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Dungeon of the Shepard's Crook

The dungeon goal in this dungeon is to find and retrieve the Shepard's Crook, a magical item that brings peace and life, as well as control over sheep, to the nearby village. It has been stolen along with a young girl from the village. Retrieving the girl is not the goal, but an optional side quest.

Dungeon of the Shepard's Crook


a – Hallway stretches off into darkness a long ways. Multiple torch-holders adorn the walls, dust underneath them in little piles.

b – Gross smell wafting down from the north, coming from 5

c- pressure plate in hallway, swings rusted axe deals 1d6 damage once.

d – Fish bones strewn on floor, make noise if stepped on without Skill Check. Wandering Monsters roll if too much noise is made. Colder then it should be.


1 – Secret room. Contains large sack of porcelain coins.

2 – Side room featuring large gargoyle head holding necklace in its teeth. The necklace is a Mana Store with 1 mana point in it. Necklace is made of twine with polished shells and quartz crystals, glow very faintly. Gargoyle head bites anyone who takes necklace 1d6, hazard save to avoid.

3 – Junk room, contains several trashed old chairs and wagon wheels, donkey bones, etc.

4 – Dusty room. All kinds of weird dust everywhere. This is where Pacer usually lives.

5 – Waste area and latrine. 1 in 4 chance of a Mush being here.

6 – Several piles of snow and dirt, half melted, in this room. The Glacialic Shaman keeps a captive snow cloud, tiny and shrunken, barely kept from winking out. Very cold. Been trying and failing to create ice sculptures. Shallow despression in floor hints at stairs to lower level, but none are there.

7 – Pacer's pacing hallway. Usually can be heard stomping around, unless encountered wandering.

8 – Empty room, several whips and leather saddle looking things around. Attempted staging area to 'tame' Pacer. Several bones and hard objects near the door as 'food'.

9 – Bundled up wet blankets and such in the corner; Glacialic Shaman's bedroom. Single porcelain coin hidden under pillow. Half drunk Mana Potion and silver ring on a rickety table. The ring has no special powers. 1 in 4 chance for him to be in here alone.

10- Red sheet room. Secret alter to The Red God. Single porcelain coins in alms cup as offering. Next to alter is Shepard's Crook propped up besides it. Take the coin and have hand stained red permanently.

11 – Glacialic living area. 1d8 always present, sitting among tents and complaining about the heat. If you don't make any noise or come in from locked door or the back entrance up by b you catch them unaware.

12 – Prison cell. Missing local girl. Unharmed but very hungry. Her arms are tied behind her back.

Glacialic admiring pile of snow.

Wandering Monsters – 1d4
[1] Pacer (2 HD, +2 AC and to hit, deals 1d8 damage; weak to lighting 1)
Discipline- 12
Number Appearing; 1

Looks like fuzzy walking bigfoot creature with teeth shaped like sawblades and grinders. Grinds up anything, not sure if it needs to eat or not. Loud stompy hooves. Can't open doors.

[2] Glacialics (1 HD, d4 knife or d6 short-spear; weak to fire 2)
Discipline- 7
Number Appearing; 1d4+1

Look like small humanoid creatures. All of their heads look pierced by a large chunk of ever-frozen ice. Similar to goblins but elemental. Only here to do their dark god's bidding, want to return to snowy mountain. Scared of torches and wizards.

[3] Glacialic Shaman (1 HD, d4 iron knife; weak to fire 2)
Discipline- 10
Number Appearing; 1, with 2 Glacialics harassing him to use his cold room, he doesn't want to share.

Glacialic wearing a red sash. Has 2 mana points; can cast Ice Bolt (1d4 ice damage, 1 mana cost) or Ice Chains (can't move, -4 AC, save to negate) If alone he'll usually use Ice Chains and stab, but with others Glacialic's he'll use ice bolts and stands behind them. Lords over other Glacialics and pretends to be more faithful to The Red God then he really is.

[4] Mush (1 HD, +1 AC, d6 by squeezing, damage equipment on roll of 6)
Discipline- n/a
Number Appearing; 1d2

Gross poop and slime monster. Usually attacks the feet, doesn't retreat from combat and stupid. Doesn't understand climbing. 

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