Monday, July 31, 2017

4 second Zombie-Apocalypse Survivor Generator

Roll 4d6 and write each number down in order. Then roll 1d20. Congratulations, you've made a zombie apocalypse survivor in 4 seconds. 25,920 combinations.

Physical State
[1] Bone thin, wiry. Anemic but can squeeze into tight spaces.
[2] Body-builderesque. Can carry much more and very strong with melee weapons.
[3] Somehow still overweight. Bad cardio but +2 hitpoints.
[4] Old. Bad vision and hearing, but can feel a pain in their knees when zombies are coming.
[5] Missing an arm or leg. Immune to the disease.
[6] Average build. Has a weird birthmark or heterochromia.

Mental State
[1] Hyper-Focused. Seems to notice everything, on the verge of collapse.
[2] Paranoid. Gets to always go first in combat.
[3] Scientific and detached, coping mechanism. Knows a useful fact about machines or zombies.
[4] Doting and self-sacrificing. Heals others +1 HP when using health kits.
[5] Arrogant, Selfish. Wants to be “leader”. Can intimidate bandits and raiders.
[6] Depressed. Mopey, will kill self if bitten. 1 in 20 chance they become a hero at just the right time.

[1] Semi-Automatic handgun. Can reload on the move.
[2] Powertools. Can be used to build fortifications as well.
[3] Chainsaw. Massive damage, but needs gasoline.
[4] Fucking samurai sword. Breaks on an attack roll of 1.
[5] Makeshift shotgun made out of metal pipe. Can be used as bludgeon.
[6] Entire box of molotov cocktails.

Useful Item
[1] First aid kit.
[2] Gallon of gasoline.
[3] Box of ammo for the most convenient firearm.
[4] Flare gun.
[5] Medicine. Can be used to cure one normal disease or slow zombie virus for 1d6 days.
[6] Solar-powered pair of walkie-talkies.

[1] Hunting Enthusiast. Hunting Rifle with 2d6 bullets, can butcher and skin animals.
[2] Librarian or Lawyer. Has gold pocket watch, could be used for trade.
[3] Free Runner. Can lose anyone in chases and move quick through urban areas.
[4] Cop. Has bulletproof vest, pistol, and fighting skill. Convict gang wants them dead.
[5] Student. Fully charged laptop and phone.
[6] College dropout or hippie. Has magic mushrooms or marijuana & bong. Enough for 4 doses.
[7] Cashier. Gets +1 to reaction checks with other survivors.
[8] Rock-climber. Has lots of rope, climbing gloves, and no fear of heights.
[9] Motorcycle tough guy. Leather jacket gives +1 AC, switchblade. Motorcycle is ruined.
[10] Cowboy. Can tie things up at a distance and can break in wild horses as mounts.
[11] Janitor. Has a makeshift bomb made of cleaning supplies.
[12] Professional chef. Can make almost anything taste good, has a big ass cleaver.
[13] Hiker. Has a tent, bedroll, and can go for a long time without rest.
[14] Drunk bastard. Heals 1 hp the first drink he has each day.
[15] Greasemonkey. Good at fixing cars.
[16] Government official. Can flash ID to avoid getting killed by roving government death squads.
[17] Suburban stay at home parent. Can stitch up clothes.
[18] Creepy weirdo. If he rolls a 1 for damage against a zombie, he can reroll it.
[19] Zoo Keeper. 1 in 20 chance huge ass lion from zoo he treated nicely appears to save him.
[20] Fisherman. Can produce a ration from fishing and can drive boats.

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