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50 Back-Up Demons

Nightwing from [41]
50 Back-Up Demons
For OSR Adventures

[1] Amkabarr the demon of paper cuts between fingers. He's the closest demon on this list to becoming a proper evil devilspawn and is looking to expand his portfolio with a new minor sin, torment, or demonic contract.

[2] Ki the demon of not looking both ways before crossing a busy road. He can curse someone so they'll get slammed into by a cart or running horse. Deals 1d4 damage in a town, 1d6 in a city.

[3] Aztti the midwife. Demon looks like a deflated elephant. It's touch greatly reduces the pain people feel. Doesn't matter what pain it is, but most people summon it for birthing. The demon doesn't do this out of kindness, it's just stupid and thinks that reducing physical pain will allow the victim to stew in their mental anguish easier.

[4] Orgoreos. Looks like a man without a face and an elongated neck. Minor demon of arrogance and pride. Can grant +1 to any reaction check but deals -2 damage to the user's Wisdom score.

[5] Amm the cruel. Academic demon that delights in given A+ students flat As instead. Curses magic users to cast their next spell at one caster level lower then they normally would.

[6] Feebal Old Crim. Despite looking totally pathetic, he's the demon of the fear that anyone who looks pathetic may actually have a knife and be good with it. Unsurprisingly, he's really good with knives.

[7] Puddle-Face. Literally a puddle with a gross demon face in the center; demon of distorted images in puddles. Anyone who drinks him can look like another person of the same race for 1 hour, but every time they piss for the next week their piss will always do the most evil thing it can.

[8] Zottab. Minor imp with transmutation magic, demon of change you don't want but will get used to in a few minutes.

[9] Priest-Tender. Demon that mocks religion. Currently 'mocking' a religion in your setting by feeding the poor, donating to charity, and saying rites and prayers with 100% sincerity. Can give ordained marriages, but mocks them by crying emotionally when the bride and groom kiss.

[10] Lokipp, a succubus who thinks humans are sexually attracted to walls and gates since they build them so much. Grants excellent masonry advice, but expect her to awkwardly try to seduce you into banging a wall.

[11] Ulgoth the demon of the chaos smite. Whenever a Chaotic/Evil priest tries to smite someone, this demon is responsible for smashing them with an evil black hammer. This hammer can kill almost anything, but only Ulgoth can control it. Sadly, he is not strong enough to lift it.

[12] Demon of the Curve. Invisible, speaks from nearby curved objects with a booming voice to those who summon it, and is the demon of people being annoyed they can't see the earth's curvature from the ground. Can tell you which way is North.

[13] Hounder. Demon of harassing letters and loan sharks bothering people for money. He's not actually the demon of those things, just the annoying messages they send. Can curse anyone to suddenly have a nonspecific debt of 1d6x10 to a generic organization. He hopes the funds will be properly embezzled and wasted as they should be.

[14] Izzik the Archer. Demon of the mildly annoying creaking noise bows make sometimes. Still a pretty good shot with a bow, but expect annoying creaking sounds whenever he uses it. He really tries to play it up.

[15] Werewolf Demon. Actually just the demon of the minor annoyances werewolves have (like how sniffing something gross is worse in wolf form then human form) but acts like he's the demon of every werewolf. He can help you identify if someone is a werewolf or not, and pretends to get burned by touching silver objects but they don't actually hurt him.

[16] Shady. Demon of the cramps shadow puppeteers have, also the demon of people afraid of shadow puppets, which is only very young children, but he's proud of it. Can make your shadow look like anything else until next sunrise.

[17] Magicos. Demon of regretting not studying more in Wizard school. Can improve your caster level by +1 for a spell or two, but desperately needs money sacrifices to pay off student loans.

[18] Fosif. Incredibly cruel demon of memory and regret. Can help you learn secrets and things lost to your memory or the memories of others, but each time you do he also forces you to remember something embarrassing you did when you were younger that you had finally forgotten.

[19] Carbbon. Appears like a single lion's leg with a face on it, hops around. Likes to scratch people to increase people's fear of lions, will maul anyone you instruct, never thinks to turn on summoner.

[20] Silver Saffron. Demonette of women buying spices slightly out of their price range to try something new. Cosmopolitan and shrewd, can produce a low-value coin from her cleavage.

[21] Demon of Lies. Not all lies though, just a few specific ones. 1 in 20 chance it knows something you lied about and can use it against you, otherwise he's a generic trickster/lawyer devil.

[22] Pretis. Demon of horribly flawed flower arrangement. Pretty much the satan of flower arrangers, otherwise not important. Can wilt or conjure 1d100 flowers once per day.

[23] Black Soup. Demon of being forced to drink soup with those gross little black floaty shit in it, probably from foreign cultures. Actually really nice guy, as far as demons go. Insecure about his cooking, eating his meals heal 1 HP.

[24] Devil Smoke. He's a demon that is mostly about trying to get fires to sin, not humans. (fire sin is basically not cooking food evenly and spreading beyond the stove). Grants +1d6 damage to ALL fire spells cast if he's around.

[25] Demon of Fading colors. Can suck all the color out of a person's eyes for 1d6 days, making them colorblind and a little depressed.

