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50 Extra OSR Classes

The Sacrifice [12]

50 Extra OSR Classes

[1] Shield Bearer / Shield Maiden
HD- d10
saves- As Fighter

You specialize in using a very large shield, such as a tower shield, which is a requirement to use your class abilities.

You are proficient with any 1 handed weapon, but can use your shield alone as a d6 weapon.

Once per day per level reduce the damage of an incoming attack on yourself or an adjacent ally by -1d6. This includes spells, even magic missile.

[2] Kobold Keeper (Minion Master)
HD- d6
saves- As Cleric

Each level you gain a 1HD minion such as kobolds, goblins, rat-men, etc. They are utterly obedient to you, and can be expended to trigger traps, as a distraction, etc.

You have a magical aura which attracts these minions and lets you command them. If your minions die, make a d20+Charisma modifier each day you are in an area where your minions reside, if you roll 11 or up you get another minion, up to your level in maximum.
If you get additional hirelings or minions beyond this they do not have the magical and fanatical loyalty your class minions do.

[3] Fencer
HD- d8
saves- As Fighter

Every time you defeat an opponent of near equal fighting skill, note the weapon they used against you. You get +1 AC versus that weapon type, up to the maximum AC. You cannot use heavy armor.

At levels 5, 10, and 15 you get +1 damage on your basic attack.
Every other level gain +1 to hit.

[4] Village Idiot
HD- d6
saves- As Thief

You're a village idiot, but you somehow bumble your way into being useful. Every day you get a hunch roll, which is a d20 rolled at the start of the day. You may then use that roll once any time during the day in substitution of an actual roll.

Improvised weapons and farming tools (like scythes) are impossibly acceptable in your hands, dealing regular weapon damage and getting +1 to hit with them at Levels 1, 3, 5, 8, 12, and 15. You also get a bonus to Reaction Rolls with farm animals and pets at the same rate.

If you get piss drunk the DM will roll a secret d20, adding your level to the roll. If you roll 14 or higher the Idiot will spout an astounding epiphany about a situation, magic item, creature, or riddle the players are currently grappling with.

[5] Evoker
HD- d4
saves- As MU

Forces of arcane magic and elemental power flow through you. Each day, equal to your level+1, you may Evoke a blast of elemental energy. This requires a d20+Evoker level attack roll and, if successful, deals 1d6 in magic damage. Against enemy's that are weak to it, it deals 2d6.

To Evoke energy, you must first attune yourself towards it. It takes 1 Exploration turn to attune your energy and, if you have casts left later in the day you can attune again to switch elements. Attainment simply requires meditation either with or around an area with that element or force, or an item symbolically linked to it.

You may meditate with a torch or ashes of a loved one to Attune yourself to Fire. Sit in shallow water or cradle a sea-shell to Attune yourself to Water. With either fulgurite or underneath a storm you can Attune yourself to Lightning. And you can borrow a spellbook or a powerful magic item to prepare Arcane energy.

[6] Burglar
HD- d6
saves- As Thief

Every day you spend Casing a place you will learn, from peering in windows, asking about rumors, and consulting similar floorplans, about 1d6 basic rooms and/or features of a house, mansion, wizard tower, abbey, etc. This ability cannot tell you about hidden passages or rooms, but rolling a 6 will give you a clue.

Ransacking an area allows you in a single exploration turn to find all valuables within non-locked containers and objects within a single room sized area per level. This creates a lot of noise.

You may also move silently as a Thief.

[7] Follower of Icarus
HD- d8
saves- As Thief

Combination of feathers and wax, wooden framework, and starving yourself has allowed you to fly! You need 20ft of space to get airborne and require both hands to guide yourself.

While flying you get +1 AC vs ranged weapons fired from below, every odd level. If hit with a fire attack or dragon breath your contraption goes up in flames and you'll have to rebuild it, taking one week and 100gp of materials. Needless to say, you're the only person capable of building and using your wings.

