Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Zombie Scavenging Location Generator

Every small town, borough, or section of a large city has a few useful locations for zombie survivors to scavenge from. Roll once on each table to generate a location and its dangers. Roll a scavenging roll every hour spent searching the location while making a wandering monster roll that adds the zombie danger. If you roll a 1 you encounter the special infected at that location. Areas with low/no cover grant disadvantage on random encounters, since zombies can see you skulking around.

Flounder zombie [7]
Location – 1d10
[1] Warehouse. x2 luxury items, ½ all other supplies.
[2] Apartments. x3 food items, increase zombie danger by +1
[3] Public Pool. Can find 1d6 chemical units here, ½ all other supplies.
[4] Gas Station. x2 fuel, little cover from zombies.
[5] Construction Site. x2 building materials, 1d6 power tools. 1 extra special infected.
[6] Hospital. x2 medical supplies. increase zombie danger by +2
[7] Movie Theater. x2 food and luxury items, reduce zombie danger by -1.
[8] Bank. x5 luxury items in locked safe. If alarm triggered alerts zombie hoard.
[9] Police Station. x2 weapons, increase zombie danger by +1 AND 1 extra special infected.
[10] Car Dealership. x2 chance of having a working vehicle, ½ other supplies, no cover.

Scavenging – 1d8
[1] Food stash, 2d6 rations.
[2] Luxury items. Gold, money, toilet paper, music players, pillows, etc.
[3] Weapons. Firearm OR firearm ammo, never both at the same time.
[4] Fuel. 1d6 gallons of gas.
[5] Building Materials. Can make 2 barricades with the amount here.
[6] Vehicle in good shape. 1 in 6 chance to be working, otherwise can be scavenged for parts.
[7] Chemicals. One chemical unit that can be used to make a bomb, healing items, acid, etc.
[8] Medical Supplies. 1d4 medkits or antibiotics.

Zombie Danger – 1d6
[1] Deserted. +0 to wandering encounters.
[2] Thin. +1 to wandering encounters.
[3] Pack. +2 to wandering encounters.
[4] Many. +4 to wandering encounters.
[5] Hoard. +6 to wandering encounters.
[6] as Hoard, +1 extra special infected wandering around.

Special Infected – 1d8
[1] Satyr. Horns, legs end in hard bone caps. Kicks people to death, runs as fast as a car.
[2] Basilisk. Creepy eyes deal 1d6 damage to any survivor who meets them. If you die from this, you turn into a zombie in 1d6 turns.
[3] Air-Sac. Floating zombie. Roars if it sees survivors, alerts other zombies. Must be shot down.
[4] Clowncar. Fat zombie, releases several tiny zombies hiding inside its flesh on death.
[5] Bag. Seemingly hollow, resistant to bullets. Can swallow explosives and spit them back.
[6] Oiler. Drips foul smelling black oil shit it sweats from every pore, doesn't actually have a mouth but likes to drip on people, smell attracts other zombies. Impossible to wash out.
[7] Flounder. Lays on the ground, tries to bite people's ankles. Flat as a carpet.
[8] Squeaker. Joints rotted to bones, can turn arms and legs backwards. Climbs walls, folds into sewers grates, etc. Named because you can hear their bones squeaking together when they chase after you.

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