[26] Sallusk. Demon of bone charms and carved bone talismans. Pretty much irrelevant in modern era; desperate for souls and summonings and will be willing to do more then most demons.

[27] Demon of the Knapsack. Willingly carries your gear, can carry as much as an average porter. Unless you give him the idea, he won't even whine or annoy you with dumb devil songs as you walk.

[28] Flightless Ones. Group of demons that look like shaved penguins. Very minor group of tormentors that delight in making flightless birds feel inferior, but flightless birds don't tend to talk or philosophize much so these guys are bored. Whenever you summon these, you get 1d6 of them instead of just one.

[29] Eyeball demon. Can only possess a single eyeball, but makes the most of it. Usually swells up to twice its size and is constantly making you look at irritating or gross stuff. If placated the demon can help you find a single hidden door, trap, switch, or treasure.

[30] Nubbabet. Demon of rivers that are too slow to make downstream easy but fast enough to make upstream tiring. Minor control over rivers.

[31] Saiat the matrimonial. Balances hell's checkbook of sins when it comes to wedding by getting people to indulge in a little excess here and lustful honeymoons there. Can't totally cancel out the holiness of a wedding but helps keeps the accounts in the black. Extremely busy, will dissipate immediately after fulfilling her summoned objectives.

[32] Eskimo warmth demon. Basically a demon that goes around feeding on the desire of the not!Eskimos in your setting that wish it was less cold and shitty. Every time you summon him you learn another word for snow in a random language, which may give you a hint to speak creature languages you can't normally learn.

[33] Lethiric the Unclean. Always has filthy under his fingernails, and curses others with the same. His claws deal 1d4 poison damage.

[34] Santa. He wears all red, goes through fire without being harmed (chimney), and brings materialistic gifts to increase the greed of young children on the most holy of days. Best of all? His name is only one letter off from Satan.

[35] Eggis. Looks like a pile of jellied eggs, connected by weirdly glowing and changing connective tissue. Demon of eggs apparently. You can crack open a fertilized egg and it will whisper a magic word to you, but this obviously kills whatever creature was growing inside.

[36] Demon of impalement survival. Allows people who are impaled to survive much longer; only losing 1 hit point per turn like this, if removed from the spike they'll start bleeding faster and probably die. Pretty sickass demons with spikes for eyes and a cool power, but has no idea how to capitalize on his talents to move up the devil hierarchy.

[37] Belphago. Minor gluttony demon, really attracted to women with big thighs. Any female caster that fits this description will have this annoying demon keep showing up even when they try to summon something else. If you reject him he'll be hurt, and never return.

[38] Cold Lead. Demon of pipes that burst from the cold in the winter. Can grant free movement through blizzards and all cold damage he takes is reduced by 2

[39] Cat-Scratch demon. He's a demon of house cats and kitten injuries, not big cats. Biding his time for a more respectable position, willing to cut shitty deals with sinners if it makes him look good to devil superiors.

[40] Temboris the Mean. Finds the right words to get under your enemy's skin, but will do it to powerful people you're trying not to anger if it's funny. Notoriously unhelpful.

[41] Nightwing. Appears as a man's head and torso but with bat wings where the arms AND legs should be. Was once extremely powerful, but since the whole “invention of fire and arrows thing” he has sunken to low devil status. Will give a single person a free flight a short distance (across a valley, not a whole landmass), but gets the right to send a swarm of spooky bats over your town to help kindle that old, outdated fear.

[42] Gabmer of the creaking bones. Devil of the sound old people's bones make when they rub together and creak. Makes your enemies bones creak so they can't sneak up on you. Has a pelvis for a head.

[43] Cackle-Lord. Built a palace out of the cackles of hyenas in the underworld. Minor deity of the Gnolls, has a big head about this even when dealing with humans and other races who clearly don't give a shit about Gnoll theology.

[44] Pab the binder. Minor claustrophobia demon, likes to lock people in closest longer then funny but not long enough to be a real issue. Can make an enemy disappear for 1d4 combat rounds, whisked to an astral cupboard.

[45] Noble-Charade. Demon of improper utensil placement at noble dinners and formal settings. If you kill him he drops a silver spoon worth full price, he knows that you know about this so he tries to keep himself as useful as possible.

[46] Longlegger. Demon of the pain you get from long walks and standing on your feet all day. Grows his legs long as trees so he can see stuff in the distance and report it. Can be turned by a sandal as well as normal holy symbols.

[47] Spurned of Fortune. Claims to have invented the mealworm and highly respected for it. Actually just found it on a foreign landmass when one of their shamans summoned him by accident. Torn up at guilt by this fact, but can turn into a giant monstrous mealworm with +1 HD to the demon's usual stats.

[48] Galafraz. Demon of messing up your lines in a play or retelling of an old saga. Took up the lute in his spare time, kind of bad at it but can make animals dance for 1d6 rounds. This spell breaks if you attack them while they dance.

[49] Great flaming clouds above! That's his actual name, and must be said aloud to summon him. Can cast Silent Image at will, but only on clouds up in the sky.

[50] Whispering Truth. Demon of forgetting what was inside your lockbox. Grants +1 bonus to lockpicking and disarming checks, but you won't be allowed to see what you pick up until 1d6 exploration turns expire. (You 'forget' and then check when the time is up, then you get to see what was in the chest or thing you looted)

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