Monday, November 12, 2018

Voltaxic Sulphite

Voltaxic Sulphite is a special material used to power machines and create forms of light that can penetrate supernatural darkness. Anyone can harvest a vein of it, but it causes insanity and madness the more you interact with it. Special gear can reduce the damage it causes you, but the Sulphite will eventually erode away your senses.

Every load unit, or a lump of ore, can be used to power a machine for 1d6+4 exploration turns or sulphite torch. If the machine gives off light, the light created by the machine can beat back supernatural darkness, and can destroy creatures made of or partially dependent on darkness to survive. Storing or harvesting each load of ore will force the user to make a save- fail the save and gain 1d4 points. You get +1 to the save for wearing thick gloves, boots, and a gasmask each. If you're wearing all the protections and are skilled with the sulphite and mining operations, you only get 1 point maximum from a failed save.

Voltaxic Sulphite Madness
Every time you fail a save with the sulphite, you gain a point. The more points you acquire, the worse your symptoms get. You get all negative symptoms of lesser levels as well as the one on your current level, added together.

1-4 Points- No Effect
5-8 Points- Reduced saving throws vs mental effects and spells by -1
9-12 Points- Reduced all saving throws -1
13-16 Points- Per day 1 in 20 chance to have a minor hallucination, hear a voice, or seize up for one exploration turn. Lose -1 Charisma.
17-20 Points- Per day +1 in 20 chance to have a minor hallucination. Reduce all saving throws by -2
21-24 Points- Obsessive compulsions towards gathering or studying Azurite ore. Lose -1 Charisma.
25-28 Points- When you take more then 6 damage at once from an arcane or magical source; you have a major hallucination. Causes panic or unhelpful behavior.
29-32 Points- Per day +2 in 20 chance to have a minor hallucination. Can happen multiple times per day; roll again after each hallucination.
33-36 Points- Lose -3 Charisma. Impossible to have normal conversations without someone noticing your madness and awkward behavior.
37-40 Points- When you take 2 or more damage from any source you have a major hallucination. Compulsion for Azurite becomes more severe, and you must restructure your life around acquiring more of it, such as tricking or bribing others into helping you.
41+ Points- Every time you gain another point of madness, lose -1 maximum HP and roll to have an episode where you go insane for 1d6 days. If you die from Sulphite madness or during an episode, you do not die normally and instead become a totally insane madman, haunting the Azurite mine.

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