Saturday, August 5, 2017

6 Strange Rations

Six Strange Rations
Roll 1d6

[1] Rock-Muncher. Metal jaw that locks in over your mouth, somehow lets you eat rocks. You could eat an entire pack of sling-stones like grapes, or eat a hand-sized rock like a loaf of bread. Tastes bad but provides modest nutrition, your jaw is always sore after using it meaning you get -1 to reaction checks and spellcasting rolls. The hinges snap constantly and require replacement by a blacksmith every 1d4 uses. If you ever accidentally bite into ore or a rock containing a gemstone, the metal jaws break permanently but you also will know the rock you were eating had the valuable material inside.

[2] Liquid Dinner. Potions filled with mashed up bread, potatoes, meat, and other foodstuffs. Drinking it makes you feel incredibly full, you become sluggish and get -1 to initiative rolls but counts as a full meal and heals +1 hp. The bottles themselves are heavy, one bottle per person per ration.

[3] Hound Bug. This tiny insect has been trained to catch and kill other insects, even pulling off their wings and legs to make them unable to escape. Bringing this along with you on your journey will let you create 1 ration per day with it, but there is a 1 in 6 chance that the bug will just leave you in the middle of the night if you don't keep it securely locked in its case. You still have to eat gross bugs it brings you, but is a pretty good supplier of food.

[4] Plant Paste. Smear this stuff on your skin and stay very still in the sunlight, this lets you photosynthesize energy like a plant. You have to stay still for 2 hours in the sun to get 'fed' from it, and the paste will only last about 1d4 days until blood, sweat, and dryness will make it lose its effect. Getting submerged in water or hit with a fire spell will automatically destroy all the paste on your skin and render it useless.

[5] Alms Bowl. Special bowl created by clerics who want to get money from people; the bowl must first be given a tithe of 1d6 coins, the lid closed, and then when it is opened the bowl will have bland, tasteless, warm gruel contained within ready to eat. Higher value coins are highly encouraged. It's a remote method of casting the cleric spell Create Food & Water. Beyond requiring money to use, the magic prayer inscriptions written on the side of the bowl fade as money is donated. Once 100 coins has been given to the bowl, the quota for it has been met and its power fades.

[6] Sky Rods. Fishing rod with seemingly miles of twine that has been enchanted to fall upwards, into the deep blue sky. Can catch skyfish, but reeling them in takes a lot of time. Once they get near the ground, their gravity reverses and they can be used as food, but if you drop the rod on accident it will fall up and never been seen again. 1 in 10 chance a sky whale bites the hook, yanking it up into the sky to be lost. If you refuse to let go of the line when this happens it might also take you high into the air, only to fall to your death.

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