Sunday, August 20, 2017

Door Apperance Generator

Dare ye enter?
To generate a door, roll the die for each category. Then roll for a trap if it has one.

General Look – 1d4
[1] Worn, chipped, rusted.
[2] Ramshackle, pieces were put together from different sources.
[3] Dusty and faded.
[4] Very well maintained.

Size – 1d4
[1] Dwarf, halfling, and gnome sized. Bigger creatures will have a hard time squeezing through.
[2] Normal human sized door.
[3] Double door.
[4] Comically large, takes at least 2 people to open it slowly.

Hinges – 1d6
[1] Mummified hands grip handles on the edges of the door on the hinge side.
[2] Tiny needle hidden in hinge so dungeon residents can see if anyone entered
[3] Crystals floating along edges of door, door is actually suspended but has all standard properties.
[4] Iron rings, repurposed from shackles or other prison implements.
[5] Door suspended by chains, must be opened by turning wheel.
[6] Door rolls into carved nook in wall to be opened.

Handle/Knocker – 1d6
[1] Stereotypical lion head. If used it makes a muffled lion roar.
[2] Carved dragon with solid metal 'flames' being used as the grip.
[3] Valuable piece of ivory or monster horn attached to the door as a handle.
[4] Strange 'slide' handle, pulls all the way across and turn to open.
[5] No handle, just smooth. It pushes open as long as it isn't locked or trapped.
[6] Tiny toy mallet tied to door to knock with, or to push/pull as a knob.

Body/Face – 1d20
[1] Painted with 'spooky' witch imagery, like eyes, snakes, weird symbols, and glowing paint.
[2] Axe stuck directly in the otherwise normal door.
[3] Made of several pieces of driftwood, lashed tightly together.
[4] Made of brass, design of a shield struck by lightning engraved on surface.
[5] Covered in a leather skin, stretched human face in the center trapped in endless silent scream.
[6] Glass jar suspended in center of door, gross monster eyeball suspended within.
[7] Paper door, colorful with feathers stuck in to give appearance of a peacock or other colorful bird.
[8] Four arrows are stuck in this door, some blood dried on the wood.
[9] Has four different handles horizontally set along the door. They all work just fine.
[10] Iron reinforced door. Several rivets hold it from being smashed apart.
[11] Looks like a jail door, bars let you see what's through in the next room.
[12] Pissing goblin statue in a tiny semi-circle fountain stuck on the center of the door.
[13] Button or lever attached to the door used in dungeon puzzle. Can only be used from one side.
[14] Tiny box built into the door, used as mail slot or to give offerings to dungeon rulers.
[15] Door has a key hanging from a nail in its center. The key activates a trap if used in this door.
[16] Paper seals and charms plastered on this door, to ward off magic.
[17] Lightly glowing mushrooms live on this tree, moisture collecting it its cracks.
[18] Big red X painted on front of this door.
[19] Door carved with geometric symbols, gold and silver paint used at central axis.
[20] Upper torso of a zombie crudely lashed to this door. Swipes at anyone who tries to open it.

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