You take -1 fall damage per level.

[8] Collector
HD- d6
saves- As MU

No matter what you wear or where you are, you can access a few chosen items interdimensionally.

Items can be accessed instantly, meaning you can make a weapon appear in your hand and attack with it in the same round. Stash has storage capacity of 1 stone per level.

[9] Hex-Breaker
HD- d4
saves- As MU, +1 vs Death

Whenever you find an item, person, or location under the effects of a curse you may roll d20+ your level. If you beat 8+curse spell level you can successful identity the curse. Identifying curses lets you know what the curse does as well as some ancient and often stupid but real methods of breaking the curse collected from old wives's tales.

The curse breaking method, for example, may be to drink the milk of a nursing goat under a full moon while you sleep on a pile of silver coins. Obviously you need to find all those ingredients to help break the curse, but each time you do it gives the cursed another saving throw vs magic.

You also have the power to cast Cleric spells one level slower then the Cleric. Ie; treat your Cleric caster level at -1.

[10] Slothman
HD- d8
saves- As Fighter

You are either a literal slothman or you are a human who worships the sin of sloth. Every day you do not take any vigorous activity besides light walking or riding, you do not need to consume a ration and you are not effected by exposure.

You may cast Sleep with number of enemy HD effected equal to your level+1 each day.

[11] Caravan Master
HD- d8
saves- As Thief

Double your number of retainers or hirelings. These Hirelings are members of your caravan, which can attract low level heroes of a random class up to your level -2. Whenever a cataclysm threatens your Carvan, make a save to avoid losing people, animals, or significant amounts of cargo.

Gain +1 to hit and damage with the Crossbow at first level and every 3rd level (1, 3, 6, 9, etc.)

[12] Sacrifice
HD- d6
saves- As Halfling, +1 save vs Death

You are to be sacrificed to a hungry God or spirit, but only after you have been tempered by the fires of the world.

You get +1 to hit with Ceremonial weapons at first level and every 4th level (1, 4, 8, 12, etc). While wearing nothing you get +1 AC

Once per level, instead of dying to a monster's attack you are merely knocked out or captured instead, dragged off to its lair to be consumed. This allows your friends to come and save you. Intelligent monsters like Orcs and Gnolls will spill a few secrets you can barely understand which you can relay to your party when you reunite.

When you reach name level you have the choice to return home and be sacrificed. When you do, the thing to consume your soul grants your party a number of Limited Wish spells equal to your level.

[13] Wolfgroom
HD- d8
saves- As Fighter

Beloved father of the woods, unknowingly wed to the mother of wolves due simply to the year and star-sign of your birth. You can run from your destiny, but your progeny follow you.

Unwittingly, you fight with the savage ferocity of the wolf. In your savage hands weapons deal one die-size bigger damage when rolled. (d4->d6->d8)

You are aided by the wolves of the woad. At first level, and every 3rd level a wolf will always stay by your side, ready to fight with its future father-in-law. Additionally while in a wild place you may call to the wolves of the wood who will help you track a foe through the forests or help you find food, water, and shelter. You may do this a number of times per full moon equal to your level.

Wearing the pelt of a wild animal grants you +1 AC. Your wolves don't like it if its a wolf pelt.

[14] Origami Wizard
HD- d6
saves- As MU

Using arcane techniques you can create incredible items made of paper. All of your paper weapons, armors, and other items have the same weaknesses. Any amount of water or fire ruins them, no save.

At First and Second level you may create a folded shield of origami and origami knives. The shield acts as a normal shield but the origami dagger gets +1 to hit and damage due to sharpness.

At Third and Forth level you may create a Origami blade and Origami armor. Each armor piece protects a single body part at +1 AC and the Origami blade acts as a longsword, +1 to hit and damage.

At Fifth level you gain the power to craft living origami. Tiny Origami cranes can fly on the wind to deliver messages. You can also craft an Origami toad which grants an extra +1 to saves vs devices until it is destroyed to whomever you gift it.

