Monday, July 24, 2017

Dirt Simple Mana Points

This is my rewritten magic system. I intend to add it to the class rules shortly.

Magic Users use mana points to cast spells. Every spell you learn uses the same research rules, but learning a single effect with a set mana cost, with mana cost standing in for complexity -1. Every spell has a mana point cost, once cast the points are gone until the adventure is over or you rest.

You can regain 1 mana point each exploration turn by reading your spellbook. If your spellbook is lost, you cannot rest to recover mana points in this way. You can also drink a mana potion, which restores 1d6 Mana.

Casting spells in combat uses up your round. Add your Intelligence modifier to your spell damage.

Character Progression
Magic users begin at first level with 2 mana.
Every EVEN level, they gain +2 more mana.
Every ODD level beyond first level (starting at 3rd level), they gain Potence which allows them to bind magical creatures, cast ritual spells, and other arcane powers not covered here.

Mana Potion on belt
1 Cost Spells
Conjure an elemental bolt of fire, ice, or lightning that deals 1d4 damage.
Levitate for up to a minute. Walking pace speed. Can be sustained midair with mana.
Create a flare that lights up an area, removing darkness penalties. Lasts for 3 combat rounds if used in combat or a minute outside of combat.
✨ Draw with glowing light streaks from your finger. Glow too dim to use as light source.
Bring someone from 0 HP to 1 HP
Telekinetic control over object of 1 weight or less. Lasts for up to a single turn. Simple actions only; getting a broom to sweep or lantern to float besides you. Cannot be used as an attack.

2 Cost Spells
Bolt of elemental energy. Deals 1d6 damage.
Lower a monster's HD by one. If dropped to 0, monster becomes disabled and useless until returned to at least 1 HD. Returns at a rate of 1 per hour or 6 exploration turns.
Heal someone 1 HP.
✨ Magic bubbles to carry objects. Carries up to 4 load for 1 turn.
Repair a basic weapon, a single piece of armor, or a shield. Cannot repair obliterated items.

3 Cost Spells
Block off a doorway or hallway with a wall of solid darkness, totally impassable. Lasts 1d4 turns.
Hold up a piece of something and it will help you find the whole. Won't work on things too far away or too old to be 'part' of the object. Bone to skeleton, stick to tree, weapon to armory, etc.
Grant an ally +2 AC for three rounds.
Death touch. Deals 1d10 ghoulish damage.

4 Cost Spells
Elemental barrage, deal 1d6 fire, cold, or lightning damage to enemy an all adjacent to them.
Create a barrier of wind that batters away arrows & light projectiles, lasts for 2 rounds.
Cause a single creature you are making eye contact with to make a morale check.
Create sparkling magic cloud beneath you that can prevent you from taking fall damage. Fills in space, can protect many others as well.
Conjure an Impish minion. It's very small and weak, 1 HD. It performs any order given, and will still dutifully carry out a suicidal order, but will curse you as it does.

5 Cost Effects
Treat a reaction check as Friendly result.
Elemental Blast; 2d8 Fire, Cold, or Lightning to a single target. If damage 6+ then elemental overcharge. If 12+ then double overcharge effect.
Create illusion lure, such as crying baby or smell of cooking food. Lasts until something falls for it and comes close to investigate.
Disappear in combat for 1d4 rounds. You reappear in the same location. Can cast on others. 
Give a temporary shield to an ally, +1d6 temp HP. Lasts until combat ends or 1 minute.
Cast a spontaneous spell with an effect equal or less in power to a 1 or 2 cost spell.

Elemental Overcharge Effects
Whenever you deal 6 or more damage with elemental spells;

🔥 Fire destroys 1 piece of armor, boils a potion, or burns a scroll/spellbook.

❄️ Ice sticks the target's feet in place, must spend a round to break themselves free.

🌩️ Lightning stuns the victim for one round.

Wizard casting a 1-cost Flare

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