Monday, June 10, 2019

10 Warfare Spells

[1] Mantrops - 2nd level
Creates a spike on the head of up to 20 men-sized characters. These let these beings act as living caltrops for giant foes, who cannot simply charge over the mob without being stopped or taking heavy damage. Doesn't offer any actual protection, merely damages the feet of tramplers.

[2] Canvas Katamari - 2nd level
This spell is useful for transporting and setting up camp. When cast, the Magician magically connects and condenses fabrics of tents, bags, and so on into a large ball, which can also hold several other useful tools or supplies inside it. This ball is as high as the chin of the person who creates it, and can hold material for 3x people of that size. It can be rolled and pushed for easier transport of military supplies, especially on flat ground or roads, but gets the outside later of all the tents and supply-packs very dirty. Armies may have several quartermaster Wizards casting this spell to help their soldiers move their supplies. Each ball lasts one day, but will be “popped” if hit by an attack that deals more then 4 damage, even an arrow, which sprays all of its supplies everywhere.

[3] The Elite Squad - 4th level
This spell must be cast on a group of soldiers, up to 10 men maximum. Each soldier of the group must be wearing nearly identical uniforms and wielding the same weapons, or having similar battlefield roles to each other. They must also be a close enough height and weight- this means that squads of different races usually don't function for this spell, but some leeway can be made by crafty magicians. The dwarf could fit in with the squad of halfling slingers if he shaved his beard, for example. Also, all the characters in the squad must be within 2 levels of each other; so one could be level 4 and one could be level 2, but none outside of that range will function.

Once the conditions are met, the soldiers are enchanted by the spell, permanently. They are given a bright blue aura around them, and gain +1 HD, AC, to-hit, and damage bonus. This aura is most noticeable when in combat or closely together in formation, but will less noticeable in camp or during marches. The squad will continue to have their shared power as long as they fight under the same banner and more or less live in similar conditions, fight the same battles, and continue to use the same tactics. Any major breaks from this causes the spell to outright fail, or give the offender a save versus magic to keep it going for the rest of the group while they fall out.

Finally; while under the effects of the elite aura, everyone in the group gains a power specific to their combat role. Heavily armored knights or swordsmen roll on the Melee table, groups of archers or assassins roll on the Ranged table (substitute throwing knives for ranged weapons) and finally a group of magicians or tactical officers not in the thick of combat roll under the Magic table. The power can be used as much as it sensibly could be.

[4] Automaton Command - 1st level
This spell is cast upon an allied automaton, such as a golem, machine soldier, or other animated contraption of magic and technology. The spell allows a new order to be infused within the being's machine mind, letting it change course or perform a new task. This spell only works on a single automaton, and only one you within visible distance. It can also only be cast on an “allied” automaton, which means the automaton would have to automatically both not be aggressive towards you AND jump to your defense if it sensed you being attacked. This spell grants no protection from war machines that are hacked, go haywire, or are the personal tools of different commanders.

[5] Great Orb of Ice - 3rd level
Creates a massive orb of ice about the size of a small hut. It is created over the head of the spellcaster and flung at a snail's pace. When the orb is hit by a blunt force (such as impacting something, or being hit by another spell, or by being hit with a special blunt arrow); it explodes violently dealing 5d6 ice damage to everyone within a short radius. It also fires off several thousand small shards of ice, which rolls a d20 versus the AC of the target; subtract the differences and deal that much damage to the target, ignore if negative. The shrapnel reaches a much further area, such as everything beneath the orb as it floats through the air. Heavy armor protects from the shrapnel of this spell, but it's highly random if it will do anything at all.

[6] Little Loyal Legion - 4th level
This spell requires a large amount of raw materials, including pots or shingles, and plenty of wood and cloth. When cast, the objects being to animate, turning into rotund pot-bellied soldiers wearing cloth togas, sharpening sticks, and arranging in formation. It takes 4 hours for the spell to finish as the soldiers arm themselves. You could use this spell to prepare for a siege, but it isn't fast enough to be readied for a battle.

Once the legion is assembled, the caster now has control over a small army of 200 tiny soldiers. The soldiers each have 2 hit points, and all blunt damage deals +1 bonus damage to their claypot bodies, meaning any attack that hits with a mace or club shatters them. The soldiers have only average attack, dealing 1 damage per hit, and are only 2 ft tall. They are armed with spears and shields, and have an AC of 14 each. The animated pots are easily destroyed in open combat by any significant enemy force, but as a literal army conjured by magic you can't go wrong. They are especially useful if deployed in caves or tunnels, as their small size makes them perfect for skirmishes against goblins or kobolds.

The soldiers last exactly one fortnight, or 2 weeks, before the magic keeping them together falls apart and they dissemble.

[7] Renegade's Retreat - 3rd level
By casting this spell, the caster and up to 100 men can flee a battle. Their movement speed is increased while fleeing, and they can only be caught by horses if they are on foot, or only be caught by those with magical or flying mounts if the retreaters are mounted. While this effect is quite strong, it creates an obvious flash of yellow light when cast, and thus cannot be used to sneak away safely, only to create a loud and obvious run for it. The caster also needs not be the commander or told to retreat to use this spell, and anyone who sees the flash can run along with it to gain its effects if the number retreating is under the number the spell can support, thus a Wizard casting this spell when not told to could devastate and army with a huge number of deserters.

[8] Stirring of the Weapons - 3rd level
When this spell is cast, weapons seek flesh. During an uneasy stand off or diplomacy between nations, any character with a weapon must make a saving throw or accidentally roll a single attack at the nearest enemy target. Because of the nature of this spell, it is subtle and could erupt tensions between nations and peoples, but the caster must be present.

[9] Head-Wind - 3rd level
This spell creates a gust of wind about as far across as a small village or forest clearing, and travels in the direction the caster chooses. The wind has the same strength as a regular windy gust, but is always about eye level and has the following effects;
  • If the creature is wearing a hat, it is blown off. No saving throw.
  • If the creature is wearing a helmet, they get a hard saving throw to avoid it flying off. Straps grant a +1 or +2 bonus to the roll.
  • If the creature is an undead or construct, depending on their construction, their head may just fly off. This could just cause temporary confusion or instant destruction depending on the undead and the rules of the game. If unsure, 4 in 6 chance.
[10] Phoenix Rising - 3rd level
This spell creates a ring of orange light around the caster, which grows in intensity as the spell continues. Every time the spell caster casts a fire based spell of at least 2nd level or higher, the heat inside and around the circle increases. This progression can also occur through other sources of heat, which are consumed by the magic of the circle- a fire present before the spell was cast will add +1 to its progression, as will spending a turn and using 3 charges of a Fire Rod to power the arcane inferno. All fire spells, attacks, or dragon breath also deal ½ damage to whoever stands in this circle, as half the energy is stolen to power it.

This spell progresses. For each spell cast or energy absorbed, all further fire spells cast by the original magician get +1 to damage. Additionally, every round there is a X in 20 chance the heat is so intense it starts to burn things inside the circle, the chance being equal to the number of points progressed. When this is rolled, everything in the circle starts to get lit on fire and take 1d6 damage per round, with any additional spells cast increasing the damage of both further spells AND the interior heat damage per round by +1.

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