At Sixth level you can create Origami chest armor and your Origami weapons all gain +1 to hit and damage. You also gain an extra attack per round as long as you only wear Origami armor and use Origami weapons.

At Seventh level you may animate a spellbook which becomes an Origami golem. HD is equal to either the highest spell level in the spellbook+1 or your level, whichever is higher.

At Eight level your Origami frogs also grant +1 AC to whoever holds it, and you can have 3 at a time. Your Origami shields and armor grant +1 AC

At Ninth level you can craft a paper tiger using only regular paper. Stats as tiger, but can turn sideways to gain +4 AC and to become nearly invisible. You can now make crushing weapons with folded Origami.

At Tenth level, gain one more attack per round.

[15] Sticks to Snakes Man
HD- d4
saves- As MU, +2 vs Poison

Each day per level you may cast Sticks to Snakes.

Every time you do this, one of the snakes will be special. Roll 1d6 on this table.
  1. Black Mamba, save vs poison or die +1
  2. Anaconda; constricts foes, +1HD
  3. Spitting Cobra; spits blinding poison
  4. Quetzalcoatl; flying snake
  5. Devil Snake; can speak
  6. Gain +1d6 bonus regular snakes

At 3rd level you may roll twice on this above chart. At 8th level you may simply just choose which two results you want instead.

At 9th level you may transform a fallen tree into a gigantic serpent. The Serpent is too large to fully control by your will alone but is amenable and is not likely to attack its beloved creator. The color and exact nature of this creature's venom is up to the Sticks to Snakes man. The great serpent can have venom that kills almost anything including divine beings, that acts as Charm on those bitten, can be used as a Cure Disease potion, or raises dead creatures into undead servants.

[16] Student of the Quarterstaff
HD- d10
saves- As Fighter

While you are only allowed to fight with a quarterstaff, you gain several abilities while doing so. You may sacrifice one of your attacks any round to trip and opponent, and can freely hit opponents behind you without turning around.

You may also gain +1 AC while wielding a Quarterstaff at first level and every 3rd level.

At 4th level you may plant both feet on the ground and be unable to be move unless killed.

At 7th level your Quarterstaff counts as magic and can be used to block spells 1 in 6 chance.

[17] Mechanical Man
HD- d8
saves- As Thief

You have begun the long and careful process of attaining immortality by replacing your biological body parts with superior mechanical parts.

You count as a Thief with a Tinkering skill, starting at 1 in 6 and going up every odd level.

Each level, including first level, roll on this chart.
Machine Body-Parts Table (d10)
  1. Lungs- Hold breath for hours = level
  2. Heart- +2 saves vs death
  3. Blood- Immune to Poison
  4. Nerves- Immune to Paralysis
  5. Eyes- Can see in very low light
  6. Muscles- +2 to hit and damage
  7. Lymph Nodes- +2 saves vs Disease
  8. Liver- Potion effects can be 'saved up'
  9. Stomach- Extra HD
On a roll of 10, invent your own.

[18] Noble Savage
HD- d12
saves- As Fighter

Far away from the evil of civilization, you are a morally superior noble savage. You cannot enjoy the comforts of civilization; even if captured and forced into a cell you would rather sleep on the floor then on a cot.

You cannot use modern weapons, you must use stone, bone and wood to create your weapons and armor. You can bless these weapons with spiritual rituals, learned at 2nd level, which grant them Magic status and either +1 to hit, +1 to damage, or makes them slice through magical shields.

You can forage and feed a number of people per day equal to your level. You may also curse anyone who harms nature or insults your pagan religion, one person per level maximum.

At 6th level you will start attracting followers from the civilized world who wish to join you in spiritual perfection as a Noble Savage.

[19] Magus of Smoke & Fog
HD- d4
saves- As MU

Create a cloud of fog big enough to hide or blind one person once per day per level. You can also create a sickening foul gas instead, which deals d4 damage per round to anyone standing in it.

