Tuesday, August 8, 2017

20 Fighter Special Moves

Concussive Blast [15]

20 Fighting-Man Special Moves
For OSR Adventures

[1] Slam your mace or hammer against the floor, dealing 1d4 damage to all enemies ahead of you in a cone. The ground cracks and shakes.

[2] Give up your attack this round; hold your sword up to the sky and it is struck by lightning. The next attack you deal +1d6 shock damage against your target even if you miss them.

[3] Whenever you defeat or kill an enemy in combat; your final flurry of slashes cuts a personal symbol of yours into their flesh. It can be read just like an Arcane Mark, and will become known as your symbol. You could also scratch it into a wall or something.

[4] You can use a thrown weapon in melee range and if you hit your target, you can pull it out and throw it again to an enemy at ranged distance. Once per battle.

[5] Whenever you roll max damage with an axe and are hitting something with more then 4 limbs, you can sever one of them.

[6] Reflect a bright light off your weapon at an enemy, it becomes a beam that deals 1d4 damage, deals 2d4 vs undead. Only works with polished weapons and only once per day.

[7] Speak a secret dragon word to your weapon and it bursts into flames. It counts as a +1 weapon for three attacks and deals +1 fire damage on a hit.

[8] When firing an arrow, you can bounce it off a wall or around a corner to hit people out of your line of sight.

[9] Hold your weapon up and close your eyes. You cannot be struck by any normal attack this round. One use per day.

[10] When you charge into battle, your weapon die is treated as one bigger unit. d6 → d8 → d10, etc.

[11] When using a poleaxe or spear, you can do a forward thrust that deals 1d6 damage to all enemies in front of you in a straight line for 20ft. It penetrates through enemies.

[12] When you are attacked from behind or by multiple enemies flanking you; hit them without turning around.

[13] Give up your attack this round; conjure the weapon spirit inside your weapon and it follows your blows with a glowing magical afterimage. Second attack after yours on the same target.

[14] Go totally ape. Your unarmed attacks deal 1d8 damage but you can't not attack something for three rounds.

[15] Concussive blast when you strike your fist or hammer or axe against your shield. It deafens all enemies, making them unable to regroup or get bonuses to morale from commanders.

[16] First time you are knocked aside by a huge blast or massive hit of a creature; reduce the damage to each 10ft you are knocked back instead.

[17] If you're using a large pole weapon; stick on end into the ground and spin around the pole doing kicks to everyone nearby, 1d4 damage to all adjacent enemies. If you're a female you do a sexy poledance version of this attack.

[18] If you impale someone with your weapon as you kill them you can hold their body close to you and use them as a human shield, adding +1 AC until they take a hit or you throw the weight off.

[19] While engaged in an epic swordfight with an enemy of nearly equal skill all nearby must back away in a circle and cannot either of you if you so choose. If you fight dirty they'll fight dirty back.

[20] Once per day per level you can jump or move on surfaces that shouldn't be able to support your weight, you can also jump twice your height in very nimble fashion.

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