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30 Weapon Enhancements

 30 Weapon Enhancements
For OSR Adventures

[1] The weapon was once polished and honed to a razor sharp edge. It has never lost it.

[2] The first victim of this weapon was a woman who let out an ear-splitting scream. When this weapon touches you, you hear that same scream, and it is the scream that cuts you, not the blade.

[3] When inserted back into its sheathe, a flatworm creature that lives within the sheathe and feeds off the blood carried to it by the warrior cuddles and grooms the weapon, keeping it as sharp as possible with its acidic spit.

[4] The weapon's edge appears straight, but very close inspection reveals how it is actually made of a million tiny jagged points. Even simple cuts bleed and tear grotesquely.

[5] Two arch-devils are having a bet over this weapon and they're both cheating of course, so the weapon is supernaturally sharp.

[6] The weapon actually has three blades layered on top of each other. They're perfectly aligned, so the slightest wear or crack in one weapon means another perfect one takes up the slack.

[7] The weapon's handle is wrapped in paper. This is actually a scroll of Sharpen weapon, which has been stuck to it for decades, leeching power to the blade.

[8] The tip of this weapon is home to an impossibly tiny family of gnomes, who make sure their roof is as sharp and sturdy as possible.

[9] The weapon reforges itself each morning, you can watch it red hot and get hammered and shaped by nothing.

[10] The weapon is made of two different materials; a small amount is used and spread along the blade. The material of the blade is unknown.

[1] There is a heavy lead ball inside of this weapon that rolls with each swing, giving each attack more impact and weight.

[2] This weapon was made with dense metal found at the bottom of the ocean. It's a dark blue color.

[3] The Lawbringer's hammer hits enemies with the weight of their guilt and sins. It is very harsh, so to the pure of heart and children, it is as light as a feather. To everyone else, it is heavy as stone.

[4] The weapon has been designed to focus all of its weight into its striking surface. The strange curve it has means it can even stand on this edge, impossibly staying upright if left on the ground.

[5] This weapon was forged in an Earthquake, and anything the weapon smashes rumbles as though it was in an Earthquake, amplifying its power.

[6] The astral 'shadow' of this weapon has been fused with its physical form, meaning without getting any heavier the living soul feels it as though it is twice as heavy as it is.

[7] This weapon was forged using the fist of an ogre. The brute overpowering force is still felt within its might swing.

[8] This weapon steals the momentum from nearby things as it is swung. The air falls on a deathly silence whenever it is used.

[9] This weapon was cursed to fall into the black abyss at the darkest depths of the ocean. Somehow it is back on land and falls down with incredible speed. Clever use of its swing can be used to multiply the force of its heft. Whenever it is let go it falls to the floor as fast and hard as possible, trying to reach its final resting place.

[10] The flat face of this weapon is riddled with tiny metal holes, crafted to catch the air and blow it back upon impact, amplifying its force.

Balance & Reach
[1] For some reason, all who grasp this weapon feel it is just the 'perfect' size and shape. It was forged by modron smiths, who made sure every single molecule of iron was counted, weighed against exact measures of sand.

[2] This weapon was forged with the hands of someone who made sure their left hand performed only evil, and their right hand perform only good. The weapon has an alignment of Neutral.

[3] Special compartments in the hilt and handle allow the weapon to be extended or shortened by twisting the pommel.

[4] This weapon is under a permanent displacement effect; it can be a few inches forward, back, left or right, up or down. This means it can strike even when it appears as though it closely missed.

[5] Each hand placed on the weapon give it its damage and power in its swing. You can't even stub your toe on it if not being held, one hand is normal but both hands is double power.

[6] The weapon is bendy and has a strange substance that allows it to do this without losing its impact or sharpness.

[7] The weapon is perfectly straight, enough that it can be used as a level. Point forward it is nearly impossible to see without turning your head.

[8] This weapon was created by an elvish crafter. Each cut it makes is like caligraphy and each drop of blood it spills flow into a floral pattern.

[9] This weapon has several points, knobs, and strange holes along its length and down to its guard and handle. Each one has a use for an incredibly specific maneuver and situation in combat, making it very versatile.

[10] This weapon's handle is a gyroscope; allowing it to be turned and twisted without hurting or changing one's position with their hand. Nearly impossible to disarm while held.

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