At 4th level, turn yourself into fog. Can only move at a slow walking pace in this form and cannot interact with anything. If your body is blown apart by strong winds you are stuck in this form until your 'smoke' can be gathered back together.

At 8th level, you can create a gigantic cloud of fog or smoke that could hide the passage of an entire army. Once per day, but lasts all day

At 10th level, you get a permanent bank of fog as a pet which can be used to hide a castle or town for as long as you wish.

[20] Totemist
HD- d8
saves- As Cleric

Carved totems offer a path to power from the spirits of earth and sky. You are automatically to be assumed to be an expert in woodcutting and understand wooden runes and the symbolism and storytelling of totems.

Singing and dancing around a totem allows you to cast spells as though you were one Cleric level higher.

Your holy weapon is an axe. Instead of turn undead; daily uses to cleave an opponent with supernatural strength, dealing +1d6 damage.

At 3rd level, and every 2nd level past (3, 5, 7, etc.) you get the ability to carve an animal into a totem. This animal grants you +1 to a single save, +1 AC, +1 cure wounds rolls, +1 to a stat or +2 HP.

This bonus is selected based on whatever animal you pick for the totem, represented based on the animal's gifts. For example, Bears grant +2 HP.

[21] Alphabetic Wizard
HD- d6
saves- As MU

Every day give the Wizard 10+level scrabble tiles.

Making a noun lets you conjure it for up to your level in exploration turns. Creatures or people summoned this way are loyal to you.

Making a verb lets you or an ally attempt that verb at +2, this bonus continues until successful.

Making an adverb or adjective if added onto a spell grants additional power or can be put onto a piece of equipment to grant it temporary magic status, with a base of +1 to hit or AC.
You can place multiple enchantments this way but you do not get the tiles back, even the following day, until the enchantment is dispelled.

Some words can be used in multiple ways. For example if you spell SAFE you could either use it to conjure a safe to put your items in and keep them safe or you could cast it on an ally for +2 to all saves until they succeed a save or are dead.

[22] Pugilist
HD- d12
saves- As Fighter

Hard jawed and calloused. You fight like a man- a REAL man, no fancy swords or magic fireballs. Your punch inflicts regular weapon damage, and counts as magic at level 5 and over.

You cannot use regular weapons but magic rings grant +1 to hit and damage. Once per day per level you may Uppercut, dealing bonus damage equal to your level and stunning the enemy for 1 round.

Whenever you take damage equal to your level or less, roll a save vs disease to just ignore it.

At Sixth level; once per day- Box an enemy. Boxing an Enemy means they are trapped in a literal magic square that they cannot leave, and nobody else can attack either you or him until one of you is dead, or an exploration turn has passed.

[23] Rain Dancer
HD- d6
saves- As Cleric, +2 to dodge Lightning Bolt

You cast Druid/Cleric spells. In order to cast any spell though you may spend 100 gp x spell level in reagents to prepare the herbs and rare salts.

Beginning at level one, you may attempt to change the weather one stage (ie; from stormy to cloudy to average to clear to hot each count as a stage) per exploration turn at a 1 in 6 chance by dancing.

Your chance to change the weather improves;
  • 2 in 6 (2nd level)
  • 3 in 6 (5th level)
  • 4 in 6 (7th level)
  • 5 in 6 (10th level)
  • 6 in 6 (14th level)

Performing your weather dancing services will grant 1d6x100 GP each day you do it. This rate will obviously be improved to a community that is suffering from drought and communities with great weather will not pay for this service.

[24] Second Lived
HD- d6
saves- As Fighter

Whenever encountering a new language, there is a 2 in 6 chance you know it from a past life.

Whenever you fail a save, you gain +1 to that save from a near death experience.

The first time you pick up a legendary or artifact weapon, you have a 2 in 6 chance to remember using it and any secret words or curses placed upon it from a past life.

