Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Super Villain Plot Generator

The Man-Worm and Captain Green fight a super villain walker

Super Villain Plot Generator
This will not help you make a super villain. But it will help you figure out what they're trying to accomplish. Roll once on each table.

What they're going to do to the target (1d6)
[1] Destroy/Demolish/Kill
[2] Replace with fake copy/Sabotage to have an 'accident'
[3] Steal/Gain control of
[4] Hijack/Capture (and use as leverage for huge ransom)
[5] Experiment on/Research
[6] Politically manipulate/slander local leaders about

Who they Sent (1d10)
[1] Low powered super henchmen and 2d6 lackeys
[2] 1d6 lackeys who hired 3d6 street gang members for backup.
[3] 1d6 lackeys with 1d8 flying battledroids for backup
[4] 3 Extremely strong, mutant, humanoid animals. Breaking their collars frees them of control.
[5] 1d6 naked super men. Don't use weapons, can punch through steel and deflect bullets.
[6] Hypnotized local politician/rich celebrity, using leverage instead of direct force.
[7] 2d6 highly trained tacticool mercenaries
[8] Sprung 1d4 super villains from jail party defeated before. May have learned new tricks.
[9] 2d6 lackeys with a fucking tank, helicopter, or submarine.
[10] If you want something done right, you've got to do it yourself.

Secret Weapon to make sure plan succeeds (1d12)
[1] Skin-tight bio suit grants regeneration and fast reflexes. Given to the 'leader' of each squad.
[2] Villain has hacked nearby security cameras and is transmitting footage to minions.
[3] Schoolbus full of kids for hostages.
[4] Sniper mercenary, in a tower over a mile away. Never misses a shot.
[5] Hologram technology. Super Villain appears there but is not.
[6] One of those sent has the weakness of one of the super heroes up his sleeve.
[7] Experimental stomping war mech. Has a stupid mechanical oversight, like can't go backwards.
[8] One family member or love interest of a random super hero on the team.
[9] One of those sent is a blanker. Can temporarily neutralize the powers of one random super hero.
[10] Local police have been paid off or distracted, can't help at all.
[11] Blocks easy transport; super heroes won't be able to get there in time if they take normal route.
[12] Experimental laser guns given to each minion. If they hit a reflective surface the gun explodes.

And the Target (1d50)
[1] First self-aware AI robot
[2] Great 'first wave' super hero, in stasis inside a cyropod
[3] Experimental Cure for incurable disease
[4] Nuclear missile in decommissioned silo
[5] Last remaining tissue samples of thwarted alien invaders from a few decades ago
[6] Hyper advanced prosthetic. Works better then flesh and blood.
[7] Secret recipe of global fast food chain.
[8] The Terrafloppy disk- holds all internet data in physical form in case of massive server wipe.
[9] Hydro-electric dam; provides power to millions, breaking it will cause massive flood.
[10] Airplane with experimental weather control device mounted on it.
[11] Area 51
[12] Corporate office, contains trillions of dollars worth of classified data.
[13] Source code for government security systems. Could shut down a whole region's mega-shield.
[14] The only zombie. It's bite could still infect people.
[15] Hyper-car, police could never catch it. Bright neon lights and doors that go up.
[16] Prop from a beloved classic movie.
[17] All of the “Best in Show” dogs from the past 15 years.
[18] Innocent young teenage girl who can read minds. Not a super hero or villain yet.
[19] The DNA of the most evil super villain of all time.
[20] Magic 'indestructible' knight armor from middle ages.
[21] Magic red candle. If lit and bible is read backwards, opens portal to hell.
[22] Molecule assembler. Can mass produce anything, like gold or anthrax.
[23] Elevator to Earth's core.
[24] The almost completed space elevator.
[25] The only sample of Unobtainium 12 on Earth.
[26] Dinosaur DNA, trapped in amber.
[27] First brain uploader. Anyone uploaded to the internet could bypass any security.
[28] Time-Paradox baby clone of one of the super heroes. Could be molded to evil.
[29] Super acid. Can melt through anything except special container with squirt nozzle.
[30] CIA registry of every super heroes secret identity.
[31] Shrink ray.
[32] Ultra rare marble quarry. Rich people make floors with it.
[33] Power booster. Extends range of any super power to a mile OR doubles its effect.
[34] Invisibility material, whatever it covers is invisible. Enough to make a single body suit.
[35] Portal to alternate dimension where super powers never happened.
[36] Statue of selfless super hero who sacrificed themselves to save the city.
[37] Island resort hotel.
[38] The president's sex toys. Locked in special discrete briefcase.
[39] Ancient tablet containing records of the world's first ever language.
[40] Fishing vessel. It caught the real Loch Ness monster.
[41] Secret documents of massive conspiracy. Moon landing faked, holocaust never happened, etc.
[42] Genetically modified, elephant sized pig. Has like a hundred blue ribbons.
[43] The preserved brain of a super scientist. Could invent almost anything.
[44] Perpetual motion machine.
[45] Gallon jug of super fuel. Could blow up a city, or power a rocket ship to light speed.
[46] Scroll of an Egyptian philosopher. The meaning of life is written on it.
[47] The lost city of Atlantis.
[48] Unreleased episode of an old cartoon. Watching it makes people kill themselves.
[49] Controls to secret rocket thrusters put on the moon.
[50] Golden telephone. If you wait on hold for one hour you can talk to God on the other end.

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