Friday, November 16, 2018

30 Thieves-Guild Plots

The plots are roughly ordered in terms of their difficulty and scope. Roll 1d10 for a simple plot, 1d10+10 for a medium plot, and 1d10+20 for a master plot. 1d6+10 for plots against rival guilds.

30 Thieves-Guild Plots
[1] The local lord is having a ball, and has left some barrels of his wine in an unsecured place. To avoid him coming down on our whole organization; just siphon half of his good wine and cut what's left with cheap stuff. All his guests will think he served them cheap wine; we'll throw a party with whatever we take.

[2] Steal a bag of fresh magical flowers from a local witch. They're not magic, she's not a witch. She has been harassed by several local bandits recently though, and she DOES have a loaded crossbow under her bed and knows how to use it.

[3] There's a “civilized” goblin in the next city over. The guild thinks he's got some of his feral cousins in the basement; let them loose and ruin his reputation for good.

[4] Two groups of mercenaries fight for two squabbling brothers who have endlessly warred over some worthless gravel. Sneak into one of their camps and paint some of their color-coded team equipment the wrong color.

[5] Do the old flip the arrow signpost trick to get travelers to go down the highwayman's path. It's only after you spin it do you remember that the letters don't magically mirror themselves, and now there's people coming.

[6] Local Wizard apprentice misplaces scroll; offers reward to get it back secretly, hopes not to awaken wrath of Wizardly master. Guild wants to replace scroll with a convincing fake and find the real one; random gibberish runes should be enough to fool a dumb apprentice, right?

[7] Hide a bottle of perfume inside a Knight's helmet; when he goes into battle the bottle will open over his head letting the guild's informants know which of the captured nobles in this battle should be smuggled out before they are ransomed. The knight owns many suits of armor, displayed down a long hallway.

[8] Release this extra strong sleeping gas in this rabbit burrow- we'll lie to the groundsmen and say we stole all the rabbits. Hopefully, he pays us to “bring them back” before the rabbits wake up.

[9] You're tasked to deliver a hidden message detailing plans to kidnap and torture a young prince. The plans are fake, and a diversion in the event you are caught, as you are bait for the real heist team working across the city.

[10] Starting a protection racket on the low side of the city- the actual lord that owns the land needs to be kept in the dark about it.

[11] Sneak into the Fighter's guild and grab the magic double blade.

[12] Sneak into the Fighter's guild and copy down the secret runes on the edge of the magic shield that's hanging up on the mantle. The shield is also called “The Shrieking Shield”. Good luck.

[13] Sneak into the Mage's guild and steal a fairy in a bottle.

[14] Poison the garden of one of the top members of the Mage's guild. It's in his backyard, the gargoyle is secretly animated as a protector.

[15] Secretly reveal the names and faces of 1d6 members of the Assassins guild to the public. Obviously, they'll come after anyone who reveals this, which is why it needs to be done secretly.

[16] Magic earrings belonging to a member of the Assassins guild; collect shadows on your frame and grants +1 stealth at night. Grab them. You don't get to keep them if you want to stay in the guild, obviously.

[17] There's a portrait in a nearby castle with gold hidden in the frame. You have to repair and hide any damage you made to the painting to leave no trace of your theft.

[18] Steal the diamond from the Queen's wedding ring. Not the whole ring, just the diamond. The ring is gonna pop out of a fanfare machine when she marries again; we want her humiliated when it comes back with and empty socket.

[19] Mercenaries are coming back from a war, their larder fat with coins. Sneak into the heart of the camp and steal several chests filled with bars of silver; to be dived among the soldiers.

[20] Silver Harp stored in the bard's college. It has magic, and is said to repel werewolves. Anonymous buyer wants it in two weeks before they travel to a werewolf infested forest; maybe you could figure out who it is?

[21] Steal the voice of a famous singer; lock it in this magic box. The tough part will be getting her to sing; maybe she talks in her sleep?

[22] The Thieves guild has managed to procure a key to an underground dwarven treasure vault. The problem? The key weighs a ton and is made of stone, and is bigger then a man. You have to get it down there, but you'll get a large cut.

[23] Steal some golden ankle bracelets from a sultan's palace. Thieves guild did not know that the palace was recently taken over by a cruel dijin and his servants; now it's a dungeon.

[24] There is a dragon being situated in a huge city. It's a surprisingly reasonable beast; part of a campaign to improve relations between the dragons and two legged beings of the world. It's brought 1/50th of its hoard with it in its temporary city lodgings. Steal that; and get out before the dragon burns the city down thanks to you perpetuating an interspecies war.

[25] Steal the silver sword of a legendary swordsman. He's a wandering hermit now, the sword is his only possession and never leaves his side. He's also a 9th level Fighter. Good luck.

[26] There was an arrow with a blue ribbon that was fired from a bow that just barely missed the founder of the thieves guild. He tells you to go find it in the godforsaken jungle where it was fired. It has no magic properties or value beyond what is sentimental, a little piece of history.

[27] A new alchemical reagent and a process for exploiting it has been found; it's a common material that even a layman could form into a simple engine and use to create useful machines. The theives guild has their hand in all current mechanical and energy businesses, so you need to steal that research and destroy it. The inventor himself has already created a few androids filled with the stuff, who can blend in with normal humans with blades hidden in their skin.

[28] Steal the head of a calculator golem from the world's most famous inventor. It's attached to a wooden body with iron gears and pistons, but the head is studded with gems and gold. It's valuable, but the golem is “alive” only as long as its head is connected to the body, meaning it will be killed if you take it. The golem is self aware and doesn't want to die, but the thieves guild didn't consider this job a forbidden assassination.

[29] There is a gallery opening in a city; nobles are coming to bid on the collections of a mad prophet artist, who created beautiful paintings that have all come true. Steal the collection in a grand heist. There is a 1 in 4 chance one of the paintings shows the thief holding it, making away from a busy city with a square object tucked under their arm...

[30] The God of Stars has a high priest who has collected one hundred crystals from the heavens that have fallen down, and is about to give them back up. Steal them first, and create a black spot in the sky where a star should be. The crystals aren't stored on Earth, but in a flying palace in space, with astral guardians and moon beasts as its guards and hounds. How will you get up there?

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