Whenever you meet a King or important figure in the setting, there is a 1 in 6 chance they owe your past life a favor, and will somehow recognize this if you can prove it to them.

All your X in 6 chances improve by +1 at Third, Sixth, and Ninth level.

[25] Edgelord
HD- d6
saves- As Thief

You must be armed with daggers and only daggers to use any of your class abilites.

When fighting an enemy at least one HD lower then your level, an attack roll of 19 or 20 kills them instantly. Only applies to enemies you could kill by cutting a major artery.

Each round you may throw a knife in addition to your regular attack. Make an attack roll without modifiers vs target AC. On a hit, knife deals d4 damage and can be removed as a free action if you're close enough to be thrown again.

You may hide a number of knives on your person equal to your level.

[26] Peltast
HD- d8
saves- As Fighter

You are restricted to only being able to wear Leather armor and cannot use two handed weapons except for your javelins.

Each level you get +1 to hit with a thrown javelin. At your choice you may reduce the damage of a thrown javelin by -1 to instead prevent the enemy from moving for a round.

You get +1 to Initiative and Javelin damage at first, third, and sixth levels.

[27] Murder of Crows
HD- d6
saves- As Thief, +1 to Spell saves

Your body appears human, but at will you can transform into a flock of crows. Each crow killed deals 1 hp of damage to you, and can attack at d6 per round with pecking and scratching. Each attack can only deal one damage to you per attack, but AoE spells are fully effective against the murder. You have all the abilities of a thief minus lock picking, and gain Eavesdropping.

[28] Hangman
HD- d8
saves- As Fighter

You cannot wear platemail or use shields, but otherwise you may use any weapon or armor.

Instead of attacking for a round, you may add +1 to your attack roll and try to use rope instead, which wraps the enemy up and makes them helpless if it hits. Only works on human sized creatures or smaller. You are also unable to attack while holding the ropes, requiring an ally to finish the enemy off.

You automatically learn a number of secrets from people you legally execute via hanging, 1 secret per person per level. These will often lead to secret stashes, and with the hanged men's dying breathes they are unable to lead you to traps or lie.

[29] Hermit-Crab Man
HD- d12
saves- As Fighter

You are a hermit crab man. You are either a human with a penchant for shells or a literal Hermit-Crab person. At first level you start with a shell that grants +2 AC and you cannot wear armor, but you can use any weapon.

During your adventures, you will have the chance to find or purchase larger shells. Each one a +1 AC improvement on your last shell. Whenever you do you grow bigger and get another HD. You do this instead of leveling up traditionally.

[30] Plague Doctor
HD- d8
saves- As Cleric

As long as you wear your full plague doctor gear and mask, you are immune to disease. You can identify disease at a 1 in 6 chance which improves every 3rd level.

You can 'store' a disease in a liquid, article of cloth or a bottle of air and use it to infect anyone you'd like. Enemies get -1 to save vs disease per level.

[31] Volcano Priest
HD- d8
saves- As Cleric

You can cast Cleric spells, but instead of turning undead you gain the ability to turn fire, which either makes fire not burn you and your allies, turns it against your enemies, or extinguishes it. You can use this ability vs a dragon breathing fire to blast it back in his face.

Additionally, you have a permanent Protection from Elements spell on at 4th level, and you can submerge yourself in lava at 6th without harm.

[32] Demolitions Expert
HD- d6
saves- As Thief, +2 vs Explosions

Advance as a Thief, but replace all skills with Disarm, Arson, and Artillery.

Disarm allows you to Disarm bombs. Starting at 2 in 6 chance. Rolling a 6 means the bomb explodes, any other failure roll means the bomb is not disarmed and will explode when it normally would, but not immediately. Advances at levels 4, 6, 9, and 10.

