a machine set for a specific purpose. The Witch will slowly warp the machine, changing its function, making it all about control instead. Once the machine is on and changed, the victim will be ensorcelled by the Witch and unable to see their true colors- the machine can even be made useless but will always be twisted in some way, such as requiring human blood as lubricant or giving off a deathly shriek every night but the victim simply ignoring it and hearing it as music instead. If the machine is destroyed and dismantled, this will break the curse.

[30] The Black Spot. This is a magical spot that appears on a person's hand when they are cursed; the Witch does not have to cause the curse. Anyone with a black spot tends to seek magical aide to have it cured, as it is a serious bad omen and having a black spot often invites others to shun or violently beat anyone with the spot. Witches who take those with the black spot under their wing can find among them wealthy patrons, new apprentices, and sometimes hapless fools that are easily swayed by magic; forcing them to obey the Witch's commands in the hopes of being treated.

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