Thursday, July 27, 2017

50 Ways to Fluff Magic Missile

Ice-Balls from [44]

50 Ways to Fluff Magic Missile

[1] Your torch/lantern/light spell dims for a second and sputters hot sparks at the opponent.

[2] You throw a metal-tipped writing quill, which seeks soft flesh under armor and through defense.

[3] Conjure a swarm of tiny dragons, which bombard the enemy in tiny breath attacks.

[4] Spell has no outward effect. Target feels their internal organs wrestling and fighting each other for a moment until calm restored, deals damage.

[5] Pantomime an archer knocking and releasing an arrow. Target feels it as though it was real.

[6] Environmental damage. Fate makes the area around them hurt them; random objects will fall on the enemy, insects will bite, etc.

[7] Target punches themselves right in the face.

[8] The words of your spell invocation are minor words of death, pain, and damage.

[9] Nearby dust and smoke animate themselves and form a bubble over the enemy's face or turns into a small dust-devil slams into them.

[10] Random opening in enemy's clothes turns into a mouth and bites them. If a beast, their tail turns into a snake and bites their rear end.

[11] Enemy's eyes go bloodshot and they shed a few tears of blood; minor internal damage.

[12] Religious weapon of your character's religion flies out and hits foe spiritually. Examples include; flaming sword, stone hammer, dwarven god's axe, serpent god's dagger, etc.

[13] Poison toadstool-mushroom grow around enemy's feet and releases cloud of spores, dealing minor damage.

[14] An illusion of a much more powerful spell is cast, dealing only minor damage because it was only partially real.

[15] Your hair animates and whips the foe.

[16] Localized earthquake.

[17] Golden Orbs appear around your head, firing in a barrage. 1 Orb per point of damage.

[18] Powerful Static discharge leaps from your fingers at the enemy.

[19] Piece of the sky falls down on their head.

[20] Suck in a lot of air and breath it out instantly, buffeting the enemy with powerful gust of wind.

[21] Eye lasers.

[22] The weapon you are holding magically extends to be 30+ feet long, you attack with it.

[23] Angel comes down from the sky and starts listing off target's sins, dealing damage from the guilt. If the target is evil then it's a devil instead listing off all the times the target messed up and was nice instead of evil.

[24] Target has a vision of being lost in the woods for a number of days equal to the damage rolled. The damage from isolation and exposure carries over with them, but no time passes in reality.

[25] Famous character from a famous play in the setting appears and strikes the foe as fitting to the play (ie; Brutus stabs them)

[26] Nearby light source such as sun, moon, or torches focus their light into a laser beam.

[27] Spooky portal with lovecraftian tentacle attacks enemy.

[28] Powerful wave of water appears and strikes enemy, quickly evaporating.

[29] Green bolts of energy fly from under your clothing, striking enemy. They fade in color but return back under your robe or in your bag.

[30] Very minor Disintegration spell. Obliterates a finger sized hole in the enemy's body.

[31] Enemy catches a very nasty disease (leprosy), but cannot spread it and it fades over the next day.

[32] Blow air into your thumb and make a cartoonishly huge fist, smashing the enemy with it.

[33] Milky white streams of power come from you, hitting the enemy and turning their skin milk white until healed.

[34] Force choke.

[35] Summon a trio of extremely weak otherworldly entities like imps, they attack for a single round as best they can then disipate.

[36] Powerful heat wave singes the enemy's skin and lights a few stray hairs on fire.

[37] Fling a nearby object at the enemy with telekinetic force.

[38] Enemy's blood turns partially into water. Enough to deal a little damage, not enough to kill.

[39] Claw marks appear on the enemy's flesh, shaped as the Sorcerer's personal glyph.

[40] Colorful pops and explosions appear around the enemy, like fireworks.

[41] Black bolt of lightning. When it strikes the enemy their skeleton glows black and is visible through their skin until they heal the damage.

[42] Moss and Lichen grows on enemy's skin, sucking some nutrients. Only deals damage when conjured but must be scraped off.

[43] Spectral horse or bull appears and tramples enemy before disappearing.

[44] The air around them condenses several large bubbles of water, which freeze and pelt them with balls of ice.

[45] Tiny bone in enemy's body breaks painfully. Nose, toe, finger, etc.

[46] Enemy is forced to vomit up some of their breakfast, which you just made rot in their stomach.

[47] Mathematical equation which subtracts enemy's lifeforce by magical algebraic function.

[48] Fire a flaming screaming skull from your hands, exploding on contact with the enemy.

[49] Enemy is struck with an injury they will face far in the future, the fate that came true too early.

[50] Ghastly tendrils suck a portion of the enemy's soul energy out of their body.

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