Arson allows your characters to successful start fires in places even with little fuel as well as to attack enemies with fire, such as with torches, lantern oil and hand-bombs. Starts at 1 in 6 chance, successful roll indicates finding enough tinder to commit Arson or ignite enemies. Advances at levels 2, 3, 5, 7, and 11.

Artillery finally lets the character use large gunpowder, fire or explosive based artillery pieces to attack enemies. Normally these machines require a team of trained soldiers to operate, but you can do it on your own with a 1 in 6 chance. You have +1 to hit and damage with these.
Advances at levels 3, 6, 9, 12 and 14.

Additionally, any explosive that lands next to you has a 1 in 6 chance to be a dud, saving you at the last second.

[33] Grove Tender
HD- d8
saves- As Cleric

If your character is small or very thin, you ride atop a deer. If your character is larger, you ride atop a moose.

You are skilled with a bow and spear, and get +1 to hit and damage while riding your mount. You can only wear light armor. Your deer has the same amount of HD as you do, and if it dies you'll get a new one after a mourning period of 1 month.

Instead of casting Cleric spells or turning undead, you have the ability to Request Aid from the forest itself. Once per day per level, you may ask for any of the below from nature itself;
  1. Day's worth of rations
  2. 50 Arrows or Sling bullets
  3. 1 piece of Light Armor
  4. Curatives- Heal 1d4 health when applied
  5. Smoking Herbs- Grant +1 save vs fear
  6. Two Spears
  7. Root Tea- Grant +1 save vs disease
  8. Cover one person's tracks

[34] Contortionist
HD- d6
saves- As Thief

You have the ability to contort your body into tiny places and out of bindings. Whenever you are locked in a cage or tied up, you have a 2 in 6 chance to wriggle your way out. This chance improves at 5th and 9th level.

You can also hide yourself into objects that are large enough; such as a treasure chest or large bag. If you surprise attack someone from this container when opened, get +2 to hit and damage.

Starting at level 2, you take -1 damage from blunt weapons. You take even less damage at levels 4 and 6.

Additionally, is swallowed alive you may stay alive inside the belly of a beast for a number of days equal to your level.

[35] Keymaster
HD- d6
saves- As MU

You can store an unlimited number of keys and key-like devices on your person at a time without encumbering yourself. Your keyring always counts as 1 unit of encumbrance.

Whenever you find a key, put it on your keyring. All connected locks (such as in the same dungeon, or owned by the same person) have a 1 in 6 chance of working with the same key. This improves at levels 3 and 7.

You can craft a magic key that lets you see into a person's soul and memories. Require a piece of that person and 1d10x1000 gold to produce. Only works while they are alive and unable to resist.

[36] Flagellater
HD- d8
saves- As Cleric

You have the ability to cast spells as a Cleric, but whenever you cast a spell you must whip yourself and deal 1d6 points of damage, and then the spell is cast. The exception is your healing spells; instead you heal others equal to your self damage.
You cannot heal yourself. You have no daily limits on how many times you can cast your spells.

[37] Shapeshifter
HD- d6
saves- As MU

Transform into a number of different forms at will. Each form is selected when you level, including first level, and each form must be your level or less in HD to turn into it.
You do not gain more health for turning into different forms, but you can gain special attacks or abilities of that form.

Each human shape counts as a single form, but you can only choose a new human or intelligent form that looks like someone else if you have a piece of that person, such as hair clippings.

[38] Court Jester
HD- d6
saves- As Thief

While in combat you may sacrifice your turn to tumble, giving you bonus AC equal to ½ your level, rounded up and letting you move through enemies without being hit.

You gain +1 to AC if wearing colorful fool's clothes, and an additional +1 if wearing bells, but you cannot attempt stealth while wearing bells.

Whenever encountering intelligent beings that give a reaction check, you may attempt to charm them at a 2 in 6 chance, granting +3 to your reaction roll. If you fail you just mildly annoy them, resulting in -1 on the reaction check.
Your chance improves at level 3, 5, 7, and 9.

