Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Path of Exile-style crafting

Since Fall of Oriath is coming out soon, I've been in a really big Path of Exile style mood, and was thinking about how to do Path of Exile crafting in an OSR tabletop game. It's an idea I've had for a long time, but have only just now typed it up.

Normally I draw my own art for the blog, but when it comes to established series with their own very pretty art, I'll let them do the illustration. All images © Grinding Gear Games.

Can't wait to kill this guy.

Path of Exile Crafting
To imbue an item with power, you have to use an Orb. Orbs can only be found in dungeons, or maybe crafted by high level artificers. Assume the cost of an Orb in a market would be equal to the average costs of all the possible magical properties it could give, since it is random.

From most common to most rare;
Orb of Transmutation roll 1d6 on the relevant table.
Orb of Alteration let you reroll an Orb of Transmutation item.
Orb of Alchemy roll 1d10 on the table. If you get a 6 or less, roll another d6 and keep both effects.
Orb of Augmentation let you add another 1d6 effect on an Orb of Transmutation item.
Orb of Chance roll 1d12. On a 11 or 12, you swap to another random table with a 1d6.
Orb of Scouring removes all magic effects from an item, as well as curses.
Chaos Orb lets you reroll any item.
Exalted Orb roll 1d4+6 and add that effect to any item.


Random Element Table
[1] Fire
[2] Cold
[3] Lightning
[4] Poison

Random Effect Table
Each piece of gear has a different range of possibilities.

[1] +1 to hit
[2] Weapon stuns for 1 round when it rolls maximum damage
[3] Deals 1 damage of a random element on a hit.
[4] Weapon glows in dark places, equal to a candle. If this result twice it's as bright as a torch.
[5] Roll 19 or 20 on an attack, get an extra attack this round.
[6] Get +1 initiative with this weapon.
[7] Weapon die size is increased
[8] Weapon can be released from hand to animate and fight for you for 3 rounds. Once per day.
[9] This weapon stops enemies from regenerating or healing it without bed rest.
[10] Once per battle, this weapon can fire a ranged beam that deals 1d6 magic, no save.

Armors & Shields
[1] +1 AC
[2] Gear is 1 unit lighter.
[3] +1 to stealth when equipped.
[4] Armor or Shield is corrosion resistant. If result twice then its immune.
[5] +1 to all saving throws while equipped.
[6] When an enemy rolls a 1 to hit you, you get a free counter-attack.
[7] Maximum health increased by +2 while wearing this item.
[8] You take one less point of damage from basic attacks while equipped.
[9] Once per battle, you only take 1 damage from each source of damage until your next turn.
[10] Once per battle, you can blind an enemy for a round by reflecting light off the item. No save.

[1] You can speak one additional language while worn, determined when the item is first identified.
[2] Cast 1 additional first level spell a day. If you aren't a MU, you can cast Mage Hand once per day.
[3] You have 1 resistance to a random element.
[4] +1 Str, Dex, or Con modifier, determined randomly.
[5] +1 Int, Wis, or Cha modifier, determined randomly.
[6] Cast Turn Undead once more per day. If you aren't a Cleric, you can cast Sanctuary once a day.
[7] You are immune to Sleep and Charm.
[8] Once per day, reflect 50% of the damage enemy spell or attack deals to you back to them.
[9] Add +1 to Treasure rolls, or increase the amount of gold you find by +10%
[10] Once per day when you kill someone gruesomely, heal 1 HP. Item whispers to you.

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