Friday, July 28, 2017

Wand & Staff Apperance Geneator

Here are some ways to make a random design or appearance for a magic wand or staff.

Wand & Staff Appearance Generator
Roll a Shaft, Handle, and Topper. For a staff, roll Shaft category twice instead of a Handle.

Shaft- d12
[1] Vertical grooves.
[2] Single continuous spiral carved into shaft, from top to bottom.
[3] Polished stones embedded in hexagonal slots.
[4] Dragon engraving circles all the way up.
[5] Unworked, pure material without smoothing.
[6] Single opal, swirling colors, embedded halfway up the shaft.
[7] Colorful painted rings, alternating up the staff.
[8] Several small charms hang down, tied with twine along the length.
[9] Leather straps nailed in to top and bottom, can be slung about your back like a holster.
[10] Splotched with darker stains.
[11] Metal studs along its length.
[12] Wrapped in fabric all the way down.

Handle- d12
[1] Engraved to imply the shaft is the horn of a unicorn or narwhal.
[2] Exotic animal fur for a grip.
[3] Made of an animal antler, mostly unworked except where it is joined to the shaft.
[4] Orb filled with colorful water as pommel.
[5] Wrapped in fabulous red dyed fabric.
[6] Clockwork music box built in. Turning the key plays a 4 note lullaby.
[7] Ergonomically designed. Shaft is curved.
[8] Has metal crossguard like a sword.
[9] Flowers engraved along base of shaft and bottom of the handle.
[10] Gold hilt-cap. Stamped with a face.
[11] Painted in bright and annoying colors.
[12] Extremely long, almost as long as shaft.

Topper- d20
[1] The head of some animal, like a wolf or owl.
[2] Wooden ball, polished to incredible shine.
[3] Tiny twig with impossibly still green leaf.
[4] Tip painted white. Glows in the dark.
[5] Very tip split in two prongs.
[6] Bead cord attached to end.
[7] Small length of chain wrapped around tip.
[8] Tiny carved house. An ant lives there.
[9] Opaque crystal of random color.
[10] Solidified orb of amber.
[11] Star stuck on end, like fairy godmother.
[12] Metal topper. Shaped like a finger.
[13] Shark bone fishhook.
[14] Raw ore splinter.
[15] Conductive. Occasional spark.
[16] Glass tip. Transparent.
[17] Tight spiral engraving.
[18] Metal ring few inches below apex.
[19] Tip cut off, sanded flat.
[20] Flickers soft, arcane light like an ember.

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