Wednesday, June 5, 2019

8 Weird Skeletons

[1] Skeletite
Self growing mineral deposits in caverns, growing alongside stalagmites on the ground or stalactites as 'hanged men'. Can be risen by Necromancy and has normal undead aura. Treats its HD as one higher for turning rolls, but can also be affected by spells that ward against elementals of Earth.

[2] Painted Skeletons
Undead beings animated from positive death energy; not the slaves of necromancers. They are called the Merrymarrows, and have painted bones. They like to dance and sing, and have a close connection to the spirit realm, and eat spirit bread.

[3] The Keymen
The entire skeleton is made of keys; the small bones in the hands and feet are tiny keys for dairies and lockboxes, where as its femurs are made of massive keys for the vaults of giants and dragons. If the skeleton is animated, it can pick any lock after 1 exploration turn of trial and error.

[4] Vine Skeleton
Not actually an undead- even though it's a regular dead person skeleton. It's a clump of ivy-like vines that cling to skeletons and use them as their base as they grow around it. Druids can animate these like an undead servant, but it is truly the vines that are moving it. Weak to fire.

[5] Garbage Skeleton
Old rotten bones of other animals, and wooden sticks, metal rods and rusted swords. The garbage skeleton is made out of trash, and is much weaker then a normal skeleton, though it is highly resistant to corrosion and acid damage.

[6] King Skeleton
Looks like a normal skeleton, but with a “crown” of bones atop its head. Necromancers don't like raising this kind from the dead, as it quickly develops an ego and may steal other undead minions and flee to start its own skeleton kingdom somewhere. This skeleton gets +2 to spell saves even when inanimate, and anyone carrying the skull gets a passive +1 to spell saves until they are given an order or publicly shamed by someone of a higher noble rank.

[7] Ogre Skeleton
Somehow looks “fat” for a bunch of bones. Possibly a half ogre- lumpy, with almost metallic knobs and bumps pointing out. Ogres never stop growing, and so the skeleton will be half twisted with new growth as well as the old. Skull looks more like a meteorite then an actual body part of a living thing.

[8] Prosthetic Skeleton
Made of polished, lightweight fantasy materials, with plenty of softer bits for joints and fully articulate jaws and hands. It's incredibly advanced; roll 1d3 to determine the 'age' of person the skeleton is made for. 1- Child, 2- Teen, 3- Adult. While an incredible creation, it's highly unlikely anyone in the setting has the surgical skill and technology or healing magic with the capability to actually install this in a crippled person's body to transplant their natural, failing bones.

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  1. I think I am going to have it so you can put a crown on any skeleton and it will become a king skeleton.