Monday, August 14, 2017

12 Magical Fruits

Prisoner Plums [12]
  12 Magical Fruits
[1] Caustic Citrus. The juice of this fruit turns into acid after a few seconds of being mixed with saliva. Because of the short grace period, it is very easy to die accidentally after biting this fruit and swallowing. You can bite the fruit and spit it out to deal 1d4 acid damage to a person or object within literal spitting distance.

[2] Guard Grape. These grapes are incredibly hard before it is ripened, and a few vines of it can be worn around your body as improvised chainmail. As chainmail. Ruined by the first fire attack that hits it and after 1d6 days of plucking.

[3] Empathy Eggplant. Biting into this fruit makes you feel the same emotion as the person with the most extreme or heartfelt emotion currently in the immediate area. The juice of this fruit is a key ingredient in a Mind Reading potion. If anyone nearby you is a doppelganger or sociopath without emotion, you just get a stomach ache.

[4] Magic Mango. Eating this mango grants your +1 damage with your basic attacks and +1 damage or healing with spells. It lasts for 4 hours.

[5] Apathy Apple. Apple that limits you to one attack or action per combat round, and stops you from using spell and class abilities. But it also grants +2 to saves vs mind affecting spells, or anything that makes you feel fear, lust, rage, or any other emotion.

[6] Troll Tangerine. Eating this lets you regenerate 1d6 hit points, with your skin turning green for an equal number of days after eating.

[7] Opulant Olive. Eating this olive makes all of your worldly possessions you have on you look more regal, refined, and high class. Tattered rags looks like a lordly suit or dress. Your donkey looks like a stallion with white coat and blonde mane, etc. Lasts until the next time you eat, shit, or have sex.

[8] Language Lime. The juice of this lime, is dripped onto a scroll or page of a spellbook, magically changes the text into common. Only enough juice for one page. Permanent.

[9] Crusader Coconut. Grants your level to hit and damage for one attack against an evil creature. Must be declared before rolling. If you're a Cleric, you can instead double your level bonus for a single turn undead roll instead.

[10] Bestial Banana. Scientifically inaccurate 'de-evolution' effect, turns humans into monkeys, elves into foxes, halflings into sheep, and dwarves into moles. Doesn't work on races that didn't “evolve” from anything. Lasts for about 1 day, but damage Intelligence by -1d4 points.

[11] Devious Date. Eating this grants +1 to stealth and stealth attack rolls for your next stealth or sneak attack. You can eat multiple dates, but if you eat 4 or more in one day you will go into a coma that is indistinguishable from death for 1d6 hours.

[12] Prison Plum. Eating this plum gives a -2 to all lockpicking, spellcraft rolls, stealth, attack, and morale checks of any prisoners trying to break out of your captivity.

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