Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Mana Crystal Generator

Roll a “Full” Color or 1d12 on the Random Color Table. All Crystals glow in the dark. Black crystals make things darker instead.

Crystal Shape- 1d6
[1] Wild, jagged. Like a geode. Heavy.
[2] Ruppee shape from Zelda.
[3] Cube. Power level of crystal determines how straight and flawless it is.
[4] Diamond cut. Found just laying there like forgotten treasure.
[5] Long, pointed pillars from where they are found like spikes.
[6] Tiny pearls. One “crystal” is a large handful.

Shine- 1d6
[1] Dull, none. Looks like colored glass.
[2] Translucent
[3] Sparkles when hit by a natural light source.
[4] Prismatic.
[5] Mirror like.
[6] Energy inside; trapped lightning bolts or roiling ethereal flames.

Source- 1d6
[1] Natural. Found in natural areas that share its color and aspects. Flaming red crystals found after a forest fire, dark black crystals at the heart of caves, etc.
[2] Cultivated. Grown in beds of painted sand, exposed to different magical winds. Collected and solidified by fractal beehives, lived in by unseen ethereal insects as a waste product.
[3] Otherworldly. Mana crystals not natural to this plane, must open portals and gateways to other dimensions for short collection trips. Releases monsters into our world. Everyone hates Wizards.
[4] Necrotic. Found in long standing graveyards, the sweat of the dead. Found in the bones of ancient beasts and in the tombs of the old gods. Old bodyparts take on new life.
[5] Monsters. The energies of monsters and dungeons create these crystals, self forming around their alignment to chaos, grows from the rock and refuse. Grows on the back of golems.
[6] Domestic. Found in city gutters or farms. Farmer kids pick them when they weed the crops and trade them in for sweets to local Wizard academy.

Stability & Phenomenon- 1d6
[1] Crystal is very stable. Could be used as a desk ornament.
[2] Moving it through the air makes a light ringing or whooshing sound.
[3] You can hear the crackle of arcane energy if you hold it to your ear.
[4] Gives off some heat or ambient energy feeling, glow is bright enough to penetrate bags.
[5] Electrically charged; touching it releases bolts of energy of its color. Handled with tools.
[6] Hisses, pops, gives off colorful smoke. Minor haunting occurrences nearby.

Power Level- 1d6
[1] Very weak. Must be massed to power an arcane device or cast even a cantrip. Plentiful.
[2] Minor- used as spell components for minor spells or to power trinkets.
[3] Average. Useful to power serious arcane contraptions or hooked up to help with spellcraft.
[4] Above average. Can be worn as a powerful talisman, or destroyed to release energy surge.
[5] Powerful. Centerpiece of an arcane laboratory. Not consumed to cast regular spells.
[6] Extremely powerful. Capable of many great feats of magic without depletion. One of a kind.

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