Saturday, August 19, 2017

Elite Creature Generator

Elite Creature Generator
Each pack of creatures has a 1 in 6 chance of having an elite mob. Take the primary creature type of that mob and grant it +1 HD. Roll for any number of defining features and then roll once on the corresponding table for its primary attack.

Defining Feature – 1d12
[1] About a head taller then the other creatures in its pack.
[2] Very long tail, hair, or shaggy fur coat.
[3] Skin, fur, or paint of brightly different color. Roll 1d6 (red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white)
[4] Floating ball of wisp light, tiny cloud, or shackled soul of a human following the creature.
[5] Highly polished armor or scales OR wearing a colorful sash to denote advanced rank.
[6] Shadows collect unnaturally on its frame. It exudes darkness.
[7] Has loud specific noise it generates. Rattling chains, ragged breath, crackling flames, etc.
[8] Strange primary weapon compared to others in its pack, highly ornated.
[9] Is constantly carried or preened by other creatures of its type.
[10] Babbles in the language of a civilized race. Can do this even if cannot normally speak.
[11] Pervasive stench or spooky aura. Can tell where it has passed recently.
[12] Jerky, uncanny movements. Constantly twitches or vibrates. May slide instead of walking.

Melee Creature - 1d6
[1] Life Draining. Heals ½ damage dealt with its melee attack. Weapon/claw is bloody or glowing.
[2] Unnaturally tough, +2 AC and +1 HD. Thick hide or heavier armor.
[3] Cleave, can hit up to 3 party members in melee.
[4] Ultra fast. Moves at double movement speed.
[5] Retribution. When killed deals 1d6 per HD to adjacent party members, save to avoid.
[6] Fearless. +2 morale and grants +2 morale to all allied creatures of the same type.

Ranged Creature - 1d6
[1] Volley of projectiles with each shot, can hit up to 3 adjacent targets.
[2] Homing projectile. On a miss, comes back around for another chance.
[3] Elemental attack. Deals +1d6 damage of a random element (fire, ice, lightning, acid)
[4] Can use up a turn to do a piercing shot. Hits all along a straight line.
[5] Can climb, swim, or float at normal speed.
[6] Can attack in melee AND fire at range in the same round.

Magic Creature - 1d6
[1] All saving throws against this creature's magic are made at -2
[2] This creature can Turn Lawful once per day. (Or whatever other alignment makes sense)
[3] For it's round in combat; the creature can chant and heal 1d4 health to its allies.
[4] Creature's spells have random different element, such as Iceball instead of Fireball.
[5] Creature can snap fingers to activate nearby dungeon traps.
[6] When the creature gets below 50% HP and is not killed, can shapeshift into a random monster of the same HD at full health. Cannot ever change back.

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