Monday, August 28, 2017

4 Unusual Monsters

Mawstick (1 HD, 1d4 regular attack, 1d6+1 when wrapped up by one)
AC: 9
Number Appearing: 3d8
Morale: 10

Lives in groups that stand together like a small forest. Use short-range teleportation magic to 'sprout up' around prey, which they attack in a group. By making an attack roll -2, it can attempt to wrap itself someone which increases the damage they do and prevent the victim from moving.

Gravel Gobbler (1 to 3 HD, 1d6+HD rock launch attack, +2 to hit)
AC: 12
Number Appearing: 1d6
Morale: 7

Lives in areas filled with gravel and small stones. Eats dirt and rocks to grind up food in its gizzard, but can launch them out of its blowhole as a defense mechanism. Dust and dirt it eats sometimes collects into shining green pearls in its stomach, 1 in 6 chance any gravel gobbler has one, worth 50 coins if sold at a market.

Stucco Stalker (2 HD, 4 in 6 to surprise party, +2 to hit, 1d6 damage)
AC: 11
Number Appearing: 1d4+1
Morale: 9

Ambulatory piece of wall in roughly humanoid form. Lays flat up against walls in ruined cities and abandoned villages who use this style. Walls often have depressions in the area that show where the stucco stalkers normally rest.

Like to sneak up on people and rend them with claws. Unnaturally strong despite its flatness and lightweight body. Can enter and leave occupied squares without provoking attacks of opportunity, if you use rules like that. Prefers hit and run tactics.

The Unconquerable Ulazoo (5 HD, 1d4 peck attack, can grow arms)
AC: 12
Number Appearing: 1 in 10 chance of breeding pair, otherwise just 1
Morale: 14

Extremely protective of its nest, the flightless Ulazoo's territorial nature means it commonly fights dangerous creatures like adventurers, ogres, gnolls, and so on. Naturalistic scholars believe it developed its incredible abilities so it can survive in a dungeon environment.

The first time it is struck, it grows two arms. By giving up its peck attack for a round, it can grow another arm. By not moving it can grow two arms. Every arm grows with a fully formed weapon and can be used to make an attack or to grant +1 AC to the Ulazoo for a round by parrying attacks. If you're using an axe, you can target its arms with a +1 attack roll, on a hit destroy one arm. The Ulazoo does not feel pain or take damge from its arms being destroyed.

Its arms, despite appearing totally human and fleshy, provide seemingly no nutritional value and rot three times as quickly as normal meat. The weapons they drop rot at the same rate as the meat, quickly rusting away and crumbling to dust, but can be used as normal weapons until then.


  1. I've never been so singularly delighted by a concept like the Ulazoo is right now. I just have to use some in my campaign.