Every 2nd level (2, 4, 6, etc.) you learn a secret of the kingdom from eavesdropping the court. This could include an adventuring location, political intrigue, court wizard working on a new spell, etc.

[39] Soulless
HD- d6
saves- As Fighter, immune to save vs Death

You are immune to all Cleric spells. Without a soul, you cannot be resurrected. You also cannot bargain with devils or demons.

Enemies who fight you get -1 to their morale checks. You get +1 to hit every other level.

[40] Mangler
HD- d12
saves- As Fighter

You can only fight with axes. If you an axe in each hand, you get an extra attack but -1 to hit.

Every level you get +1 damage.

Once per day per level you get the magical ability to strike straight through armor and tough defense, reducing enemy AC by -4 for one attack.

[41] Vampire Hunter
HD- d8
saves- As Cleric

You have the Cleric ability Turn Undead but replaced with Turn Vampire. This ability lets you only turn vampires, vampire spawn, vampire bats, and vampire thralls or people controlled by Vampires. You use this ability as though you were a Cleric of one higher level, but you do not have Cleric spellcasting.

On a result of 'Destroyed' instead it stuns vampires for up to 3 turns, and for Vampire Thralls it instead instantly removes any magical or hypnotic control the vampire has over the thrall.

You can only wear medium armor (chain) but as long as your neck is covered you get +1 AC. You cannot use shields but are proficient in all one handed weapons, especially stakes which have +1 to hit when used against a vampire.

[42] Stone-Heart
HD- d8
saves- As Fighter

You may pick up and ingest stones, crystals and gems to give you abilities. Once you've eaten a stone it cannot be recovered while you live and it will slowly become sand inside of you. Jewelry sized stones last only 1d6+level exploration turns, bigger rare hunks can last for up to 3 days and uncut sources can last up to a week.

Rubies, Sapphires, Topaz, and Emerald gems grant +1 protection from their related element (Fire, Ice, Electricity, and Poison respectively). Once per day per gem you may discharge a bolt of that element.

Eating any standard rock or gravel grants you +1 AC for a large handful, but each one also encumbers you by -1 until it degrades to nothing. Eating obsidian grants +1 to hit and damage while its in your belly.

Eating any type of crystal gives you a special power, unique to the crystal. Must find a geologist or test with a small sample to know the power.

[43] Airship Pilot
HD- d6
saves- As Thief

You know how to pilot steampunk or magic airships and dirigibles. Whenever you encounter a huge natural hazard while flying, you have a 1 in 6 chance of avoiding it entirely. This chance improves at levels 2, 3, 5, 8, and 9.

You also gain the Repair skill which lets you repair basic machines as well as the specific and complex machines to keep your ship running. Starting at a 2 in 6 chance. Failure means you need to land to get a specific part. This chance increases only once at level 6.

Finally when using mounted guns, cannons, or rams aboard your airship you get +2 to hit and damage, improves by +1/+1 at 4th and 10th level.

[44] Dragonborn
HD- d8
saves- As MU

You look like an ordinary human but a strange color birthmark gives you reason to believe you are secretly the spawn of a great dragon!

You have two separate stashes where you keep your money and valuables, your regular inventory and your hoard, which you cannot spend for any reason. Moving gold to your hoard essentially removes it from being spent by you, but this powers some of your special abilities.

You can smell gold and precious gems, even though walls, the range of which is equal to one yard per level.

At 2nd level you can breathe fire once daily, forcing enemies to make a save vs breath weapons or be burned for 2d6. You can only do this once a day and only if you've increased your Hoard by 10%.

Sleeping on top of your hoard grants you AC as plate for the rest of the day, but only if you grow your hoard by 5%.

[45] Demigod
HD- d8
saves- As Fighter

Each level, choose an ability score and improve it by +1d4 points.

[46] Wand-Waver
HD- d6
saves- As MU

Unlike a normal magic user, you may use magic channeled through a wand. The wand must be made of wood but can be decorated to taste and the minimum cost for a wand is 1d6x100 GP. Extremely decorated wands, such as wands made of gold or studded with gems, get +1 to resist being broken and +1 channeling rolls.

If you are attacked while wielding the wand or fall from a great height, your wand has a 2 in 6 chance to avoid being broken. If your wand is broken you cannot use your powers until you make a new one. The only way to improve your chance of the wand being spared is by improving its decoration.

Starting at 1st level, you may use the wand to push/pull objects or manipulate things beyond your reach with equal strength and dexterity to a human hand. Examples would be lifting a goblet, snuffing a candle, or pulling a lever.

Starting at 2nd level you can also channel energy into an object that requires energy to function such as a machine, arcane object, or a wagon or cart. This simply allows the 'push' of energy without any kind of direction towards it, and you must roll 1d10 versus the thing's size to get it to work.

Starting at 4th level, you may attack enemies using a weak blast of energy. Functions as Magic Missile but only deals 1d4 damage per round you cast it, reduce damage by -1 past the first combat round.

Starting at 5th level you may begin casting prestidigitation freely used through your wand, with full control over their effect. You may have a number of effects running equal to your level.

[47] Sleepwalker
HD- d6
saves- As Cleric

Caught between the world of reality and the dream world, you awoke one morning from bed to find you never really awoke at all.

Like in a dream, once per day you may boost your Strength or Dexterity modifier by +3. This lasts for one exploration turn.

You can give yourself a single item or feature that is purely illusion at will. For example, you may pull out an illusionary sword or have an imaginary wound open up on your body. This ability should function like a weaker version of Silent Image but it can make sound in some occasions (ie; playing an illusion instrument)

You may cast illusionist spells as though you were an illusionist of one level lower then you are. You do not need to prepare these spells or use reagents, they are imaginations of your dreaming mind.

Illusions, to you, are totally real. You cannot disbelieve illusions. You do however get +2 to saves vs illusion creatures or other dangers.

[48] Knight of the Realm
HD- d10
saves- As Fighter

You are a Knight with a station above mere men and kings. You must guard the realm, the general landscape around which your character inhabits. This must be a single kingdom or a loose area of land if multiple nations/cultures inhabit it.

You are proficient with all weapons and get +1 to hit and AC on your horse. You use all armors.

You may heal people by drawing strength from your realm, healing 1d6 HP per ½ your level, rounding up. The more you do this, symbolic sickness and pain will appear in the realm such as forest fires, plagues, dissent, etc.
You must restore this 'borrowed' health from the land by serving the realm through deed and coin.

[49] Master of Ceremonies
HD- d4
saves- As Cleric

At first level you must pick an alignment and stick to it rigorously. You get the ability to Sacrifice blood or wealth to create an Aura of your alignment in the target area or imbued into a target person or object.

While under your protection, this aura can block 1st level spells that are either opposed in alignment or cast by those who are opposed to your alignment. At 3rd, 8th, 14th and 20th, the level the level of spells that can be blocked increases by +1

Gain +1 AC versus creatures of opposed Alignment per level. This does not apply to humans or intelligent beings of that alignment, due to their more biological origin of existence.

Starting at 2nd level, you can Turn Aura, which can repel away Auras created by other Masters of Ceremonies, and can also be used to repel the natural auras of highly lawful/chaotic places.

[50] Treasure Hunter
HD- d6
saves- As Thief

Archaeologist and tomb raider. Advance as Thief, but get +2 to hit with whip weapons. Can also use your whip to try and disarm or trip opponents instead of attacking for a round.

Whenever you pick up a magic item you have a 1 in 6 chance of hearing an ancient song or legend about it, telling you the potential dangers and benefits of the items. This improves in chance at 5th and 9th level.

You begin the game with an insignificant tiny trinket with hints of usefulness. At some point it will save your entire puzzle and fit neatly into a slot in the wall, as though fate aligned.

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